Thursday, August 30, 2012

Never Again, Once More?

As they always say in fashion, everything old becomes new again.  Trends are constantly being recycled and sometimes the second and third time around is the charm and other times you feel like it should've never ever been created and therefore, has no good business coming back yet again! And that brings me to the purpose of this post, and that is to get your honest feedback on a returning trend that I decided to give another go...  only about 2 decades later... the revolutionary M.C. Hammer pant!!! 

A few days ago I posted these pics to Milk and Honeeyz's Instagram (@milkandhoneeyz) and Facebook page and asked my audience this very question and got a mix of replies that had me cracking up and prompting me to come right here to get my hardcore honeeyz's opinion as well!  Don't everyone reply at once, but do these pants get a warm welcome back into the 21st century or a swift kick back into the 90s?? Do tell! I'd love to hear your specific thoughts and reasonings as to why this trend is welcome to return or can't leave fast enough.  For the record, I personally love these pants and despite any feedback, I plan to rotate them throughout my wardrobe like nobody's business; but hey that's the beauty of fashion and style... individual preference and taste.  If you have confidence and an eye for what works for you and how to put things together, anything can work, even if it's not the next persons particular choice. I was attracted first to the print, color and fabric of these pants.  And the shape and cut just made them that much more interesting.  There is little room for creativity with pants (2 legs, a zipper and a button...that's it) so I happily welcomed a switch up in the silhouette.  Besides, I distinctly remember rocking the crap out of these pants when they first came out and doing a mean impression of M.C. Hammer's all girl protege group, 3-5-7! So I figured, why not make that happen again (minus the 3-5-7 impression)??!  Besides, fashion is the best place to take a risk! :-)
Harem Pant: Zara; Open Back Top: UrbanOutfitters; Cutout Booties: L.A.M.B.; Necklace: Forever21; Bracelets: BCBG, Anthropologie; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs
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Friday, August 24, 2012

Romping Around in Style

This past weekend it was me and the Princess again running around DC having tons of, eating out, sightseeing, meeting up with friends, etc.  By the way, with my son's repeated absences I've officially come to terms with the fact that my son is a mini adult who only needs my presence for making sneaker purchases and discussing the latest hip hop collaborations, but otherwise he can do with out... I'm so totally cool with it. I understand that this is an inherent phase for a parent of a teenage boy.  Anyways, back to the issue at hand... this romper, my Princess and this past weekend... I absolutely love this piece.  It's three years old and from my design favorite, BCBG MaxAzria.  I gifted it to myself as one of many birthday gifts three years ago and I try to wear it at least once every summer b/c I love it sooooo much.  It just works for so many reasons!!  It's versatile, stylish and luxurious but it's super easy to wear and can be really practical all at the same time.  Very much an example of the popular term, casual chic. It's also great for transition from summer into early fall because it's shorts but long sleeved in a dark navy color.  More importantly, this is a perfect piece for an on the go mom, like me.  

I've said it many times and I'll say it many more, just because you are a busy parent does not mean you have to compromise your style or taste!  You will NEVER, EVER catch me in some mom jeans, frumpy sweats or Kmart like coordinates, I don't care how many kids I have or what is going on! While you do at times have to be more practical, b/c I do understand it can't always be glitz, glamour and 5-inch heels, it never has to be bad taste and fashion! This is one of those pieces that allow me to be cute, stylish and hip but comfortable and reasonable for romping around (pun intended) and fun misadventures with the kiddies!  For all the mommy honeeyz and daddy gentz, what pieces do you migrate to for comfort without compromising your style and swag?? Do share! 
The Princess, scrolling through her iPhone, as usual.  She's been training seriously for track so she's super buff this summer! Look at those guns! LOL.  She's still a cutie pie sweetheart though! Love her. 
We went to Sticky Rice on the popular and evolving H Street in DC. The food is delicious..this particular dish, "Sticky Balls," is my hands down favorite!
And you can't go to Sticky Rice and not order some kinda roll...this was delicious
Sesame Chicken with noodles...yummy
Romper: BCBG MaxAzria; Flat Python Print Sandals: Dolce Vita; Bag: L.A.M.B.; Necklace: F21; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Gold Bamboo Earrings: My Own
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Monday, August 20, 2012

Who Wears the Pants? Honeeyz Do!

Can you believe there was once a world where women were not allowed to wear pants or frowned upon if they tried? Praise God we are above and beyond those days because I'd probably be in a whole bunch of trouble had I lived back in that day. Lord Knows!!!! Ironically though, my profession still frowns upon women wearing pants, particularly in certain  enviromnents (i.e. COURT...If you don't wear a skirt suit in black, navy, or dark grey while before the court then you are totally out of place and inappropriate... sighhhh... starting to think I'm in the wrong field).   Anyways, because I know better and in knowing better, I know that a woman (or should I say, honeey) suited in a fine fitting pair of strong, tailored, yet sexy pants, is almost EVERYthing! In short, that whole women in pants not being feminine enough rule/standard does not apply in Lee's world.  Case and point, these fitted, peach brocade cropped pants I'm wearing and loving! They are super sexy and femine but strong too because of the tailoring and definitive creases. 

I broke my boycott of ASOS and bought these a few weeks ago.  But to my credit it was kinda accidental (here comes the drama and extra...). I got an email from another source (Refinery29 to be exact) with a perfect pair of cropped pants and when I hit the link of where I could buy them, it took me to ASOS and while the featured cropped pants weren't available these little mommas came up as an alternative and let's just say they were purchased in record time. :-)  Anyways, to keep up with the strong menswear type theme I paired the sexy hawwttt pants (yessssss) with a simple, over sized boyfriend like blue oxford (there is some subtle blue in the print in the pants, which is hard to see in the pics but so cute) not completely buttoned up with my collar popped.  I added gold accesories, including my old school bamboo earrings (boy do I miss the 90's) and the classic nude pumps to keep things strong, sexy, feminine, professional and fun all at the same d@mn time!!!

Now for the Milk: For a strong and powerful look, add some element of menswear to your wardrobe, whether it's a pair of tailored pants, a strong blazer, boyfriend jeans, a classic button up, cuff links, a big face men's watch or even a super masculine hat, with something feminine, and you are bound to exude the ultimate of sexxxxxyyyy! Guaranteed!

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Sunday, August 12, 2012


I wore this dress last weekend to my younger cousin's wedding.  It is an oldie but goodie from BCBG MaxAzria that I purchased in 2004 for my law school graduation party.  I have only worn it one other time in the 8 years that I've owned it and that was to another wedding back in 2005.  I absolutely love when you have a piece that keeps on giving and every time it gives it gives big...this dress is the epitome of the that notion!  At first, I wasn't sure if I was gonna wear this particular dress to the wedding because it's so open in the back and sides that you almost feel like it's impossible for this to be appropriate up in the church (for the actual ceremony).  But I tried this on, along with 2 other dresses, and my mom and daughter vetoed the others and this little number won hands down.  In the end, I'm glad I picked it b/c it turned out perfectly for a young, fun, hip, evening wedding and most importantly, I didn't get the impression that Jesus was rolling his eyes at me while I was sitting in the pew at His house (church)... LOL.  Initially, I wasn't sure about which shoes to wear with the dress and was torn between the black strappy sandal and the taupe and metallic MaxAzria sandal (you guys will see me in either shoe in the pics).  Ultimately, I decided on keeping it simple since the dress and jewelry is so extra and I went with the black Manolos for the wedding.  I was completely satisfied and comfortable with the look! What do you honeeyz think? What pieces do you have in your closet that gives you life every time you slip it on?? 
The MILK of it is, I was so happy to see my cousin marry his best friend and make a huge commitment to love her forever.  There is nothing like a man who knows when it's time to be a real man and make a commitment to his family in front of others and before God.  I know in this crazy world we live in now we don't see it often. Far too frequently we see men treating women like crap, juggling an array of women at one time and just being messy and immature...(i.e. Sleazy J. of Love and Hip Hop know who I'm talking about, unfortunately).  We see women settling for designer shoes and handbags and accepting that as an alternative to true commitment.  It's unfortunate.  I know it's hard to stick to your guns and standards when the world seems to be cultivating new expectations and standards but I say don't give in and don't give up.  Self respect, integrity and love is the most important thing you can have, and even if that means being alone then so be it.  If someone is not mature, selfless and intelligent enough to make some level of commitment to you or your relationship then that's their issue not yours. 

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

MIXED Chick!

I'm sure you guys know by now that I'm a big fan of mixing.... that would be mixing colors, patterns, textures, and even price points! I say mixing is an absolute DO! If you buy great pieces that you love and that fit you great, no matter who made it, what it goes with or how much it cost you will always come out on top! Live a little and just go for what you are attracted to without any concern about what it will and won't go with...  use a little imagination and creativity later down the line when working fun pieces into an outfit...that's fashion, style and fun! I do caution that when mixing patterns and colors to try to be authentic with it.  Don't do it for the sole purpose of shock value, but for style and individuality. 
I also caution that when you are buying less expensive things not to compromise the quality (to a certain extent).  Obviously, there is some truth to you get what you pay for but not necessarily.  Look for reasonably well put together construction, cuts, sewing, etc. and you will be fine. I did a whole series on finding affordable clothing at Target and some of those pieces I have had for many years without any issue.  And at the same time, I have some very pricey pieces that haven't held up like you would expect them to. That's the Milk of it! Now for the honeey....

This skirt was a recent find at Forever21 and was only $24.50! The graphic pattern, ruching detail at the waistline and faux wrap design can easily be mistaken for a $300+ Diane Von Furstenberg piece.  I paired it with a much more expensive silk top with button detail in the back from Juicy and my new fav asymmetric suede pumps.  You'd never know (or even care) that one item cost significantly less than the rest b/c the skirt is so cute and everything just goes together. That's the benefit to mixing high end and lower end pieces, its like the pricer/quality pieces help to make the less expensive pieces look just as rich (or that's how i see the average of the pieces together is high thanks to the higher piece.... crazy mind of  Anyways, what tips and thoughts do you honeeyz have when it comes to mixing (price points, colors, patterns, textures)?  BTW: Please excuse my hair, the humidity was so thick I could barely breathe and you're lucky that I didn't have a full blown afro going on!!
Silk Striped Top: Juicy Couture; Graphic Skirt: Forever21; Orange Suede Pump: L.A.M.B.; Leather Clutch: Gap; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Bracelets: Anthropologie and BCBGeneration; Glass Blown Necklace: Siglo Jewelry
See More Pics With Details Below and Let Me Know What You Think of the Picture Quality...I Used My New Camera (Still Don't Know What the Heck I'm Doing, So Bare with Me)!!!
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