Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Imitation vs. Inspiration. What Lane Are You In?

Whoever came up with the slogan, "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery," either never encountered the annoyance of a stalker/imitator or is an imitator themselves. There are very few things that are more annoying to me than a copy catter, biter, stalker. Now don't get me wrong, I'm completely aware that there are few, if any, one of kind original any things and that all things are derived from some level of inspiration and influence, as it should be, but there is a clear distinction between an imitation and inspiration. The latter requires some level of creativity, effort and integrity. It's a combination of those things you may have some fondness of with a boost of your own distinguished style and personality, so in fact it becomes yours and not a duplication of someone else. The former, imitation, is just a complete lack of self, style, uniqueness, confidence or consideration! Point blank period. The imitator that annoys me the most is the one who copies you down to the very last detail and then flaunts in front of you as if you have no idea what they are doing or you are somehow impressed or wowed by something that you have already done 10 times better! And it's not that I don't appreciate the nod from the copy catter because I do. Obviously, someone duplicating you is somewhat of a compliment because it does demonstrate that you are clearly impressive to the extent that others copy you. But a simple verbal compliment would be sufficient enough! I really don't need you to run out and duplicate an entire outfit I had on this past Thursday. You could simply just say"you look nice" or "I love that hot pink biased cut sweater you are wearing!" Whatever happened to the desire not to wear the exact same thing as the next person or to look anything like someone else? I thought the goal was to be unique or distinguishable? Remember when walking into a party and realizing that you and the next person were similarly dressed or styled was the worse thing that could've ever happened to you?? I wonder where that feeling has went. In any event, it seems that the desire to duplicate is as persistent as it ever has been, no matter the fact that I'm long out of junior high school. So with that being said, I've decided to incorporate some useful tips for the life long followers in an effort to keep the irritation of the copied subject down and to decrease the embarrassment you subject yourself to for being less than creative:
1) Consider how unique or particular the certain item or thing you are seeking to imitate. The louder and more flamboyant the more annoying and obvious your copying will be! You may want to copy something less distinguished. Please. Thank You.
2) Have some discretion when implementing the copying. If your model works with you, attends school with you or is in close proximity to you how about you save your mega copying for a date, place and time when your model is not around to see your low blow move. Please. Thank You.
3) Remember that if your hairstylist is not my hairstylist, your hair texture is not my hair texture, your at home hairstyling abilities are not the same as mine, and your facial structure and shape is not the same as mine you CAN NOT rock the same hair cut! Similarly, if your height is not my height, your body shape is not my shape, your skin complexion is not my complexion, and more importantly, your level of confidence is not my level of confidence, then the likelihood of your pulling off the same outfit in the exact same color is pretty darn slim as well. Additionally, if you like the paint color on my wall or the vase on my stand I assure you that Benjamin Moore has 4200 different shades of color to choose from and between Ikea, Target, Marshall's Home Goods and the boutique decor store downtown you can get a much more impressive vase than the one of mine that you like!
4) Note that crossing the line into the more appeasing realm of inspiration (versus the unacceptable ridiculous realm of imitation) is really not as difficult as it may seem. Adding an additional detail, changing the color, leaving out a specific detail that was pretty telling or mixing concepts to make something totally different can be the distinction between copying or being inspired. Try it!
5) Lastly, just pick up a magazine....all the opportunity for copying is right there, and they are advertising for the sole purpose of you copying what you see! And when all else fails I urge you to look at any episode of Sex and the City, any show on HGTV, or a random music video and you should be just fine! Good luck!
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