Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just Me and My Peplum

There's nothing particularly special about this outfit... a simple black/grey speckled sheath dress with a cute little peplum, accessorized with a ribbon belt, black wool bolero, black tights and black pumps. Simplistic, modest and classic. But what I liked about these photos was the authenticity and candidacy of the pictures, the story behind the "shoot," the memories that were jogged when I saw the pictures, and the moment stole.  I took a walk on my lunch break with my favorite coworker/friend, Sadarie, and she shot me in different poses (with an iPhone no less) while we were just chatting, laughing and acting silly... just for a moment before we got back to being grown ups. It was a good time. Beautiful weather, hearty laughs. After we were done and I looked at these pictures, I instantly saw my mother when she was younger and I was just a kid.  I reflected on different memories in my childhood.  Just for a moment.  I smiled. Then I went back to work.  

So this post is not about fashion, but just about good times and good memories created and jogged with just a camera phone. On my lunch break, stealing a moment, with a friend.  That easy.  That simple. Not complicated. Not materialistic (except for that peplum cute?? LOL). 

Monday, February 27, 2012

Style Crush - Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo - Philosophy Di Alberta Ferretti - Front Row - Fall 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
I have mentioned before that if I had to describe my style I would say varied.  But if I had to pinpoint one particular look within my personal style book that I love the most and repeat frequently, I'd have to say that I'm very classic but with a twist or edge.  I like traditional silhouettes, clean and simple cuts, and straight lines.  But the twist to keep me from looking boring or ultra conservative and what makes up my style, is the use of textures (fur, leather, pony hair are some of my favorite textures) colors patterns, unexpected cut outs and asymmetry.  I also love to shop for pieces rather than outfits b/c they can be rocked so many different ways which makes for a more flexible and versatile wardrobe.  All of these little niches about my own personal style and shopping habits is the reason why I have a style crush on Olivia Palermo.  If you don't recognize her, she was featured in the last 2 seasons of MTV's "The Hills" spin off, "The City," filmed in NYC with a crew of NYC characters, including Oliva.  She is what they would call a socialite... famous for being rich and pretty and using daddy's money to rock some of the hottest digs.  Basically, rich for nothing, famous for not a thing.  Her attitude on The City drove me crazy, in fact when I first started this blog (and quickly abandoned it before relaunching) I drafted a post that never came to fruition titled "The Sh#tty City" all centered around Olivia's nasty little stank attitude and the disgusting reality of being rich and famous for no reason actually matters in America.  Despite all of that, you can't deny this girl is cute and stylish!! I hate her attitude (or at least how it was displayed on TV) and the fact that she was born with a silver spoon jammed down her throat and placed in both of her hands, but she is fly! She accessorizes almost all of her looks with some fur and even when she is entirely dressed down and casual she is super chic.  All of her looks are very classic, sophisticated with a pop of something...color, texture, or accessorized (you will hardly ever see her without a fabulous oversized bag...that's so my motto).  She makes a simple pencil skirt, sheath dress, or pair of leather leggings look like something so innovative just by how she styles the look (usually with fur...I repeat).  I love it! I think clean pieces are so sexy and actually create a blank slate for you to interject more of your personality than some of the more busy/trendy outfits that scream at anyone looking your way.  Sometimes the subdued, simplistic, lady like look means so much more than all the extra and bells and whistles.  You know, the whole less is more saying??! It aptly applies here!  Anyways, see below for a few of my favorite looks that Olivia rocked.  And before any of you honeeyz get your sexy panties in a bunch, I only have a CRUSH on her STYLE... I don't love her attitude and I'm not saying she's an icon or anything like that....just saying that I love her style and how she puts pieces together and how it reminds me of my own style philosphy.  :-)   It's not about race, status, size or anything like that.  Just about her style. What do you honeeyz think? Who's style do you honeeyz crush on and why??

**All pictures are courtesy of There is a lot of fur, animal prints, pony hair and clean lines going down and I like every minute of it!

Olivia Palermo - Jess Weixler at the Giorgio Armani Prive fashion show during Paris Haute Couture week
Olivia Palermo - Fashion goes to Milk Studios

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Dress DOWN Friday Turned UP!!

Just b/c the word "down" is included in the term doesn't mean you have to (or should) take it literal when it comes to Friday attire at work.  My whole philosophy about Dress Down Friday (and work in general) is that I don't have a choice about whether or not I have to go to work (somebody's gotta pay the bill; momma needs a new pair of shoes; babies need to eat...and all that); but I do have a choice about what I wear while working (to some degree). Since I love clothes and fashion, and a great outfit always make me feel warm and fuzzy inside, there is no better time than dress down Friday at work to utilize clothes to turn me all the way UP!
Jeans, Rock and Republic; Blazer, Asos Black Label; Polka Dot Tie Shirt, LK Bennett London; Bag, L.A.M.B.; Watch, Marc by Marc Jacobs; Wooden Ring, H&M

*By the way I just saw this pic of Keri Hilson online today right before I drafted this post, courtesy of, and it looks like she and I were sort of on the same page today with the white blazers, button up dress shirts, and jeans.  :-) Go Keri! You look hawwtt, but of course! LOL.

Click below after the break to see the rest of my dress DOWN, turned UP photo shoot!!! :-)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1 Honeey, 1 T-shirt, 3 ways

Every now and again I have a lapse of judgement and lose my good old common sense for the love of fashion and design.  Well actually, it probably happens more frequently than every now and again but who's really counting?? Besides, there are those times when I luck up on an extraordinary deal that helps to balance out those moments of irresponsibility... right honeeyz?? I mean I'm thinking it should work that way!!  Anyways, I clearly bumped my head in the summer of 2010 and paid over $200 for this Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche logo T-shirt.  Yes, I know.  Shameful.  But I did try to find it for slightly less on Ebay but I lost all my bids b/c they were so popular, half the time going for even more than the in-store retail price, and it became increasingly clear to me that the only option I had was to fork over the money and secure my shirt!!  Right?? Right!!  What's done is done so I have decided to move on and actually wear the darn thing and that brings us to the whole point of this post... How to rock a cotton tee, particularly one who's cost is the equivalent of a small car payment, in different ways so that it's more than just your basic casual T-shirt.  Check out how I went from funky/fly, to casual chic, to tailored sophisticated with the same darn T-shirt...I think I may have got my money's worth! What do you honeeyz think?? 
Please excuse the fact that I look totally beat in the face but I took this picture (well Cierra took the picture and I just posed) 2 Saturdays ago after I drove 5 hours from MD to DE and back the day before, then got up at 5 am that Saturday morning, worked 10 hours straight, rushed home after that to take my 2 brats to the mall so I was beyond tired when she took this, but cute even still (so I think).  LOL!  This look is traditional casual but with the cardigan, bag, wedges and skinny jeans its not a sloppy, just rolled out the bed, worked 10hours casual look  but instead,  it's a nicely pulled together and cute casual look.  I even got a few prospects (this would be men showing interest) with this look (too bad my kids scared them all off.. they hate when guys try to kick it to their momma).   
Wearing w/YSL T-Shirt: Jeans, Joe's Jeans; Sweater, BCBGeneration; Bag, Marc Jacobs; Suede grey wedges, Sam Edleman.
This pic is from Summer 2010 and  is the first time I actually wore the T-shirt.  This day, I wanted to be comfortable but also cute/funky bc I was going to a family event or something of the sort and therefore, would be seen and had to be seen looking ca-ute! LOL.
Wearing w/YSL T-ShirtCamouflage cargo pants, Abercrombie & Fitch; Sandals, BCBG Max Azria

Click Below for The Rest of Today's "Shoot" :-)))

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

BlackFashionBlogger Feature!!

Hello Honeeyz!!

I woke up this morning to find that Milk and Honeeyz has landed it's second major feature!! How exciting! We are featured on, an excellent, excellent platform dedicated solely to exposing and introducing black fashion bloggers to the blogosphere! I couldn't have been more happier to find this out.  Please, please support (Ms. Nika) because she has a wonderful resource not only for black bloggers but for the entire cyberspace b/c we are definitely in the building and as fashionable, savvy, creative, intelligent and witty as any other blogger!

Also be sure to check out my feature and comment and support Milk and Honeeyz!


Lee :-)

Monday, February 20, 2012

My hair + Michael Flagg + The Wand = Pure Bliss

I always get questions about my hair b/c my stylist, Michael Flagg of Bliss Elements Salon and Spa, is a beast (heyyy Mike)!!  More recently, I've been wearing my hair in a curly/wavy style that was achieved with one of Michael's own creations, "The Wand."  I know you honeeyz may have seen a commercial version of a similar tool but Mike actually created and designed this tool decades ago and unfortunately for he and I, he was discouraged by a trip to a patent attorney back in the day and never had the wand patented before others swooped in and duplicated the tool.  At that time, I was in high school somewhere dreaming of becoming an attorney but boy do I wish for their sake and mine that I was out of school and practicing b/c I certainly would have helped them patent the design and we'd all be rolling in the dough right about now!!! LOL.

Anyways, the wand is a hot tool with a cylinder type shape that is used to create a wave/curl/spiral type pattern with heat.  The look is similar to a wet and wavy style but super soft with lots of body.  You don't have to use a lot of product or worry about the crunchy dry look that sometimes comes with the traditional wet and wavy or rod set looks.  I decided to capture the unique process in photos during my trip on Friday so I could share with you honeeyz.  Be sure to check out the Bliss site where you can buy Pure Bliss products (ummm yes, honeeyz Bliss has their own product line which is created and produced by Mike and his wife, Sherell...amazing).  The products are genius! Check out the process below....

**First, I start out with a great wash, conditioner and then I'm under the steamer for 15-20 mins.  In addition to Pure Bliss products, Bliss Elements uses Kera Care (which I typically use for my wash and conditioner, unless I need a particular treatment) and Paul Mitchell products.   
Hey Steve!!! :-)  Steve is a style assistant at Bliss and he gives some of the best washes and massages out there! Sweet Baby Jesus!!!! LOL. 
As most of you honeeyz know, I'm 4 years relaxer free so when I get my hair washed it curls right on up!

**Next up, I get a fabulous blow dry and I'm back to straight hair without the chemicals. 

For the next steps and the final results click below!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Featured Bombshell of the Day on FashionBombDaily.Com!!

Well Honeeyz, I was pleasantly surprised today to find that we landed our first major feature! And I mean truly surprised b/c I had no idea until I finally came up for air and checked my email and found a comment from a new follower (yaaayyyyy) congratulating and complimenting me on the feature! At this point I was in the car rushing down the highway from work in VA to get to DE in time enough to make my bi-weekly hair appointment (Lord knows I can't miss my appointment) and pick up my bday girl. So even after getting the good news there wasn't much I could do about it b/c I was only a quarter of the way through a 2.5 hour drive!! I had to drive in suspense waiting for an opportunity to see what photos were posted and the gist of the comments coming in (I think we all know that Fashionbomb's audience can be a little brutal at times).  In any event, we faired pretty well, not that we were looking for some form of approval b/c as I've said before, style is subjective and identical to each person.  I'm confident, secure, and authentic enough to be ok with how I chose to present myself in my style/outfit choices not to be dismayed, disappointed, or dis anything bc someone else thought otherwise.  But of significant importance, Milk and Honeeyz is out there and we've gained some valuable new friends inside and outside of the blog community withhe exposure and I couldn't have asked for anything more! Thank you honeeyz and thank you FashionBomb (Claire)!!

I would ask you guys and honeeyz to please support and Claire (blog owner, style maven and power chick)!  Claire has done an excellent job with her site (an urban fashion site) and her brand. With it, she has created an extremely useful platform for fashionistas, bloggers around the world and set the model not only for black blogs/sites but for blogs and sites in general!! Also, if you have not already, please vote and comment on my feature at:

Thanks again for everyone's support, welcome to all of our new followers and honeeyz! Now I'm gonna go to sleep after driving to and from for a total of 5 hours today, operating on as little as 5 hours of sleep, working a half day at full day speed, and having just a few hours left to catch some sleep before I have to report back to work on a Saturday for a 10-hour workday, only to race out of there by 430 and start the weekend of bday events for the Princess...yes all this is about to happen to me...siggghhh).  



Thursday, February 16, 2012

Monochromatic Dramatic

Typically when you think of a monochromatic look you often associate that with plain, basic, simple and even boring.  However, that doesn't have to be the case.  Some of the most stylish, sophisticated and well put together looks are made of a monochromatic color scheme.  I've found that the best way to pull this off is by mixing textures and shapes and adding just a pop of color or umph via your accessory or your shoes so that although the color palette is similar from top to bottom, the look is nothing near boring or plain!  And with that I must digress (bare with me...this is a necessary digression so keep on reading....).  

In my new found love of blogging, which includes reading other blogs, I've noticed that a lot of honeeyz seem to be misconstruing the concept of fashion forward, savvy, unique and stylish with thrown together yet contrived looks of mixed patterns and colors.  Grabbing a plaid shirt, polka dot top, striped shoe, and layering it with an animal print jacket simply b/c these patterns and colors are not the same does not make it stylish per se.  Even Carrie Bradshaw, in all her unexpected and unique style, had a method to her madness and was able to put together some of the most memorable yet gorgeous looks with mixed patterns but it was authentic and there was a story and a concept behind the looks she put together. There was still a flow and consistency. That's the difference between looking like a clown and looking like a fly chick.  And I'm not saying there is only one way to be stylish.  I truly believe that style is original to each person and what they make of it and there is an individual art to it.  I am a huge fan of mixing patterns and textures but in an authentic way.  What I'm trying to say is I don't believe that merely mixing up unexpected non-matching patterns just bc they don't match is necessarily stylish; and at the same time, wearing classic cuts and pieces of subtle or neutral color tones is not inconsistent with being fly and stylish.  Some of the most trusted Style Stars, including Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Miranda Kerr, Gwen Stefani, Kim Kardashian, Olivia Palermo, Jessica Alba and the likes keep things very tailored, classic, and subtle but with a stylish twist that makes them the Style Stars that they are.  And even those who are more eclectic and daring like Solange Knowles (lovveeee this chick's style) and Rihanna, also do what they do with taste and strategy but have some of the best looks when they are simple and clean.  I just thought that was important to put out there and at the end of the day, you do what is natural to you and what you can wear comfortably. Don't feel bullied to be "unique" by putting together a bunch of stuff for the sake of being deemed fashionable and don't feel confined to the expected b/c you are afraid to be too daring.  

Now back to where I started... a dramatic yet monochromatic look... Here, I paired a leather A-line skirt of a plum/brown/maroon color with a more plum button down top of a polyester like material (yes, freaking polyester) and for that little piece of unexpected to add the drama I paired the look with some leopard pony hair knee boots and a navy and yellow scarf for outdoors layering.  I loved this look. Is anyone getting a Diana Ross in Mahogany vibe?? B/c I am and I'm loving it! 

A funny fact is that this leather is skirt is from the Gap. I purchased in the early 2000s during that magical era when the Gap put out phenomenon pieces.  It's a size 1 (yea I was nice and svelte back in the day) and I have to put it on over my head b/c this thing is not going over my butt! LOL.  

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Leather and Cashmere - Baby It's Cold Outside

The weather in the Northeast is definitely trying it's damnedest to make looking cute a non-factor and warm a priority above all else.  But I think with the right pieces you can marry the two and come up with a warm AND cute look.  Cashmere is a sure bet for warm and comfy and this sweater design helps keep it cute.  You certainly don't have to look like your grandma for the sake of cashmere, provided you look for one with some design potential. I previously featured this sweater and all the detail behind it HERE.  These leggings are warm but fun, edgy and sexy.  They are described as "leatherette" (meaning faux leather) and they boast some cute details from the pockets, elastic stretch waistband, and the rock and roll piping in the front thigh and knee areas. I've worn them a few times in a few different ways and they always bring the right amount of edge and chicness. This was the first (and possibly the last before another long hiatus) purchase I've made at bebe in probably about 7 years or more. I saw these in the window and despite my hesitancy, I had to go in and check them out.  I'm glad I did b/c they turned out to be a great find and addition to my wardrobe.
Cashmere Sweater, Aqua; Leatherette Leggings, bebe; Bag, Marc Jacobs; Sunglasses, Balenciaga, Scalloped Black Pumps, Prada

Happy 13th Birthday Princess Cierra!

I'm wishing my Princess, Cierra Brianna, a happy 13th birthday today!! I don't know who is more excited about this day?? But I know I'm really amped up about it! It's so mind blowing to me to know that this little lady is now officially a teenager (either I'm getting old which is not obvious at all or I started too young, yea probably the latter)! It seems like just yesterday she was born, weighing in at only 2 lbs 12 oz. with the fears that her prematurity be the blame for lasting medical and developmental problems.  But she proved them all wrong (although she still spends a lot of her time in the blonde girls'   Aside from being a major crybaby, spoiled brat earlier on in life and then later transitioning into the cutest little, sweetest little, artistic little airhead we know, she had absolutely no complications or issues once she picked up some weight.  BUT GOD.

Today, she is a distinguished honor's student (this past marking period which ended about 2 weeks ago she earned 5 A's and 2 B's...that's my baby), informal animal rights activist (PETA here she comes...dragging her momma's blood splashed furs, leathers, and pony hair pieces with her),  star athlete, hard working, helpful, respectful, style savvy (see her style feature HERE) and genuine little sweet pea!  Her brother consistently refers to her as a goody goody (I always reply for her to keep at which is really code for, whatever you do don't wreak havoc on my life like your brother....sweet baby Jesus).  I love this little girl more than words can say for the obvious reason (she is mine) but also b/c she sincerely makes me better.  I've had to literally learn the importance of being more sensitive, considerate, hesitant, and compassionate just from being her mother and now I'm a better woman.  I've worked extremely hard because I want her to see the value of hard work, to understand that any and everything is doable, but also as a soon to be woman, that we too can make the world go around and if that's what she wants to do, she doesn't have to ever compromise her ambition, career choices and desires simply b/c she is a woman.  I'm forever grateful for her and extremely proud of her and happy to have shared the last 13 years with her! 

Happy birthday to my Princess!!! In her words, "we gonna do it big" this weekend! :-) 
The lashes get me every time. Whatever she wants... :-) 

Sorbet Anyone?

Sorbet (play /sɔrˈb/) is a frozen dessert made from sweetened water flavored with fruit (typically juice or puree), wine, and/or liqueur. The origin of sorbet is variously explained as either a Roman invention, or a Middle Eastern drink charbet, made of sweetened fruit juice and water. The name comes from the Latin verb "sorbere" and the modern Italian verb sorbire, meaning to eat and drink at the same time. The noun form, sorbetto, is a mixture of a solid and liquid food. Probably the Arabs take the word from Byzantine or from Sassanid Empire when they arrived from the desert of the Arabic peninsula. The term sherbet or charbet is derived from the Turkish şerbet, "sorbet", from the Persian sharbat, which in turn comes from the Arabic شربات sharbāt meaning "drink(s)" or "juice."[1] Sorbet is sometimes served between courses as a way to cleanse the palate before the main course. -Wikipedia

Sorbet ( /sɔrˈb/) is a color palette that consists of brights, soft and pastel colors such as demonstrated below.  It's also a better alternative to ice cream when you're looking for a healthy dessert choice and perfect for Vday attire. - Milk and Honeeyz

Shorts, H&M; Cardigan and Oxford Shirt, Old Navy; Invisible Platform Pumps, Kelsi Dagger; Leather Clutch, Gap; 14k Bamboo Earrings and Nameplate Necklace, My own; Hot Pink Diamond Watch, AquaMaster; Rosegold Bangle, BCBGeneration

More pics after the break!!! Click Below

A Single Honeeyz Guide to Surviving and Loving Valentine's Day!

It's Valentine's Day and love is on the brain!! I love any holiday (true or made up) or tradition that promotes love, family and fun!!  February is one of my favorite months thanks to Valentine's, not to mention my Princess' bday is the following day on February 15th.  I get knee deep in the holiday b/c LOVE is the best feeling to have. My nails, my mood, my attitude and activities all reflect the feelings of love! I'm a happily single woman and it disappoints me when I see or hear women who aren't in a relationship deciding that Valentine's day is not for them simply b/c they don't have a man or when they start pretending they aren't interested in the occasion or that it's sooooo overrated (only b/c they don't have a Valentine to share it with bc we all know if someone offered them something they would be screaming off the nearest mountain top).   I personally don't need a significant other to be in love.  I love everything about God and everything he created about me and I jump for an opportunity to celebrate it and get in the spirit of love.  In addition to my love of God and the me he created,  as long as I live I will always have the loves of my life, Brycen and Cierra!  I say to those honeeyz that have given up on LOVE,  you don't need a man to celebrate love of yourself, love of God and love of those around you.  You have to know if you can't find love in yourself, appreciate the unconditional love of God, and learn to love your family and friends that blessing you with a man is the last thing on God's to do list so you gotta pull it together and starts where it matters the most!

Although I have 4 different dudes asking to be my Valentine and trying to line things up for the evening, I made sure to take care of myself first  so that I don't have to be dependent on some dude to make anything happen for me or piss me off and take me off of my LOVE square.  Here are a few things I've accomplished or plan to do in the interest of LOVE and any of you that fit in the above category should try one or all of the below:

1) Vday themed nails - you honeeyz should know by now that my nails are my personal art canvas and I figured love should be on display. Together they ready Love Lee as in "Love, Lee"or "lovely!" Loves it!! You can do the same with your attire or accessories. It does the trick. I look at my nails and have to think love! I don't even have a choice.  

2) Vday gifts purchased by Moi for Moi!- I picked out 2 super cute gifts from Marc Jacobs. They won't be in my possession until Thursday but I'm happy. I treated myself to exactly what I want so if nothing else comes I'm good! 

More ways to spoil yourself and get into the Vday mood with or without a significant other:

Monday, February 13, 2012

PJs Aren't Just for Sleeping!

Every now and again you have one of those days where you just don't feel like it. Where you would rather just roll out the bed and go.  You don't have the time or energy for the complication of life and that includes getting all dolled up. A shirt dress is perfect for those moments.  It requires little to no effort.  You slip it on, grab an easy shoe, effortless accessories and keep it moving. You haven't compromised your look but also haven't burdened yourself with the task of "dressing up."  This look is perfect for running errands, brunch, museums, or hanging out with the kiddies. There's a little sexy in it too (can't leave that out). 

Dress, Franchesa; Wedges, Me Too; Envelope Clutch, Urban Outfitters; Bracelet, BCBGeneration; Earrings, Siglo Accessories; Key charm necklace, gifted from Shan. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

All Black Everything and the Ballet

I'm very excited about this weekend because I will be attending the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater  show at the Kennedy Center! The Alvin Ailey Dance Theater was established in 1958 for the purposes of bringing African American cultural expression and American modern dance form to the forefront. The show encompasses a mix of ballet, jazz and a few other forms of modern dance.  This will be my first time attending a dance show of this magnitude.  I expect to be totally wowed for so many reasons.  I love the arts, I love new experiences and I love to be educated while entertained and I believe that it is extremely important to support African American initiatives to keep them coming and going.  From what I understand, every one and their mother and anybody who is somebody will be out for the show... including all the big wig politicians and the creams of the crop...possibly even my Black President.  Heyyyyy Barack!! :-)   
The Milk and Honeey Of It:
While  it's absolutely cool to kick it  and do the usual at times, it's equally as important to participate in things with substance and value and to expand your experiences.  Learn to operate outside of your comfort zone and expose yourself and children to new things. 
Bringing Sexy All the Way Back, literally. :-) 
Obviously, the question of what to wear to such an event was immediately on my brain after securing the tickets.  I decided that I wanted to wear something a little more sophisticated and dressed up than usual considering the occasion; however, I didn't want to compromise my sexy, comfort, and edge.  The first decision I made is that I would wear black b/c black makes it so hard to NOT be sexy, classy and sophisticated.  I ultimately decided on this BCBG black, jersey maxi-like dress.  The length makes it a little more formal than the usual dresses but the jersey keeps it fun and comfortable and adds more sexy (ask Donna Karan...jersey is the most forgiving and sexy material out there).  The added surprise in the back, the asymmetry of the cut at the bottom (shorter in the front and longer in the back) with the added slit in the front and back sealed the deal.  And to keep the edge, I paired it with a pair of rockin' booties as opposed to a classic pump or boot.  I think I got it! What do you honeeyz think of this look? 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Not Ya Momma's Jeans!

There is no question that Denim is probably the number ONE wardrobe staple.  I don't think it's even possible to have anything remotely close to a wardrobe without a perfect pair of jeans.  And that statement right there is what begs the ever pressing question, 'what is and how do you find the "perfect" jean?' My personal philosophy is the perfect pair of jeans come in so many shapes, colors, textures, and cuts that there is not  just only one perfect pair.  I own so many styles, brands and colors and find them all useful for different purposes and events.  I personally believe that every honeey should own at least one pair of versatile jeans that she can wear to work or after work or at your kid(s) school with a cute heel or boot and a fancy top or blazer and that fits her perfectly.  If you have to pick from one particular cut/style of jean that would suit you for work, parent friendly events, happy hour and lounging, I would suggest a perfect trouser cut jean or a boot cut.  These styles are professional, modern, and sexy all at the same time. What I will tell you is an absolute DON'T is the trauma we all know as "mom jeans!"  I do not care how old you are, how many kids you have, what type of activities you are involved in, there's no excuse for a frumpy, ill fitting, ridiculously sloppy pair of discolored jeans from 1984! Just take some time to visit a department store or Target where they carry several styles and colors of jeans at multiple price points and invest the effort and money into a perfect pair of jeans.  Even if you can only find or afford one pair of jeans in your pursuit, then please get just one great pair and wear them 5,000 different ways (including with a printed vibrant blouse like I did here).
Silk Shirt, Anthropologie; Jeans, Citizen of Humanity; Belt, F21; Sunglasses, Christian Dior; Bag, Louis Vuitton; Heels, Kelsi Dagger; 14K Bamboo Earrings and Nameplate Necklace; my own

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Act Like a LADY; Think Like a WOMAN

Forget whatever foolishness that Steve Harvey is trying to sell. There's nothing more attractive than a young LADY who is behaving and dressing the part. And there is nothing sexier or more empowering than a confident, educated and experienced WOMAN.  If you know what you want, are attentive enough and mature enough to compromise and improve, when necessary then there is no reason for any girl to act like a boy for the sake of a relationship??  It's really that simple and that easy.  All these rules, tricks and games just make things more complicated and ridiculous!  Besides, no real man wants their lady thinking like a boy; and no real woman needs to play a different gender role to have a successful love life. Period!!

With that said, lets move on to the fun part ...this cute little outfit!!! Lol. Polka dots and ruffles are an instant way to scream,  'I'm a laaaaaaaddyy (in my Sheneneh voice)!!!'  It's the ultimate lady-like combination. And as you honeeyz can see, dressing like a lady doesn't mean that you have to look super conservative and frumpy!  All you have to remember is to keep all of your style and attitude in the look and you will be the sexiest lady-like chick out there and in my experience, that whole look typically drives the boys crazy! :-). What types of prints, silhouettes, combinations and pieces do you Honeeyz go to when dressing like a laddddyy? 
Cardigan worn as a shirt and Earrings, H&M; Shorts, Modcloth @; Shoes and Bag, L.A.M.B.; Watch, Gucci; Rosegold Bracelet, BCBGeneration.
 I thought the shorts had so much personality that the top and shoe didn't have to be too loud so I paired them with a lightweight, 3/4 sleeve, nude colored cardigan. The ruffles on the cardigan shoulders were perfectly fitting for the lady like theme. 

See the rest of the story in the form of pics below!!! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Taste the Rainbow...

I miss the summer miserably and just to prove it I decided to put together a kaleidoscope of dramatic colors and viola...Skittles don't even look this good! LOL.  One thing I've learned is that we control our outlook and feelings and as vain or sappy as it may sound, your attire is a great way of projecting and controlling your mood.  I mean do you think people wear all black to funerals to reflect that they are happy??  Doubt it.  So I say, if you are not feeling in the best of moods take control! If you aren't looking forward to a certain event, weather predictions, prospective company (uggghhh) or any type of interaction, then determine what it is you would rather feel, think or display and allow for your clothes to help put you in that place.  It's extremely difficult to walk around with a frown and a pout while wearing hot pink, neon orange, and bright yellow!  I can honestly say, after putting together this blast of colors I instantly felt warm and fuzzy inside and my attitude was cheery and bright to boot! Try it some time! :-)  What do you honeeyz do to help set your mood, control a raging attitude or turn your frown upside down?  
Silk Shirt, Anthropologie; Skirt and Shoes, BCBG MaxAzria; Leather Clutch, Gap (Circa 2000); Pink Diamond Watch, AquaMaster; Rosegold bangle, BCBGeneration; Colorful Hoop/Chain earrings, F21. 

Click below for the rest of the story, in the form of pictures, with commentary and a very special guest appearance!! And special shout out to my new photographer and part time stylist, my 12-year-old daughter, Cierra! She helped style this look ("wonderful mommy") and she took all of the pictures.  LOVE HER!!!!!

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