Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Shopping Steals

Bloomingdales at Tyson's Corner is turning out to be one of the loves of my life.  Well Bloomies has always been one of my favorite department stores (Nordstroms (the Savvy department to be specific) is another favorite).  When I lived in Philly, the Bloomingdales at King of Prussia was one of the loves of my life and now that I'm in the DMV (DC/MD/VA) area Tyson's is a fine substitute!  Not only do you get a little bit of everything at Bloomies (clothes, shoes, handbags, jewelry, coats, makeup, skin care, etc.) you also get a great selection of labels but great prices too.  This weekend was no exception.  Bloomies was having yet another fabulous sale where they were further marking down already lowered prices.  My guess is they are getting ready for the incoming spring wear and trying to make room, which suits me just fine! There is room in my closet for whatever they don't want (well that really is a lie  b/c there is actually no room in my closet but that's kinda not the point here).  I lucked up on two excellent purchase this weekend.  One I had to order bc they didn't have my size in the store but they had it at their fulfillment center so it's being shipped to me.  Once I receive it you honeeyz will be the first to know about it.  It's a sexy but kinda simple little black lace number.  It may be a birthday contender.  It originally was priced for over $100 (great price to begin with) and was marked down to $42.  Ummm, there are no questions here.  Right? Right!

This little sweater number featured right here was beyond a deal! I'd say this was a straight out steal that I could NOT walk away from!!  Absolutely not!!! This sweater is made by Aqua and it's a luxury wool and cashmere blend that was originally priced at $200 but i got it for...........drum rolls please......... $49.50! Glorry to Sweet Baby Jesus!  I'm beyond excited.  This may look pretty simple on the hanger but the braided design, color and the cowl neck make it more than just an ordinary sweater.  It's so cute on.  And do I have to repeat that its CASHMERE?? Well I did.  No questions here either! I'm waiting on another purchase to arrive in the mail any day now, some khaki, stretching riding pants, to see if this sweater will go nicely with them.  For now, I may just throw it on with some skinny jeans or a pencil skirt or whatever! It's a $200 cashmere top for $50!! At this rate, I'll wear it with panties and be just as happy!! LOVE!!!  Anywhoooo, what deals and steals have you honeeyz happened upon lately? What stores (whether physical location or online) have you honeeyz fallen in love with because of variety and prices or because when they have a sale then really have a sale!??

Dinner is Served, Again!

So I had the nerve to cook again!! Can ya believe it?  This time I made salmon with kale greens. As you guys and honeeyz know, I'm trying to eat healthier and I still got 5lbs to lose (this is the most annoying and stubborn 5lbs on the face of the planet)!! I've been trying to keep the carbs to non-existent, have lean meat/seafood, and make sure that I include at least one healthy green in all meals. With that, I've been working on expanding my menu to include all the "good" greens that I had previously exed off my menu (asparagus and kale included).  I've recently developed a love for collard greens (my older sister's to be exact...and yes, I didn't eat collard greens not too long ago...blasphemy! I know) but in my research, I've learned that kale is actually healthier and provides more nutrients than collards.  Also, this past Christmas holiday my oldest sister made the best greens in the whole wide world and then she revealed that she actually mixed the collards with kale greens and so I was officially looking to give a batch of kale a go.  To be honest, I really don't think they taste much different so if they are healthier and more nutritious for me then I'm cool with keeping them on my new extra healthy menu.  The meal featured here, I prepared by using the same directions Shan gave for the steak and asparagus I previously featured on "Dinner is Served."  Everything turned out pretty scrumptious!!

Tell me honeeyz, what menu changes have you  made since the new year? What type of processes and ingredients have you guys implemented to stick a more healthier but exciting lifestyle? Any cooking suggestions for a ridiculously amateur "cook" such as myself??

The preparation the evening before.  Seasoned with lemon, white wine, basil, salt and pepper, and marinated in balsamic vinargrette.  

Olive oil added to a pan and heated before salmon added. 

Click below for the rest of the meal and cooking process...

Staple Piece- The Blazer

A fabulous wardrobe requires many staple pieces, whether that's a particular style of shoe, a specific piece of jewelry, a must have bag, or as we feature here, a great blazer.  The power of a blazer is not to be underestimated or taken lightly! I've been a lover of blazers for years. I have this thing where I always need a cushion piece that makes me feel secure and the blazer does that for me.  At one point, that cushion was for me was to always have something in my hand, which of course is usually a fabulous bag (duh). At other times, that security blanket came in the disguise of a huge pair of designer sunglasses on my face at all time.  Anyway, the thing about a great blazer is that you don't have to buy them in excess b/c once you have a really good one there's no need to buy another, unless you just want to keep the love going or add a little more variety to your closet.  For me, there are about 7-8 jackets that I have that I wear in rotation with anything from a t-shirt or tank down to a dress or silk blouse.  In this post, I featured some of my favorite jackets that I wear all the time or that I think make a great statement when I do wear them. I'm also on the prowl for a great bright or printed structured blazer and a textured blazer, preferably in lace.  So look for the next feature of those items once I snag them!  What do you honeeyz think of this feature? What colors, patterns, designs, structure and textures do you honeeyz crave for in a great blazer?  What are your pet peeves, if any concerning a great blazer?

From L to R:  Denim Blazer, Abercrombie; Pale Pink Blazer, Lux for Urban Outfitter; Sequins Blazer; French Connection; Wheat Linen Blazer, H&M; Burnt Orange Corduroy Blazer, Banana Republic; Black suit Blazer, H&M; Grey Tweed Blazer, BCBGeneration

I have had this blazer since law school and I graduated in 2004 so that tells you that this piece is at least 8 years old.  I love the pleats and the fact that it is a shorter length blazer.  It's very modern and casual and the color matches just about anything.  

This blazer is freaking awesome! I've only worn it once and I actually wore it more as a low plunging shirt (basically nothing underneath).  It's beautifully made and it was pretty pricey but it makes sense b/c of the detail. I'm looking forward to wearing it with jeans and wearing with a pair of tailored shorts (super shorter or bermuda cut) too. 

I love the worn antique look of this jacket.  I actually swiped it from my BFF, Shan. I think we made an exchange but I can't remember what I gave her in exchange for it, but I know that I love this thing! LOL.  A great denim piece last forever. 
Click below for more pics and commentary

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Style @ Any Cost

I went to the mall this weekend with my kiddies and my daughter wanted to go into Forever21 for some jewelry.  I figured I could grab some tights while there (they have the absolute best tights).  But much to my glorious surprise, which happens quite often at F21, I ran into the cutest little dress ever and just had to have it!!  It blows my mind at the things you can find in F21!  The only gripe that I generally have with F21 is that the stores are usually too freaking big and way too disorganized and I end up just walking away. But this F21 in Annapolis Mall in MD is so ideal that I will absolutely be going back! It is really small and quaint in a very boutique type of way and it appears that they took the best of the best the company has to offer and stuck it in this small store to maximize the space (and my shopping experience).  I loved it and there were so many pieces I wanted to buy but the kids started nagging b/c it's "not fair" when I buy more for myself than for them or spend too much time in a store when they got other stores to get to (the nerve).  Keep in mind, there are a lot of affordable stores but there are very few that offer the quality, design and variety in exchange for the discount.  F21 is one of those few stores and I've said it before that style is about an ability to put things together and pull it off regardless of the cost and the name printed on the label.  Just pay attention to the design, execution and material used when shopping at a discount store bc there is definitely a difference between cheap (NO) and affordable quality (YES).  And balance things out by adding more expensive, luxurious or quality pieces with the less expensive things to keep the look from going cheap. Here, this dress only cost me $30 but it was paired with a $600 bag, $200 coat, $150 boots, and great quality and designer jewelry.

There are so many things that I love about this dress I kinda don't know where to begin.  I guess I'll just start with the details b/c that's usually what you have to forsake in exchange for a reduced price, but not with this dress and often not when you find any good pieces at F21.  The bottom half of the dress is pleated.  The material is light like a chiffon and it came with a full silk-like slip built in under the dress.  There are pretty little shiny buttons at the cuffs of the sleeves and along the top of the shoulders. Overall, it just has this old school, vintage, fun, girly but sophisticated look.  The maroon color with the rose pink/beige polka dots made it that much more attractive.  I was getting all types of compliments from women and all types of "hollas" from men.  It was one of those easy looks that everyone liked.  What do you honeeyz think of this? What items do you gravitate to for a look thats appealing to all (particularly you) and versatile for work and play?

More pics, details and commentary below!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Accessory After the Fact

Some of my favorite pieces
An accessory is one who assists in the commission of a crime while not actually committing the crime.  Basically, one who lends support or generalized encouragement to the principal is an accessory. For example in the scenario where Ray Ray and dem pulled off a robbery of the corner store (again), Ray Ray would be the principal and dem would be the accessory if the extent of dem's participation was to help Ray Ray hide the stolen goods knowing full well the goods were stolen and the cops were looking for said goods and Ray Ray's said criminal @ss... while dem didn't go on the robbery spree, they offered some assistance after the crime was committed.  Make sense? LMBO!!! I'm a lawyer and goofy so I can't help it but that was so savvy right?

Ok, let's be for real though, you honeeyz know we ain't committing no crimes up over here bc there is nothing cute about a criminal but we are all about killing this style game right? Well, there is nothing like a true accessory to pull that crime off! I have many in my support system, but Jewelry is one of my ride or die accessories in this criminal enterprise otherwise known as styling.  Recently, I've kinda fell in love with metals all over again and unlike my younger days, I actually like to stick to my favorite pieces without feeling the need to constantly switch up for the sake of switching up.  One of my favorite things to do with my jewelry is to mix metals and styles... I've included pics so you can see for yourself, but first here's a tip to remember when rocking with your fav accessory, Jewels (and we ain't talking about the dip set rapper or Solange's son either):

"Please don't let nobody tell you that you have to stick with the same metal through and through b/c that's actually a M&H DON'T! And please don't let nobody tell you that you can't mix "casual" jewelry with formal jewelry.  You can do what you damn well please and the more funky the merrier.  Have fun blending, mixing and acting a fashionable fool!!"-M&H 

I'd have to say that despite owning several hawwt pair of earrings that these bornzy reddish hammered circle earrings get worn almost every day.  The metal matches my skin tone perfectly as well as just about anything you put on.  They stand out without being too complicated, flashy, trendy (um no BBW earrings jumping off on my watch) so I actually get away with wearing these to work too.  I feel naked without them. I got these from somewhere in Philly where all the best jewelry stores pop off!  

Silver and white gold is always so clean and classic no matter what's going on in the fashion industry.  Remember style before fashion; classic/timeless before trends; sophisticated before everything! With that being said, I love this watch.  It too has that modern, funky touch with the bangle band and the embossed signature Gucci g's but it's also very simple and classic all at the same time with the clean lines, clean detail and polished metal.  Kinda like understated flamboyance.  I told u guys (and honeeyz) that balance is THE key. :-)  The silver bracelet by BCBG compliments it perfectly. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Dinner is Served

I am no chef! Not by any stretch of my very vivid and fantastical imagination! However, there are about 6 meals that I can cook very well (ummm I can figure some things out)!  Lately, I've acquired a taste for steak. I'm generally not a fan of red meat.    I very seldomly eat it, but thanks to Shan talking about steak 24/7 I decided to give it a try and take cooking directions straight from the horses mouth.  Before I get into it, let me digress a little.  Shan is a master chef and can cook any and everything and makes cooking seem effortless and fun (it never feels that way when I start cooking though but she'll trick you into believing that).  She's in the process of working her baby, FourHeavensSake, a catering company into fruition so you honeeyz will have a chance to experience a little slice of food heaven!!!  Trust me, I freeload and give it a try all the time and I feel sorry for you honeeyz that have not been blessed yet, so I suggest you keep your eyes and ears open for when FourHeavensSake officially launches!  Now back to the matter at inability to cook like Shan, therefore taking careful direction from her in making my steak.  For the second evening in the past 2 weeks I've had a taste for steak and I decided to cook 2 pieces tonight.  I had one for dinner and will have the other tomorrow.  I cooked the steak with sauteed asparagus.  I would've added a baked potato but since I was cutting up this weekend with my eating habits and I lost an additional 2lbs (yaaaayyyy), I've decided to forgo the baked potato, reluctantly.  All turned out well and I'm full and happy! Here's a step by step (well sort of) summary with some quoted commentary from Shan as to how this all went down....

STEP #1: The evening before I cooked the steak I marinated it in seasoning and soy sauce.  Shan said that soy sauce (despite the fact that I absolutely detest it...she remembered that and pointed it out) is an excellent marinade for steak.  It helps to season it, tenderize it and keep it nice and juicy... just the way we all like it!! In the past, I've used (with her approval) italian dressing, A-1 steak sauce and teriyaki marinade to marinade my steak.  After I work the marinade in and add the seasonings of choice I seal the steak up in a freezer lock back and stick it back in the fridge.

This seasoning was highly recommended by Shan and I love it!! Great taste and great mix of salt and pepper.  Rather inexpensive as well and very easy to use with the grinder top.  Love it.

For the next few steps and the finished product click below! 

Selfish 101 - All about me!

The blogosphere is on 100 these days (Translation: it's the hottest thing out)! Everyone and their mommas are blogging about every topic under the sun.  I'm not only a blogger myself (yaaayyy) but I'm also a blog lover and check up on various blogs on a day to day.  One thing I love to do, particularly on a blog I'm fond of or developing an interest in, is to see what the blogger is all about.  I mean you would think that someone who has an interesting enough blog with a decent following has some quite interesting things to share about themselves.  Most of the times, the bios and "about me" sections on a blog pulls me that much further in and makes the visits more personal but there are a few times where I'm kinda like okkkk?????? and develop no type of connection, understanding or relationship with the blog's author.  Well, to make sure that doesn't happen with my site and my honeeyz (followers) I've put together a nice "About Me and Mine" page giving a little more insight into who I am and why I'm working on Milk and Honeeyz.  I also included random pics of me over the past few years so you can put a scene with the commentary (picture with a face type deal) to get the fullest understanding of who I am, what I'm doing and why you should follow and tell a friend to tell a friend honeeyyyyy!!

As I've shared in my personal bio, I hold a number of different titles all at the same time. I'm a mother, an attorney, a BFF (yes, this is a title that has a detailed job description), an entrepreneur, and a single woman.  I'm extremely ambitious, relentless, hardworking and fun!! I love the arts, fashion, music, movies and my family. I like to think I know a little about a lot and have experienced a great deal of things...good, bad and indifferent. I've been described as funny, creative, smart, stylish, and an enigma (a few guys have actually used this word to describe me...not sure if that's an insult or a compliment but whatever).  I'm looking forward to growing and accomplishing many more things in life and sharing that with others.  In everything I do and pursue I keep in mind that I want that much more for my children so I have to lead by example.  Everything bad I've experienced I want to help them avoid and everything good I've experienced I want them to experience in ways I never could!  I'm very much an out of the box thinker and a true Aries.  I can be an absolute smart @ss but I'm an extremely loving individual deep, deep, deep, way deep down inside .  I'm a free spirit and always looking to be better and do better. This is why I chose the name Milk and Honeeyz bc it encompasses all things from beginning to end and it's really cute too. 

I decided to start Milk and Honeeyz to capture the many things going on in my life as I juggle those roles.  My girlfriends and I always sit around and have these elaborate, fulfilling, funny and inspiring conversations that I figured I can capture in writing and acquire some more girlfriends, or honeeyz to be exact.  What I really do not want to happen with Milk and Honeeyz is for it to just turn into a site of just personal snapshots but i want to tell a full story.  I want to inspire and motivate my followers and myself.  I also have no interest in following all things celebrity b/c that's not my twist! These people don't know me, care about me or pay me any portion of their riches so I'm not interested in celebrity jocking.  Besides, there are a number of successful major blogs that have that arena on lock (see my blog lovin' list but;;; and many more for all things celeb).  I'd like Milk and Honeeyz to read more like a fabulous interactive virtual magazine with a mix of articles, pictures, topics of interest, information, world news, dialogue exchange, etc.  I also want my honeeyz to know that I don't yet have the luxury of a sophisticated camera, nor do I have a background in photography or fashion (besides my own amateur experience and genuine love for arts), and I also don't have an on hand camera man like many other bloggers.  Well at least not yet. :-)  However, I do sort of love the idea of the authenticity and candidacy of the iPhone pics and how one day I can compare them to more polished shots (when i get an on hand photog and specialty camera). For now, I like where I'm at with Milk and Honeeyz and maybe down the line I'll refine a few things or reduce the blog to a more specific topic but I like the balance of things now.  I'm looking forward to you honeeyz chiming in and giving me advice and suggestions as we grow.  But more importantly, I just appreciate the outlet to express myself and memorialize things in my life.  :-)
 I put together a picture collage below to tell a little bit of the story of me and Milk and Honeeyz...

I've Totally Flipped Out...Help!

One of my table center pieces! :-) 
My name is Lee and I'm a magazine junkie.  Now all you honeeyz say, "hi, Lee welcome to magazines anonymous."  I've always been a publication nutcase but things are getting way out of hand.  To date, I'm subscribed to 11 different magazines which include: Essence, Elle, Bazaar, Lucky, Self, Redbook, Marie Claire, US Weekly (weekly subscription...good Lord), Glamour, In Style, People StyleWatch and a trial run of the new HGTV magazine.  Surprisingly, I don't have enough time in a month to read these magazines!! I never would've thought it.  With Groupon, Living Social and airline miles used to purchase magazine subscriptions at discounted rates or no cost its making this little habit that much more difficult to control.  I've always relied on magazines for entertainment, inspiration, motivation and information about the fashion world, celebrity life (sort of), financial and professional advice (Essence is a perfect resource) and real life issues (Marie Claire and Glamour are excellent for that).  My BFF and I go through magazines and instead of folding pages to mark something of interest we tear out the pages and create a portfolio which in turn is developing into our own personal magazine! Kinda like a vision board but in the form of magazine pages collected together.  I also use my magazine spread as a centerpiece and conversation piece on my living room coffee table and bedroom side table (I know, way out of control but super cute for a bachelorette pad). But I have to admit I'm way out of control lately and running out of space and time for my beloved jewels.  Any advice as to how I can keep up with my favorite pass time and manage the influx of magazines? I can't give them up quite yet so I gotta figure the rest of it out! What magazines are you honeeyz in love with and why?  See below for why I love the mags I have:

These were in the mail today!

Monday, January 16, 2012

I Still Have a Dream

Martin-Luther-King-Jr.-Trivia-300x212.jpgI'm wishing a Happy Birthday to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. today!!! Grateful that because of his dream and all he stood for I'm employed, I'm a home owner, I'm educated, my president is black, and my children's future is secured, among many other things!!! In his time, we couldn't vote; we barely could work and when we could it wasn't for equal pay; we had limited education and certainly were disadvantaged regarding higher education; we didn't own property; we couldn't hold political office and we barely could go out and patronize without being harassed or discriminated against.  Although we still have some ways to go, a lot has completely changed around thanks to Dr. King, his dream, his influence, his sacrifice and the entire civil rights movement.  I'm eternally grateful and I'm still dreaming.  I'm not done yet.

"I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality.  That is why right, temporary defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant." 
- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Thanks to this day of observance, I'm home doing my favorite three things... Resting, Relaxing and Reflecting (R to the 3rd power, is what I like to call it).  I'm in the bed with all my gadgets, magazines and remote controls and I'm loving every bit of it!  Luckily, I was smart enough to take advantage of all the crazy sales held in celebration of Dr. King's birthday (so they said) and I completely lucked up at Tyson's Corner Mall, Bloomingdales to be exact!!! As you honeeyz know, my BFF and I are shopping fanatics!!  We were on the phone with each other all weekend giving updates on various sales in our two areas (me in the DMV and her in NJ).  She bought me two items I had been eyeing for some time (I'll show them when I collect them from her next weekend) that were crazy discounted in her mall (with no taxes might I not paying taxes) and in exchange, I picked her up a few things, along with some of my own purchases, that were crazy discounted down here!  It makes my little heart just melt.  See for yourself! I even tried to style some of the looks to my liking so that you could get an idea of how I'd WORK it honeey! Keep in mind I'm still happily unmarried and therefore, home alone (and ducking calls for company from him, him, and him) and as such, can't take pics of myself in the new purchases so the pics are a little limited but use your imagination!  I snapped pics of  the clothes on a hanger (the best I can do, soon I'll commit to someone for at least the benefit of being my personal photographer) with some slight manipulating! Keep in mind I saved about 60-70% on each of these purchases, which made them a no brainer!  Happy looking honeeyz!!!

Olive green pea coat by BCBG.  I love the color and the detail of this coat.  Looks great with browns and blacks. The pleating detail in the front and the back is beautiful.  You can rock this casually or dressed up. A perfect investment piece.  See below for my variation on this jacket by adding a pretty and colorful scarf. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

T.G.I.F. (And What That Means To Me)

My gear for the day. 
T.G.I.F.!!! Yup, Thank God I'm Fabulous!!! LOL.  I learned that mantra from my girl, Kimora Lee, and I recite it religiously and so far so good! :-) You have to love yourself and your fabulosity more than anybody else will or does because that's how they learn to appreciate and love you back!!! Don't accept what the next person has to say about you and never, ever follow the rules if they aren't conducive to your freedom and success! Do what makes you feel good about yourself and makes God proud of you.  Those are the essential ingredients to fabulousness!! Trust me.

Anyways honeeyz, here are a few candid pics of me from today. Just playing around at work with the iPhone, and my fav co-worker/photog, Sadarie Holston, Esquire!  I kept my attire pretty relaxed and simple considering I was freezing my butt off, it was dress down Friday, and I was running late to work (again).  Even still, I was CA-YUTTTEEEE and FAB (b/c I said so)!!!  I'll be on rest mode this weekend and trying to reorganize my life so I can start next week off on a better foot than I did this week (Lord knows this week that I fell out the bed on the wrong side and bumped my darn head bc I was a hot @%$ mess) and I likely won't touch base with you guys until Monday but I'll be putting together some more substantive posts for you guys (and honeeyz) so don't worry! Just a little encouragement for now.  Enjoy your weekend, MLK Holiday and your FABULOSITY!!

It was beautiful outside but much warmer inside... click below to see>>>

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tween Spirit

You honeeyz should all be pretty familiar with my Princess, Cierra Brianna. And if you're not, you will be now b/c this post is all about her and her style! I love her like no other.  She is my sweet pea, my mini-me, my love.  She has her own little style thing going on that I thought was worthy of her own individual post.  She is 12-years-old and her style is ever evolving.  I think it's so cute to watch her grow into her own, although it's starting to cost me b/c she's way off the chain as of late.  I think it's extremely important to allow your kids an outlet to express themselves and become creative, independent individuals.  I love collaborating with her on what to wear, what NOT to wear and using some of these moments as teaching opportunities and ways to build her confidence and correct some short comings that I may notice.

She absolutely loves jewelry and sneakers.  Her hair is also one of her favorite accessories.  She's not too much into brands and labels, but more so certain styles and colors, which I love b/c she's not caught up in the materialistic aspect of things.  In addition to being a young fly girl (yea we start wayyy early), she is a distinguished honor student, animal rights activist (can you imagine the arguments I have with this child about all my fur and pony hair... sigghh), sports star and the sweetest most loving and caring little thing I know.

Anyways, take a look at her style from this's all her own and super diverse (dressy, punk rock, colorful, sophisticated, young, fun, mature, trendy and everything in between).  Oh, and don't forget, especially you Power Chick mommies and Super Hero daddies, to share your parenting approach when it comes to your kids' style and fashion! What's a go and what's an absolute NOT when it comes to your kids and what they want to wear?

Colored skinny jeans: Mossimo for Target; Sweater: H&M; Moccasins: UGG

Click below for more pics and commentary>>>> 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Crew Love

My weekend was beyond amazing! This seems to be the trend and despite all the preparation, driving, and lack of sleep that comes with it, I'm falling in love with my bi-weekend trips back home and all the excitement and things to do while there with my fav people.  Friday night was my BFFs bday dinner/outting; Saturday was a real life all girls shopping marathon with said BFF, Cierra, Mia (BFF's teenage daughter) and I, and then Sunday was one-on-one with Cierra, which always includes music, movie, shopping and food.  Here's a highlights recap of what went down and pics to match:

First up, Friday night we went to Delta's Restaurant and Lounge in New Brunswick, NJ to Celebrate Shan's birthday and "they" were straight loving the crew... loving crew...loving crewwwww up in there!! LOL.  Before I go on, I just want to thank Drake for finally coining an appropriately fly term to describe what my girls and I have been experiencing for a long time... Crew Love!!! :-)  You know when you hang out and you are so hawwtt and so happy and having so much fun that other people become attracted to all that energy and start loving the crew? Yea that.  This weekend wasn't much different, except for that crew love was coming from chicks, one chick in particular, by way of straight up hatin (hate that term but aptly appropriate in this case)! Which in turn made me want to sing the rest of the Crew Love hook "...what you bothering me for? there's a room full a nigg@s! What you following me for???"  This chick was insane and was a few seconds away from getting slid across the floor or as Shan nicely explained her feelings about the prospective happenings, "getting her face rubbed on the exposed brick wall!"  Anywho, for no reason at all this chick decided she was gonna follow us around and stand in our view and within a few inches away from us and thrust, hump and bump and flick her hair all around.  Thank the Lord that we have grown since our college days of rocking people out b/c she was definitely asking for it.  When I finally realized what it was about, Crew Love, it made her laughable and from there we were able to continue to enjoy the rest of our night....look real cute, have too much fun, and loving our crew!!  Shan was looking hawwttt as usual.  I forgot to take pics but her suede cobalt blue pumps were very necessary!! I'll remember to get a pic the next time she wears them.  Based on all the events that transpired, I have to ask you honeeyz, why do women, black women in particular, do this crew loving stuff? Why can't we just go out and have a good time without someone getting all insecure and simple for no reason trying to ruin your night over something that has nothing to do with them? Why can't that happen? We weren't bothering anyone. We were sincerely happy and celebrating in our little clique of 3 straddling the wall.  There was no reason for this chick to start tripping but she did and it happens and I'm just wondering WHY???

The birthday girl (and her man in the background): "Awwweee, for me??"

And she is making the wish and prepping to blow out the candles....

Done!! 2012 is our year! 

More pics and weekend details after the break>>> click below!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

7 Down; 5 To Go - Slim Down Check

Me and my target body, Circa 2005. Just 8lbs to go, well 
sort of!! And yea, I did a test photo shoot before.  Shut up! 

I've been on my healthy living/weight loss kick for a good 3 months or so now and I figured I check in and let you honeeyz know how I'm doing.  I'm proud to announce that I'm totally kicking major @sssss!!! That's how I'm doing! But I also have a some ways to go, but I'm up for it!!

As of today, I've lost a total of 7lbs!!! Yaaayyy me! There are several pair of jeans that actually opened their zipper and spoke to me.  I know, it's crazy right?  Some of them said to me, "we have missed you tremendously and are so thankful you can get in without the song and dance!"  Yes, of course I'm being dramatic but you get it.  Not only am I looking much better and getting into pants and zipping them up without the pliers, I'm also feeling a lot better! 

However, with all the progress there is still work to be done.  I noticed that with the weight loss my skin is a little flabby in some areas and can definitely use some toning and tightening, which means more working out and being committed to it. With the holidays and my busy, demanding slave work schedule, I have dropped back on my workout program but I plan to get right back in gear next week.  I have to just be a little more disciplined and make it a priority like I have many other things, even if it's just 20-30 mins at a time versus the targeted hour to hour and 15 minutes.  Also, you honeeyz should know by now or now know that strength training and varied circuit training exercises can not only tone, but can also assist in rapid weight loss, more so than cardio!!! Yuppers.  And because I still have  5 more pounds to gorgeous and 8 more pounds to perfection, there is nothing left to do but get on the ball! Yoga is already scheduled for next week and I've diverted $150 from my shopping budget (what in the!!!!) towards a new month of kickboxing.  On my way!

Another area that I HAVE to get together is my sleeping habit, patterns, time and all of the above.  I have insomnia and it sucks. I commit to too many things at a time.  I hate mornings so I get my day started late and stay up even later.  I have to do better.  There are studies that have been tested and repeated time and time again that indicate that lack of sleep not only is just unhealthy all the way around both mentally and physically, but is directly tied to two important things: 1) weight gain and 2) an inability to lose weight!! Oh heck NO!! I gots to get my sleep together. In the past, I've used sleep aids but I'm always straight up cracked out while on them and find myself completely dependent in order to get any sleep.  I really don't need to be a crackhead anymore.  I need more out of life so ummm no.  I have enough information and insight to know what I need to do to better my sleeping life so I just have to implement them.  

Lastly, I'm doing really well with my eating habits. Lots of veggies, fruits, water and lean meats.  Little sugar, fats, and no processed foods!  Unfortunately, carbs are still something I have to keep in check.  I'm definitely better and when it's an option, I opt for brown/wheat/grain carbs instead of the bad whites.  However, there are times that I'm white rice and bread crazy!  I gotta continue to watch this and work on more tactics to keep this from becoming more of a problem. I'll keep you posted.

Well there you have it...I'm progressing, seeing awesome results, and planning to make ways for bringing it all the way home! Have a great weekend Honeeyz! I'm going out of town this weekend to see my Princess (my son, Brycen has some track things to attend to so he won't be joining us... ), get my hair done, celebrate my BFF's birthday and check my momma and family out!! Ya know, the usual bi-weekly fun.  Unfortunately, I won't be posting again until Sunday night or early next week.  In the interim, you honeeyz should enjoy some older posts, share the blog with others, and comment on what you see!! 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

On Replay - My Top 3

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I am absolutely a music head! I LOVE music!!! It is the soundtrack to my life.  Luckily for me, my daughter, Cierra Brianna, aka "Ce Ce Momma" or "Princess Cierra," is probably more of a music buff than I'll ever be.  It's perfect because we share our musical loves and discoveries all the time, which is our little unique bonding thing.   Ya mean??!  And now that I think of it, my BFF, Shan, and I also have a musical thing going on!  Anyways, I tend to be a little obsessive (Aries trait) with songs and certain artists (aka Rick Ross, Kanye West and allllll dem) and replay the same songs over and over and over again when I'm loving it.  Here are my current top 3 songs, w/accompanying YouTube links and lyrics, I play (I can't sing but guess what, I don't care one bit.  Aries trait. I will squeal  sanggggg you right under the table without any guilt or shame) on repeat!! Let me know what you honeeyz and guys are listening to lately!! What's on your iPod, in your CD changer, etc..?? What artists are you digging on lately?  How do you feel about my top 3?? Did you fall in love or what!??

#1 Bruno Mars- It Will Rain

Ok so this song is totally blowing my mind right now!! I listened to it on repeat ALL day today. No exaggerating.  Not only can dude blow and got a cute little look going on (the dimples and the hair are adorable), but the lyrics to this song are crazy.  And it definitely does not hurt that the song is from the Twilight: Breaking Dawn soundtrack... OMG Like DUHHH!  Anywho,when I fall in love (LOLOL at the thought. Darn I'm mean and difficult at times), this is the kinda love I need to have!  Please watch the video (I included the official video and a video of him singing live and sounding better than the recording version...talent), listen to the song, and  check out the lyrics in the intro verse!! OMG! Powerful. That's that real for real all the way live kinda love! Right tho!

"If you ever leave me baby, leave some morphine at my door cause it would take a lot of medication to realize what we used to have, we don't have it anymore. 
There's no religion that could save me, no matter how long my knees are on the floor, ohhhhh.... 
So keep in mind all the sacrifices I'm making to keep you by my side and keep you by my side and keep you from walking out the door.
Cause there'll be no sunlight if I lose you baby; There'll be no clear skies If I lose you baby; Just like the clouds, my eyes will do the same if you walk away. Everyday it will rain, rain, rainnnnn..."

Click below for songs #2 and #3!!! >>>>>

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