Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Conservative Fun

I like to think I've done a decent enough job here at Milk and Honeeyz showing you guys clever ways to get away with some otherwise inappropriate looks up on the job, including how to rock sheer and open back pieces at work! Lol.  I really do want to be a good example and a positive influence, so I figure the least I could do is prove to you guys that I can follow the rules (some of the times). :-) So here goes....
This completely work appropriate outfit actually came together in the midst of my devising yet another otherwise scandalous look.  The temperature outside was projected to reach 100 degrees, which it most certainly did. As such, I wanted to wear shorts so bad (yes, shorts to work...lol).  So I started out with a dressy pair of Bermuda shorts that came to my knees. I reasoned that they were no different than a knee length skirt and I'd make it work with a good blazer, shoe and all the conservative bells and whistles I could find. However, I couldn't even get my rebellious self to do it.  I came to my senses and I decided to save the shorts for a Friday or Saturday and keep my job and dignity. Lol.  Despite of, I wasn't completely done with the idea of shorts which totally brought me to these cropped pants, which by the way are super old... I'd say circa 2003 or maybe older.  Anyways, cropped pants are hardly the same as shorts but sort of along the same vein, yet totally work appropriate.  BINGO!!!  This particular pair also happen to be super fun girly because of the color, cut and light weight material.  I paired them with this tie neck shirt I was dying to give a second go since I purchased it.... And this is where my rebellious side got some satisfaction.  It's a tie neck shirt, yet I refused to tie the neck and it's actually a long sleeve shirt but I cuffed the sleeves instead and most importantly, it's actually a little sheer!  My rebellious old me got my kicks totally off anyway!! :-)  I added the grey pointy shoes to add a layer of conservativeness and stick with the muted color palette. So there you have it. Conservative (at least a little) yet super fun and not so uptight. What do you guys think? Did I finally find the balance in showing a little bit of conservative while still having a lot of fun??

Tip: Play with colors, fabrics, lengths and colors to add a little fun in your wardrobe, and don't be afraid to make a piece your own.  Just because it's designed to be worn a certain way, doesn't mean you have to wear it that way.  Just because a piece comes with a certain accessory (a belt or pin for instance) doesn't mean you have to wear it that way either.  

Blouse: L.K. Bennett London; Cropped Pant: Old Navy (super old); Bag: L.A.M.B.; Pumps: Nine West (old); Leather and Metal Bracelet: H&M (old); Earrings: Urban Outfitters (old); Watch: Gucci 

 ***Click below for pics from the rest of the "shoot" and a fun fact about this outfit! Also be sure to comment and let me know what you think!! :-)

Monday, June 18, 2012


I really want to say that a great jumpsuit is a staple but I think I'm taking things too far (as usual).  Instead, I will just say that adding a great jumpsuit or romper is sort of one of the best things you can do for your wardrobe. Is that better or still a little too dramatic? I tried.  Anyways, I have a few of these pieces and I love them all in their own little way.  They are so easy to wear and good on the wallet, b/c no matter how much you spend you get everything you need in one piece. You can justify splurging by telling yourself that it's an entire outfit, top and bottom, in one shot. Also, they remind me of the sexiness and swag of the 70s... It could just be my crazy little extra mind but I sort of feel like Pam Grier, but in this decade, when I pull on a jumpsuit/romper??!!  For whatever reason, the fashion world is falling in love with jumpsuits again but they have never really gone anywhere.  In fact,  I bought the one I'm wearing here from ASOS over a year ago and it's the most recent of the few that I own. So there is really nothing new about them but I will admit that they do feel fresh and different with each wear and each new twist. :-) 
I wore this outfit to a happy hour to celebrate my favorite co-workers nomination as one of the top 40 under 40 advocates in the nation! I decided to keep things simple and muted in this look. I added a belt that I picked up from Forever21 last summer for $5 b/c without it then I'd be swimming in this jumpsuit.  The clutch and sandals are new favorites and I need no excuse to wear them so they were a no brainer.  The black jacket (see below) is super cute in person...the pics do it no justice. It's a quilted cotton motorcycle jacket and it's kinda contrasting to the simple, sophisticated look of the jumpsuit.  
Pleated Jumpsuit: ASOS; Motorcycle Jacket and Tribal Clutch: BCBGeneration; Belt: Forever21; Strappy Sandals: Manolo Blahnik; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Bracelet: Anthropologie
**Fun Fact:  I paid $120 for this jumpsuit and Valentino has a new similar jumpsuit that several different personalities jumped on (Jada Pinket, Jennifer Williams (BBW), etc.) but it cost nearly $3,000.00!!! Would you even consider spending that kinda money for this....

Photo Courtesy: www.lynettejoselly.com
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Friday, June 15, 2012

Short and Sweet

Not only does the title of this post aptly describe this little outfit I’m working with but it also describes my weekend…short but sweet. It never seems like it's enough but I try to make the best out of my weekends no matter what. This past weekend I hung out with my little princess and any time with her, especially one on one is always the sweetest (my man child didn’t tag along b/c he has more important things to do than hang with his mom and sis *rolls eyes*)!  On Saturday, the Princess and I did some very necessary shopping, we rented some movies and had some bad/good Chinese food while watching (that was awesome).  On Sunday I had brunch in Philly with a group of fab ladies that I’ll be going to Italy with in October (can NOT wait for that trip) and then we were off to a BBQ in NJ on Sunday with some of my absolute favorite girls.  The food was delicious and the company was irreplaceable.  I love those ladies.  Lots of laughter, good times, and sweetness. :-)
 Anywho, is there anything sweeter than hot pink, red, pleats and polkadots all mashed together in one outfit? I think not!!  I initially was just gonna throw a white tank on with this but figured to go with red instead to make things extra sweet and a little unexpected.  Aside from Valentine’s day d├ęcor, we’ve been told that red and pink shouldn’t be mixed together but I actually think it’s a cute and sweet combination. Of course you honeeyz know that I like breaking rules just for the sake of breaking rules! :-) I paired the shorts and tanks with a new favorite, my strappy black snake skin sandal with corkscrew heels...the icing on the sweet cake! 

FUN FACT: The striped blazer is actually my daughter’s.  I bought it for her from Marshall’s this past fall and she was sweet enough to let momma borrow it. Don't you just love her?? The blazer fit in perfectly with the hot pink lining and contrasting stripes.   And Im kinda loving the fact that we can fit some of the same things, of course that’s until she starts trying to wear my heels. :-) 

Shorts: Forever21; Tank Top: BCBGeneration; Blazer: via Marshall's; Sandals: Manolo Blahnik; Bracelet: Anthropologie; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Name Plate Gold Necklace and White and Yellow Gold Mesh Necklaces: My own 
**Click below for the rest of the pics from this weekend's "shoot!!!!"

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sneaking Peeks and Instagram!

Hey Gentz and Honeeyz we are now on Instagram!!! Please follow us @milkandhoneeyz for sneak peeks of future looks/posts and other random pics! And while your at it, check out the sneak peek of the next Milk and Honeeyz post above and below!! #MilkandHoneeyz #Instagram


This past Memorial Day weekend the kids and I had a good time hanging out in downtown DC.  We did a little bit of everything....checked out the Holocaust Museum, took bike rides past the white house and various memorials, went shopping in Georgetown, ate outside at one of our favorite Thai restaurants, watched movies and had lots of fun creating memories...see for yourself.

But before you check out my memories I want you to know that positive memories can last a life time and not so pleasant memories can fade with time.  You just have to realize how much control you have over the effects and outcome of memories.  Don't get stuck on those memories and things of the past that bring about ill feelings and you wish hadn't happened.  Put forth your efforts in creating new memories that will overshadow the things you'd rather forget about and sooner than later those ugly memories will become a thing of the past, a lesson learned, a trial, a moment and the new and pleasant memories will be your motivation, your saving grace, your everything.  To that end, don't be deterred by those people who try their best to remind you of memories of the past and keep you from moving forward and being happy b/c they themselves refuse to let go and move away from the same hurt that you no longer want to be a part of.  Keep pressing, keep erasing, and keep creating where you see fit.  If they haven't figured out that they have the power to move on or can't deal with the fact that you are happy and moving forward, then that's on them.  Happy memories.

"MEMORABLE DRESS WITH A MEMORABLE PRINT": Aqua; Belt: Forever21; Wedges: Not Too Coy; Leather Clutch: Gap; Earrings: Urban Outfitters; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs: Bracelets: Anthropologie, BCBGeneration


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Target Challenge Finale, Part V: First Lady Style, Democratic Price

Well Honeeyz, we have reached our 5th and final look in the Target Challenge series and I have to say, I had so much fun doing it that I'm kinda sad to see it go (TEARS...well not really, but again, the drama)!  However, don't fret because in prepping and getting into this challenge I realized that I have way more fabulous pieces from Target than I even knew about! So although we are done with this particular challenge, we aren't done with the fab finds from Target! You will definitely see them incorporated in future looks to come.  Anyways, we decided to close this series out with a bang and some class.  I honestly don't know anyone in my current peripheral view with the class, finesse, grace and style like our First Lady, Michelle O.!  I mean that woman is fly and regal and guess what....she shops at Target too! :-) One of her go to looks is a sheath dress, and it happens to be a Milk and Honeeyz staple piece (hint, hint ladies...you should at least 2 of these in your closets).  So it should come to no surprise that I have several and one of my favorites is this super cute purple number that I paid $22 for from Target!!! 

I love this dress for so many reasons, including the great price!  It is totally diverse and takes on a different look every time you wear it.   You can add a cardigan, a blazer, pull over sweater, belt (skinny or thick), rock it with boots, pumps, flats (I'm allergic so this is not an option for me...sorry flats), or sandals and most importantly for slacker procrastinators like me, it takes 2 minutes tops to put on! You are always appropriate and even after work super cute.  This dress used to be much more fitted but I've lost 10lbs and its much looser these days, to the extent that wearing a belt was not an option! Anyways, what do you honeeyz think of this look? What pieces do you own and consider to be very Michelle O.? And is she the flyest First Lady or what (sorry Jackie O., you've been knocked to number 2 as far as I'm concerned)!!!???
Photo Courtesy: Google Image via cbsnews.com

P.S. In case you haven't noticed, my hair is all weaved up and flowing past my shoulders these days! I now go by the name, Lee'yonce, if you are wondering. Carrying on.  :-) Ok, I'm just joking about the name change but I did switch the hair up.  It's getting rather humid and sweaty out and I like to keep my hair in more protective styles when that is happening so I thought no better way than to braid it up and buy somebody else's hair to accomplish all of that... ya like?? I do! Diversity and options with hair are always a plus! 

**Click Below for the Rest of the First Lady Style Pics and details of what I'm wearing!!! 

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Target Challenge Part IV: Relaxed Wear, Relaxed Budget, Good Food & Good Company

Trust me, nobody loves to be all extra with their outfit more than me but there are times that you gotta just throw it on and keep it moving. But that doesn't mean you have to look like a whole mess! There are great alternatives to sweats, tights and dowdy tee shirts, all of which are absolute M&H No Nos!  And more importantly, and relevant to this particular post, you can do the stylish relaxed look for a great price too!  I copped this maxi dress on the target clearance rack for....you guessed it, $5!  Again, this was an accidental find that turned out to be one of the best additions to my warddrobes.  As usual, I was at Target for household goods and walked past the clearance rack and glanced through it an discovered this beauty.  It's actually an old piece, I'd say about 5- years-old and right before the maxi dress trend started to take completely off.  
The thing that I love most about this piece is it's so comfy (like a jersey material) but very current, a little sexy and extremely versatile.  Here, I really kept it very minimum and relaxed, but i have worn it a little more dressed up with a great Fedora, jewelry, hair, etc.  You can also add a belt, add a blazer, and do a bunch of little things to get a totally different look each time you wear it.  On this day, I was simply trying to rush out the house with my favorite guy BFF for an impromptu dinner date in DC.  You know guys can be mad impatient with us and at the same time, have the expectation that we look decent (gosh that is such a task).  Anyways, this dress was perfect for all that... I threw it on in 2 minutes but still looked half decent.  I added the oversized cardigan, b/c as you guys should know by now, I always need a layering piece, and the weather was going from scorching hot to breezy off and on all day.  We ended up at a great DC restaurant, Circa Foggy Bottom, and the food was divine, the weather was great and the scenery was interesting!! It was perfect and so was my relaxed gear. I had a good time and didn't have to fuss with my clothes so that made it that much more perfect!! What do u guys usually grab as an easy, relaxed piece to get things done without looking undone??
Maxi Dress: Mossimo via Target; Cardigan: BCBGeneration; Bag: L.A.M.B.; Sunglasses: Balenciaga; Shoes: Not  Too Coy; Watch: Gucci; Bracelet: Anthropologie; Earrings: H&M
**Click below for more pics including food pics from Circa and my Restaurant Review!!
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