Friday, January 13, 2012

T.G.I.F. (And What That Means To Me)

My gear for the day. 
T.G.I.F.!!! Yup, Thank God I'm Fabulous!!! LOL.  I learned that mantra from my girl, Kimora Lee, and I recite it religiously and so far so good! :-) You have to love yourself and your fabulosity more than anybody else will or does because that's how they learn to appreciate and love you back!!! Don't accept what the next person has to say about you and never, ever follow the rules if they aren't conducive to your freedom and success! Do what makes you feel good about yourself and makes God proud of you.  Those are the essential ingredients to fabulousness!! Trust me.

Anyways honeeyz, here are a few candid pics of me from today. Just playing around at work with the iPhone, and my fav co-worker/photog, Sadarie Holston, Esquire!  I kept my attire pretty relaxed and simple considering I was freezing my butt off, it was dress down Friday, and I was running late to work (again).  Even still, I was CA-YUTTTEEEE and FAB (b/c I said so)!!!  I'll be on rest mode this weekend and trying to reorganize my life so I can start next week off on a better foot than I did this week (Lord knows this week that I fell out the bed on the wrong side and bumped my darn head bc I was a hot @%$ mess) and I likely won't touch base with you guys until Monday but I'll be putting together some more substantive posts for you guys (and honeeyz) so don't worry! Just a little encouragement for now.  Enjoy your weekend, MLK Holiday and your FABULOSITY!!

It was beautiful outside but much warmer inside... click below to see>>>

Scarf, BCBG; Wrap Sweater, H&M (oldie but goodie); Cargo Skinny Pants, American Outfitters; Suede Boots, Aldo 
I love this hat. Cute right? $10 from Forever21


  1. Love the looks and fabulousness! I do a blog on being trendy yet affordable in D.C. you should stop by sometime!

    Follow me @

    1. Hi TayKat!! Thank you for the compliment and welcome to Milk and Honeeyz! I'm on my way over to your blog RIGHT NOW!!! I need all the DC trends and scoops I can find! :-)


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