Monday, January 2, 2012

Heels, Heels, Heels...

Dream Closet on HIGH!!
Photo Courtesy: Nicky Hilton closet featured in past InStyle Magazine

Can you pay my heels, can you pay my luxury-heels??!!! LOL. Ok, I'm tripping and stealing Destiny Child themes just for an opportunity to talk abut shoes.  I love me some shoes!!! I buy shoes often but I always end up in the same pair over and over again.  I guess that's the whole Style versus Fashion thing.  You don't need quantity and trends for style.  Style is timeless and inherent and stays with the piece (or shoe) forever.  Fashion changes and doesn't necessarily mean stylish and timeless.  Here are a few of my favorite shoes over the past few years that I wear time and time again regardless of new purchases or what's going on in fashion. Happy viewing, and Honeeyz, please share with us your favorite go to shoe and why or your style theory?? Photos and commentary would be much appreciated!! 

BCBG Max Azria, Retail $300 - I love Max Azria and I have for years. It is one of my go to lines for everything from shoes, coats, clothing, accessories, etc... These were a birthday present to myself and a great addition to my collection.  2 years later and they are still one of my favorites.  They are extremely comfortable, high heel, great neutral color and diverse in textures and colors...elastic, wood heel, metallic patent leather, and suede. LOVE.

 More Heel Favorites After the Break... Click Below>>>>

BCBG Max Azria, Retail $350 -  I kinda never get enough of these shoes and always get a ton of compliments.  The distinguished heel, the color, the range of textures,from patent leather, snake skin, satin, and plain old leather, with cut outs and zippers galore.  It's an easy shoe to wear too b/c neither the heel nor arch are high. 

Luxury Rebel, Retail $300 -  I told you these are a favorite.  I'm a sucker for pony hair and prints since forever.  I get it honest. My father was a fly guy and in love with prints and textures.  I got these buddies from my absolute favorite shopping site, Shopbop!  Because they were the last pair I got them for a steal. I think they were 50%! Yaay me!

Prada, Retail $600-  Every girl needs a classic black pump. I like mine with a little twist...the wavy side view gives me just the right amount of little twist.  The round toe is always classic and soft.  It doesn't hurt that they these were a gift from a rather handsome guy either.  :-)  These look great with professional looks and dressed down.

Aldo, Retail $260-  Over the knee black leather boot.  Yes, these are flats but they are an exception to my rule.  They are on trend and are casually sexy (think CrazySexyCool) b/c of the length.  I wear these with dresses, skirts, and leggings.  I paid a hefty penny considering they aren't from a designer label.  $250 on sale...WT*!!!! Yes, they took $10 off and called that a sale. SMH. 

Kelsi Dagger, Retail $150. I love this pump.  Patent Leather hidden platform pumps were all the rage this year. I was planning to treat myself to a $550 pair of Brian Atwoods but when these babies came through my email one day I fell in love.  The color, "Blush," is the beautiful.  They are kind of a cross betweena nude, purple, brown and pink.  They go perfectly with my skin and match just about everything and I loved that I saved myself $400 by going with these as opposed to the Brian Atwoods! Only draw back is they are a size 7.5 and I wear a 7. They are the most uncomfortable heel I have b/c they are too big.  Who would've ever thunkd it?? :-( Any suggestions on how to make these work? I've had issues with too small shoes but never with too big shoes?? HELP?!

L.A.M.B. Zea, Retail $395- Words can't express my love.  First of all, Gwen Stefani is MY style icon in every imagination of the word.  Her label, L.A.M.B. is one of my absolute favorites, especially for accessories. I love this color b/c the nude goes with a lot of things but its bland enough to let the detail stand on it's own and looks great against my skin!   I'd been eyeing thesebooties/sandals for an entire summer after seeing Kim K and Mrs. Stefani in them.  It took me forever but I finally got them and as usual, I got a great deal.  They retail for $400 and I paid half. Yaayyyyy me!!! 

Tory Burch, Retail $495- The hiker heeled boot was a big deal last winter and I wanted in.  These boots are perfect for that effortless chic look that I love.  They are simplistic and rugged but really sexy and sophisticated b/c they heel is stacked high.  In ordinary fashion, the mix of textures attracted me...wood, suede, leather, rope and gold metal made my little heart pound and I got these little babies for half the price at $250, plus shipping (Lord knows I hate shipping)!  I'd also like to add that Tory Burch is actually one of my favorite designers. Not so much her accessories b/c I really can't stand loud, flashy emblems and trinkets but she is an uber philanthropist, hawwt divorce, single mother, dating none other than Mr. HipHop, Lyor Cohen, and despite some of the gawdy accessories has an amazing collection of pieces sans the emblems.  

Me Too, $200.  These shoes I just happened upon. I love wedges but I wanted a really high wedge, I needed a dark brown leather shoe for my summer collection, and I was in love with the inspirational Givenchy look but that shoe retailed for $999 and I will pay for a good shoe but a wedge for a G is not even happening??.  Any who this shoe came up in a random search and I copped it.  One of my favorites.  I love the intricate weaving and the fact that they make me sooooooo tall is kinda priceless!! 

Marc Andrews, Retail $150- I bought these shoes 3 years ago for my 30th birthday. I was in NJ with my favorite chica, Shan, shopping at my favorite mall, Menlo Park, and I just ran into these and had to have them. I met another chica there who let me use all of her coupons and her Macy's card and I ended up getting these things for like $90! It was insane.  I've worn these religiously since I purchased them.  I bought these before the world started going crazy over tuxedo shoes and cut outs! Look at me...ahead of the trends. :-) 

Dolce Vita, Retail $250- These are another Shopbop find.  I really like Dolce Vita. They have a lot of fun designs and around $200 so they are affordable but well made and with great, funky designs.  I got these 30% off so I was mostly attracted to the price but I loved the wedge and guess what else... the mix of design...zippers, laces, straps, wood and I was sold.  The color doesn't hurt either. I got a thing for nudes and taupes. 

Bandolino, Retail $300 - Told you I had a thing for animal prints and pony hair. I bought these from King of Prussia mall, another favorite mall, in 2004 or 2005 for a Jay-Z concert.  7 years later and I still pull them out every winter and still get lots of compliments.  They have a short kitten heel, which typically is an absolute no, no, no for me but the design and hair and what not make up for the lack of heel. Love.  

Sam Edleman, Retail $140 - A new favorite to just throw on and go. I love the suede and color the most.  I also like the point toe which you rarely see on a wedge.  That makes it less casual.  I found these walking through Marshalls for 1/2 the retail price! $70 for these??!!! Couldn't say no.  It was not an option. Plus Shan told me I needed to go back. 

***Proof that style and luxury isn't about price or designer name:

Boutique 9 Chocolate brown leather bootie $250. Featured Glamour magazine October 2011 issue.  Only drawback, they were never produced!! :-( Apparently, designers/fashion labels produce samples to be used in magazines but this doesn't guarantee production of the item.  This particular shoes are one of those occasions where the label decided not to produce the shoe.  Why? I have no idea b/c they are hawwwttt and I was waiting in line to make the purchase. Maybe they will change their minds??! 

**Just for Fun and in honor of the kids....  My daughter has a pretty mean shoe game too, even when she's not prancing around in mine.  Love that girl! 

Princess Cierra....with her Ugg moccasins. Love her! :-) 

**And for even more fun... enjoy this video b/c I know after reading my intro you can't get this stupid song out of your head! LOL.


  1. Love,love, love this BFF :)

  2. Jennifer Skinner-LintonJanuary 2, 2012 at 9:41 PM

    Love your shoe collection. I know exactly what you can do with those 7.5 Kelsi Daggers......please send them to me.....just my size.You have inspired me to take pics of my shoe collection. Would love to share them with you. Let me know when to expect those

  3. Thanks Ladies!! Please do share Mrs. Skinton!! All of us honeeyz want to see what cha got!! If you share then maybe I will share those Kelsi's with you b/c right now they are just sitting in my closet! Deal?? :-)

  4. Jennifer Skinner-LintonJanuary 3, 2012 at 6:07 AM

    Lol at Mrs got a deal. I will work on this project when I get home from work tonight cause you know this honeeyz "free paypa burn"


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