Wednesday, November 30, 2011

$25 and 10 minutes to 1 million bucks!!

There's a lot here but only a few that
I absolutely need to have to survive!
The saying goes, "you look like a million bucks!" but what some of you may not realize is that it doesn't have to be literal.  Meaning, you don't have to spend an arm and two legs to illicit that kind of response.  The reality is that the modern day Power Chick (moi) gets up and goes to work, maintains a household, raises a family, has a side hustle, and spends any down time plotting and planning with her fellow Power Chick about ways to elevate to the next level.  Therefore, we don't have a lot of time or unlimited resources to sacrifice on trying to look like a million bucks all the time. Besides, its the simple things that create the most effortless, chic and pulled together looks.  Now don't get me wrong.  I have a bad habit of spending money and I do like nice things, but I learned a long time ago that you can't buy style, class, or confidence!  So it's not so much about the label or the price tag or the volume, but more so about the way you put a look together and carry it.  Sometimes I can spend an eternity standing in my closet surrounded by a bunch of stuff and trying to put together a little something; but it's always the simpler things I feel the most comfortable and pretty in and it's always those same simple things that I generate the most "you look like a million bucks!" comments!

Out of the kindness of my heart (LOL), I've compiled a list of 10 things that I consider my must have easy ways to look pulled together and pretty without spending more than $25...

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Reality of Reality TV...UNrealistic

Reality TV has clearly exploded all over the air ways! I actually don't believe that VH1 has any regular programming that is NOT reality TV based.  Do they?? Anyways, I recently made the decision to reassess what I subject my precious eyes to. The same way we have to watch the company we keep and be mindful of what we say out of our mouth, rings true for what we allow into our home and head via what we see. For some time now I found myself becoming more uncomfortable with some of what I was consciously watching and scaled back tremendously on what I spent my time watching, but after the ridiculousness better known as Kim Kardashian and her 15 minute marriage for the sake of having a 2 hour TV wedding special and the cover of People magazine, I was done! It's bad enough that she's rich and famous for doing absolutely nothing but I was beyond disgusted with the amount of money paid to have this wedding and the amount of money generated by broadcasting the nonsense.  Meanwhile, our country is in an economic crisis, our little boys are being sexually molested by football coaches and catholic school priests, and our young military is being picked off one by one fighting a war that I'm still not sure of who, what or why.  In short, there are real issues going on in the world so for any human being to be that ridiculously vain when they already have more money and attention than they could ever be worthy of really irked me.  I promptly deleted the entire Kardashian clan from my DVR, twitter account (yea I have a twitter and I don't know what the heck to do with it), people to watch list, etc.  I'm not supporting trash like that or exposing myself to that type of influence.  And with the single swipe of an entire family, I started reevaluating my entire TV roster.

 Continue reading for the rest of my rant....

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

You Better WORK It Honeey!

Me at work: festive, bright and chic!
Check out the guy checking me out
in the!!!!!

"You Better WORK It Honeey" is a section of M & H that will be dedicated to showcasing work style and fashion.  As my honeeyz know or now know (I've said it a trillion times and will say it a trillion more times on this blog), I love the art of fashion and using individual style as a way of expression and just living (what the heck is life without shoes, bags and dresses?? I don't even want to know!)! Obviously, day to day style usually differs from that of work or professional style and since I'm a grown up now (can ya believe I got the nerve to be 33???) and I'm a "professional" ( and spend the majority of my waking hours at work, I thought it would be a great idea to see how I (and the rest of you honeeyz) put it down in the professional realm! Although I'm an attorney and that can be one of the most uptight professions (stuffy suits, black, grey and navy only attire, with measly 3inch pumps....I threw up a little in my mouth writing that out), I lucked up and secured an attorney position with the Federal Government.  Rumor proved true that the Feds is one of the most relaxed working environment, well some agencies are and the agency I work for happens to be one.  Yaaay me! Anyway, there is obviously a time and place for everything and you do need to dress according to the environment, occasions and company but you don't have to be boring and sacrifice all sense of style and expression; especially, when you work somewhere that affords you the luxury of a flexible dress code.  My goal with this section is to get you guys to share with M&H your work style so we can post it here and exchange ideas of how to shake up the corporate world!
.... more pic and commentary after the break >>>

Monday, November 21, 2011

Survival of the Fittest 10 Steps

April 2011
I mentioned in my reintroduction post that I'm in pursuit of losing weight but allow me to elaborate and clarify.  A better description of this pursuit is one of a well rounded and healthy LIFESTYLE.  It's not just about losing weight, although that is definitely part of the goal.  In the past two years I've yo yo up and down by 5-10lbs pretty consistently and last year (see the attached bathing suit shots) I decided to make some real hardcore changes. I lost 9lbs and kept it off for 6 months but then I started back with some reckless habits and it slowly creeped back on.  However, I learned a lot about my body and myself in doing losing the weight, keeping it off, and then foolishly packing it back on.  I've committed to myself that that experience will be my first and last going thru something so ridiculous.  I'm not interested in spending my life doing a Janet Jackson, yo yo-ing up and down, crash diets, excessive eating, jumping from anorexic to plus sized! I'm lucky that despite having 2 children and hitting the big 3-0 a few years ago that I'd managed to stay relatively the same size give or take the usual 5-10lbs here and there, but more recently I found myself at a place I'd never been (clothes not fitting, feeling all sluggish and insecure about how I was looking).  I decided to kick into gear and I have really resolved to develop long lasting changes that create a better lifestyle for me with the benefit of losing weight, creating healthy habits, disposing of unhealthy habits, trying new things and meeting new people while doing so.  Here is a list of effective things I've incorporated over the past month that I plan to take with me forever (lifestyle vs. fad) and you can use them too:

1) I stopped talking about the issue and just started doing it.  I did some research, dug into my basic common sense, wrote out a plan, and committed myself. I stopped complaining about the gym, I haven't discussed my results or goals, and I made this new resolve strictly about me and what I needed to do. Honestly, some of my friends want me to shut up anyway b/c  they don't see any difference or realize I've gained any weight to begin with. So I'm doing us all a favor.
2) Increase, diversify, maximize and record my daily activity.  I committed myself to start out with 3-4 days per week of varied exercise, which include circuit and strength training, cardio, and new activities (kickboxing, yoga, pilates included....which I absolutely love).  I keep a calendar of what I do daily which keeps me motivated and disciplined.  At the end of the month I'm able to see where I could've been and what I need to do differently the next month. I don't allow stupid irrelevant things deter me... EX: what my hair looks like will not dictate if and when I work out.  I wrap, pincurl or pull up my hair with a satin scarf protecting it and keep it moving.  Hopefully, it survives (which it usually does), but if it doesn't that's not my priority. I do crunches, lunges, squats, arm curls, leg lifts, pushups, dips and whatever activity I can while in front of the TV watching toxic reality shows.  Every little bit helps and once you get the momentum you find yourself in a full workout just as intense as you would be in a gym setting.  I take the stairs instead of the elevator, I walk instead of drive and all those simplistic things that really do count!
3) Calorie counting. It is sooooo helpful!!  I know how much of what is going in my mouth and if it's worth it.  When you start to realize a coffee cake for a light snack is the equivalent of a full course steak dinner then it's easy to say "I don't need that!" When you start to realize an 800 calorie slice of cheesecake is the same as 2 grueling hours in the gym on the elliptical machine then it makes that decision less difficult.  You actually end up running from that cake!  If the difference between a Chipotle chicken bowl and a Chipotle chicken burrito with the exact same ingredients is 300 calories then it's easier to choose the bowl. Pay attention to what you eat and it's caloric value ...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself!!

Hello my loves (yes, I'm talking to allllll 3 of you and the millions out there that just haven't discovered Milk and Honeeyz YET)!!! It's been over a year since we last chatted, I know, I know. But I have been quite busy and as ashamed as I am to admit, I have not done anything that I planned to do over this past year with my blog that would warrant the "official release" that I dreamed about when I first created this blog in 2010. However, while I'm plotting, planning, strategizing, thinking and researching, time is passing and I haven't given you guys anything to long for, check for, or care about. That's so not me. I may be somewhat of a procrastinator but I always get the job done so shame on me!! I discovered in all of my planning for the ultimate blog launch, as well as the impending launch of other projects and goals that I've been working on this year, that I have to just do it!! Everything won't be perfect and I have all of my life to figure it all out. So that's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna just start posting and I'll refine and rework as I go. After all, the purpose of this blog is for me to have a platform to express myself and share my expressions with you guys and there are no rules or requirements. If I just have myself as a follower then I've done exactly what I planned to do...create a personal platform and diary for myself! So as a kickoff to really giving this a go here is a list of a few things about me and things I've been doing lately and will be chatting about:
1. I started Milk and Honeeyz to express myself and share my thoughts and ideas on all things fashion, dating, food, career, pop culture, and life in general! I'm a young hawt divorcee with 2 brilliant, cute, swagged out kids. I'm an attorney and recently relocated from Philadelphia to the DC area for work. I'm building my career, playing dress up, meeting some interesting men, finding my footing and creating an empire! Lots of fun, epiphanies, annoyances and discoveries...walk with me!
2. I'm currently working on losing 15lbs and have been doing a lot of new things to develop a more healthy and exciting lifestyle (just got in from kickboxing and I LOVE it) to accomplish before my birthday next spring...I'll keep you posted!
3. I have natural unrelaxed hair and will be celebrating my 4th year anniversary of this amazing feat.... as most of you know or will hear or find out, the natural black hair movement is really popping lately! I'll update you on what I discover and my progress in trying to grow my hair length, develop more natural curly styles (I generally wear my hair straight), and test products that help me achieve my hair goals.
4. My nails are my favorite accessories, shoes and bags are my weaknesses, I'm subscribed to every fashion magazine out there and read them through and through, Judge Judy is my absolute favorite, Sex and the City is my road map to life, I'm enjoying maturing with age, I'm passionate about many things and I really love God! You'll see! :-)
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