Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Lady and the Dancing Pink Elephants

Have you ever walked in a room or been in the company of someone and it's uncomfortably obvious that there is something going on that's not being addressed? Like there is a big pink dancing elephant in the room and everyone is pretending that all is well and normal? Well there's usually a negative connotation to that phrase because those types of scenarios generally require some level of confrontation or discourse in order to resolve. In my case, the pink elephant is not only patterned on my shirt (how cute right??!!!) but all over my lips!!! Lol. So luckily for me, to address the pink elephant in my room requires no uncomfortable confrontation but just some acknowledgment and explaining on my part. Here goes...

I am sooooo not a makeup girl. By any stretch of the imagination. In the past, all attempts at wearing makeup have made me feel, and in my eyes, look like RuPaul or some other glorious drag queen. And while that is somewhat complimentary I'm not necessarily trying to look like a drag queen. So I, like many black women, have shyed away from makeup. A pretty nude gloss (MAC's Spite is my favorite), a perfect strong brow and a little mascara (I die for Lancôme Definicils) with some good skin (love Clarins Hydraquench moisturizer and serum, as well as Clinique's MoistureSurge gel cream) and that's it for me. Pretty lips, bold brows, long, natural lashes and healthy, dewy skin. However, this past year I've managed to work foundation and a bit of concealer into my routine, particularly when going out on the town. The days of my RuPaul insecurity are behind me and the feeling that a little makeup is unnatural are so immature to me now. But the issue with my lips have remained unchanged, until just recently. I was still pretty hung up on pretty Nudes and clear glosses b/c color scared me. So that brings me to my biggest pink dancing elephant debacle and that is overcoming my insecurity about my lips and forcing myself to add a little color on my lips.

For a long time (until recently) I was foolish enough to think that my lips were too full and awkward... just problematic and no need to highlight them. But after being told how ridiculous and silly that is by anyone who heard my complaint, I've started to like them more. And with liking them more I've started to get bold enough to experiment with colors. I've tried the new wine color lip trend and I love it but it's so über vampire sexy that I'll reserve that one for evenings, but certainly a new favorite. Maybe I'll wear it when the new twilight movie is released. Lol. So to not look like a vampire during the day I decided to turn it up and try a bold red alternative (the dancing pink elephant in my room). :-) I'm kinda liking it! It sort of makes me feel and look like a grown up but it's bright and playful enough to not take me too serious. I thought it was a perfect combination for this lady-like retro pinup girl inspired look. What do you Honeeyz think? What's your take on women of color and makeup??

Pleated Skirt: BCBGeneration; Elephant Top (new) and Clutch (old): Gap; Heels: L.A.M.B.; Earrings: UrbanOutfitters; Bracelet: H&M; Lipstick: Rimmel Kate (as in Kate Moss) #01

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Make LOVE Not War

I'm a huge fan of cargo pants. I love the challenge of making them look feminine, sexy and fashionable all at the same time. This camouflage pair are a favorite of mine but create a little more of a challenge than a traditional cargo because this is straight up military wear, meaning you typically should have an Ak-47 assault rifle in your hand and in the course of war while wearing these and NOT a pair of stilettos on.  However, I like a good challenge! But of course. Lol!! I quickly learned that the best way to make these pants work is to really kinda forget about them and focus on the other pieces of the outfit instead. I personally like to focus on the top piece.  Anywhere from extra flowy, floral, glitter, glitz, cut outs to super skimpy and slinky silhouettes for the top are certainly favorites of mine to turn a pair of cargos into the sexiest thing happening! In fact, I have a really good guy friend that always says "won't you wear those cargo pants" every time I complain of not knowing what to wear...I mean of everything he sees me in, these are his favorite??  According to him, they are super sexy but in a relaxed kinda way... something guys apparently prefer.  I couldn't agree more.  I say, grab your sexy top of choice, throw a super sexy heel on, have a great time, accessorize and have fun! 

And while we are on the topic of love war, here's a little MILK for my honeeyz:

Life is inherently complex and unfortunately war, strife and plight is a part of the world we live in. And with that being said, I can not for the life of me understand how grown people can create unnecessary drama and conflict about trivial things in life. There is so much to be grateful for and there are at times, preferably few, legitimate occasions that require some level of conflict which is NEVER fun or desirable.  So why one would want to make something out of nothing all the time and pull out the theatrics for all circumstances is so ridiculous and unnecessary. Learn to enjoy life, learn to tap into love as much as possible, stop taking everything so serious and so personal and pick and choose your battles wisely. Life is too short and love is always sweeter than conflict! 
Cargo Pants: Abercrombie & Fitch; Jersey CutOutTop: UrbanOutfitters; Heels: BCBGMaxAzria; Bag: L.A.M.B.; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Necklace: Tilly's
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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Never Again, Once More?

As they always say in fashion, everything old becomes new again.  Trends are constantly being recycled and sometimes the second and third time around is the charm and other times you feel like it should've never ever been created and therefore, has no good business coming back yet again! And that brings me to the purpose of this post, and that is to get your honest feedback on a returning trend that I decided to give another go...  only about 2 decades later... the revolutionary M.C. Hammer pant!!! 

A few days ago I posted these pics to Milk and Honeeyz's Instagram (@milkandhoneeyz) and Facebook page and asked my audience this very question and got a mix of replies that had me cracking up and prompting me to come right here to get my hardcore honeeyz's opinion as well!  Don't everyone reply at once, but do these pants get a warm welcome back into the 21st century or a swift kick back into the 90s?? Do tell! I'd love to hear your specific thoughts and reasonings as to why this trend is welcome to return or can't leave fast enough.  For the record, I personally love these pants and despite any feedback, I plan to rotate them throughout my wardrobe like nobody's business; but hey that's the beauty of fashion and style... individual preference and taste.  If you have confidence and an eye for what works for you and how to put things together, anything can work, even if it's not the next persons particular choice. I was attracted first to the print, color and fabric of these pants.  And the shape and cut just made them that much more interesting.  There is little room for creativity with pants (2 legs, a zipper and a button...that's it) so I happily welcomed a switch up in the silhouette.  Besides, I distinctly remember rocking the crap out of these pants when they first came out and doing a mean impression of M.C. Hammer's all girl protege group, 3-5-7! So I figured, why not make that happen again (minus the 3-5-7 impression)??!  Besides, fashion is the best place to take a risk! :-)
Harem Pant: Zara; Open Back Top: UrbanOutfitters; Cutout Booties: L.A.M.B.; Necklace: Forever21; Bracelets: BCBG, Anthropologie; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs
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Friday, August 24, 2012

Romping Around in Style

This past weekend it was me and the Princess again running around DC having tons of, eating out, sightseeing, meeting up with friends, etc.  By the way, with my son's repeated absences I've officially come to terms with the fact that my son is a mini adult who only needs my presence for making sneaker purchases and discussing the latest hip hop collaborations, but otherwise he can do with out... I'm so totally cool with it. I understand that this is an inherent phase for a parent of a teenage boy.  Anyways, back to the issue at hand... this romper, my Princess and this past weekend... I absolutely love this piece.  It's three years old and from my design favorite, BCBG MaxAzria.  I gifted it to myself as one of many birthday gifts three years ago and I try to wear it at least once every summer b/c I love it sooooo much.  It just works for so many reasons!!  It's versatile, stylish and luxurious but it's super easy to wear and can be really practical all at the same time.  Very much an example of the popular term, casual chic. It's also great for transition from summer into early fall because it's shorts but long sleeved in a dark navy color.  More importantly, this is a perfect piece for an on the go mom, like me.  

I've said it many times and I'll say it many more, just because you are a busy parent does not mean you have to compromise your style or taste!  You will NEVER, EVER catch me in some mom jeans, frumpy sweats or Kmart like coordinates, I don't care how many kids I have or what is going on! While you do at times have to be more practical, b/c I do understand it can't always be glitz, glamour and 5-inch heels, it never has to be bad taste and fashion! This is one of those pieces that allow me to be cute, stylish and hip but comfortable and reasonable for romping around (pun intended) and fun misadventures with the kiddies!  For all the mommy honeeyz and daddy gentz, what pieces do you migrate to for comfort without compromising your style and swag?? Do share! 
The Princess, scrolling through her iPhone, as usual.  She's been training seriously for track so she's super buff this summer! Look at those guns! LOL.  She's still a cutie pie sweetheart though! Love her. 
We went to Sticky Rice on the popular and evolving H Street in DC. The food is delicious..this particular dish, "Sticky Balls," is my hands down favorite!
And you can't go to Sticky Rice and not order some kinda roll...this was delicious
Sesame Chicken with noodles...yummy
Romper: BCBG MaxAzria; Flat Python Print Sandals: Dolce Vita; Bag: L.A.M.B.; Necklace: F21; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Gold Bamboo Earrings: My Own
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