Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Power of Love and Support - Custom Fly Kidz

Customized lime green low top Converse Chuck Taylors with color rhinestones, ribbons and buttons. Custom made girls tutu with ribbon and button adoration.  Styles by Yvonda! 
My talented and creative cousin, Yvonda, just recently launched her custom design apparel and accessory business and I was so impressed that I wanted to feature her here on Milk and Honeeyz ASAP.  She specializes in custom designs of children’s clothing and shoes (her specialty being girls' custom tutus and Converse), but is capable of doing pretty much anything in terms of style and customization of select pieces of apparel, shoes and accessories.  I’m pretty sure she can execute any theme or design you have in mind, even if you don’t see it here.  These pics are merely just representative of some of the designs she has completed and sold.  Her designs are excellent for birthday parties, theme parties, holidays or for just making sure your little bambino is stunting on the other lame kids up in the daycare! LOL. I can’t tell you how much I want to have another baby girl just to buy these Chucks and tutus, but that would be sort of nutty right?? However, as soon as I decide to pop another baby out, I’ll be at her door step copping all the designs I can because they are sooooo stinking cute!!!! Anyways, be sure to place your orders and share the information with your fellow honeeyz and baby dads (I joke) so they can swag their kiddies out... I mean it's only right.  You aren't fly if you think you are but your kids are not! 

From Basic to Whoa! Custom high top Converse Chuck Taylors with pearl adornments, ribbons and buttons! These are my favorites! 
For orders and inquiries about designs and prices, Yvonda can be reached directly at  Prices for shoe customization starts at only $15!! Tutu designs range from $25-45, depending on length and size, while custom designs for flip flops start at only $10! If you guys (and honeeyz) have any other questions or need any information, feel free to reply to this post or contact Yvonda or myself ( directly!  Happy shopping for your babies, nieces, nephews, cousins, god children, et!!! 

Above: Custom Mini Tutu with mixed colors, ribbons and buttons.  Below: Totally glammed out red hightop Chucks with a mixture of patterned (hearts, starts, etc) and colored gems, ribbons and buttons.  

Now, how about a full glass of Milk to go with that Honeey (I gotta do it):

I'm supporting and plugging my cousin's initiative because she is talented, I love her product and the quality, and because I have the platform to do it and should do it.  It’s shameful how little we support one another, particularly when they are doing something constructive, creative, and positive.  I see it all too much where businesses and initiatives fall to the wayside b/c of the lack of support, particularly from our own communities and friends and family.  Supporting doesn’t necessarily mean you have to personally indulge or make a financial investment, but it could be simply just sharing the information, encouraging with words, complimenting, offering an exchange of services that could benefit you and the new business owner, etc.  I often see where there is mess, gossip, lies, negative opinions and polls about nonsense, people jump to get involved, comment, share, or even give a "LOL," which in turn is a form of support.  But yet when it's something we should be supporting we are slow to move or act.  I encourage and challenge you all to celebrate and uplift and support each other.  There’s nothing like a woman who is about her business who recognizes her talents and blessings and puts them to use in a positive and creative way, like Yvonda, who works extremely hard in the medical field while raising 3 beautiful kids (and keeping them fly too) and now doing something creative and smart.  Lets learn to celebrate and acknowledge that type of person and effort rather than the other mess we tend to fall for.   

With that in mind, my best friend and I actually cofounded a social organization called Power Chicks, LLC back in 2009 where we actually hold events and get togethers for the sole purpose of celebrating women, discussing hot topics, sharing empowering information and forcing them to recognize their own efforts and accomplishments, no matter how "small" or short.  Women can not only be self deprecating and unappreciative of ourselves and all that we do and add to our friends and family, but we are slow to celebrate and uplift one another.  We also often are missing or withholding vital information that can be the difference between us elevating to the next level (whether if it’s about relationships, finances, growth, parenting, career, or what have you). We have to teach ourselves, our friends and family, and our children (future leaders and innovators) the importance of celebrating others, particularly those in our community and network, and loving ourselves.  Complimenting, supporting and celebrating is a form of learned behavior so it takes some getting used to, but you keep at it  until it's like second nature...the same way as some people find gossiping, hating, and lying to be a part of what they just do!!  Love and support is power...let's tap into it!

Click below for more custom designs, flicks of the "spokesmodel" Miss Ken Ken rocking the designs, and a little more MILK (I still have more to!

The process...getting to Fly! 
To finish that cup of milk I have a few things to add for those looking for support and a following... I think it's important that when you are looking for support that you keep in mind that there are some rules and guidelines to obtaining and sustaining support just as there are to giving support.  First and foremost, you have to be authentic and passionate about whatever you are putting out. Whether it is a product, a service, a resource, or even an opinion.  Audiences can smell a phony, lazy, inconsistent and ungrateful owner.  Quality does matter and if you aren’t sincere about what you do and serious about what you offer, no matter how popular it makes you or doesn’t, the insincerity can be patently obvious and an easy turn off.  Remember that consistency and frequency are not one in the same. Being quick and voluminous about something doesn’t make it consistent particularly without substance.  There is an expectation from your supporter, and you fortunately set the bar as to what they can expect, not to mention there is always that feeling of reward for being authentic and diligent about what you do. Secondly and equally important is customer service and etiquette.  If someone is supporting you or you have the need and expectation for support be sure to show your appreciation to your audience and supporter(s), even if that’s one lone person!  A simple thank you goes a long way...a smile, a nod, a response goes a long, long way and so does reciprocating that support.  If someone is willing to advertise and share your service and product, or leave a positive comment on your service, product or platform, you should make it your business to show you appreciate either by providing a timely response, some level of acknowledgement, or what have you.  Lastly, I suggest you simply get into the habit of supporting others if you expect to have support for the things you do or are involved in. I am a strong believer that you get out what you put in and doing the very thing for someone that you are hoping to acquire for yourself puts you in a place to be blessed.  Happy supporting!!! 
Amped up flip flops! Too Cute!!
A more subtle and grown up customized Chuck for the Fab mommies out there!

Get it!!! I'd dance too if my mommy customized my tutu and chuckies!!! 


  1. Ken Ken is too cute with her baby swag! Great job on supporting a fellow entrepeneur, Lee. I didn't know the extent of Power Chicks--I love that you have incorporated and hope to learn more about what you do. Networking is so key to entrepeneurship and to succeeding as a woman in this world. I'm sure you will inspire other women to start similar groups to empower others.

    1. Hey Love! I plan to do a Power Chicks piece in the future so be sure to stay tuned, but as much fun as we have, we absolutely have a mission and an agenda...the whole concept is very milk and honeeyz! :-) And you are so right about networking... it is probably the most integral component of success!

  2. I think that people too often want to define support unilaterally as financial! You did an excellent job of expanding the definition and maybe in our discussions we need to translate for our support systems what it means to us. Ken Ken is such a cutie pie and Yvonda does amazing work!!!!

    1. Isn't she the cutest little shortie??! I agree with you 100% that people misconstrue the concept of support and what it means to those who really need it. I hope this post (the tall glass of milk) helps to shed some light. I will continue to address the issue and do my part to get the right information out there. :-) Love ya!


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