Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Target Challenge Part III: Staple Item on a Budget

There is a short list of clothing pieces that every Honeey should have in her closet to make for the complete wardrobe!  I call these Staple pieces.  They are those few pieces that you can wear in a hundred different ways and make an outfit a true outfit every time you wear them.  You could have a thousand things in your closet but without these key pieces you just have stuff and you'll forever be one of those people who stand in the closet looking at all that stuff shaking your head and mumbling "I don't have anything to wear!"  A staple piece is often times referred to as a classic and timeless piece.  That's because no matter what trends are going on, they never go out of style and they always keep things together.  They compliment the flamboyance of the trends, sophisticate any look and makes getting dressed easy.  Staples are also great on the pocket because if you decide to spend a little more it's always worth the investment because they last forever and at the same time, you can always find an affordable staple piece at great places like Target on any give day because they are forever in demand.  I personally love to mix low end staple pieces with higher end designer/brand pieces, similar to like what I did with this look...can you Honeeyz guess which piece is actually the affordable Target piece? Ok, I'll spare you the suspense... it's the denim button down!! Every other piece I'm wearing in this particular outfit cost me $200 or more individually, while this perfect Target piece cost me nothing because it was a gift from my BFF (yaaayyy) but wouldn't run more than $24.99 at Target!!! 
A denim or button down chambray shirt is not only a staple that never goes out of style and is perfect for dressed down and even dressing up, it's also all the rave this season! I really, really love this shirt because it's so simple yet really diverse, comfy and chic.  I can wear it with leather, linen, other shades of denim; shorts, skirts, or pants; when I'm chilling or even at work on a Dress Down Friday, like I did here! That's a true staple! Below is a list of other staple pieces every Honeey should have in her closet:

Denim Shirt: Mossimo for Target; Red Linen Pants: United Colors of Benetton; Pouch: Gucci; Metallic Sandals: BCBGMaxAzria; Sunglasses: Balenciaga; Watch: Gucci; Bracelets: BCBGeneration; Necklace: 14K White and Yellow Gold, My Own

The Target Challenge Part II: Trendy Pieces 4 Less

Hello my loves!! I'm sooooo sorry for the delay in this post!! Last week was another unexpectedly crazy one and before I knew it an entire week has past since I last talked to you Honeeyz.  Forgive me? Please! Anyways, I'm picking up where we last left off and that's with my Target Style Challenge!! Yaayy!! You guys gave such good feedback on the last post so I hope we can keep it going!  Now let's get right to it, shall we!?! As you know, this series will include inexpensive pieces from my fav place, Target, as a way to show all my honeeyz that style is not dependent upon the cost or the brand but more so on the eye and the attitude.  In this post, I decided to grab what would be considered a trendy piece and build an outfit around it.  No matter how many of us try to pretend we don't follow trends, we do... even when we don't think we do or want to admit it.  Trends are just an integral part of fashion... sometimes they are great and stay, and other times we can't wait for them to go and to never ever come back! For that reason, I think acquiring trendy pieces or testing them out for less is a great way to go! It's a win win people!! 
As most of my honeeyz and fly guyz know, pastels and bright pieces are a big deal this season (for the record, they have always been a fav of mine but whatevs).  I happened to luck up on this perfect silk and nylon blend blouse from the Isaac Mizrahi for Target line in a pretty lilac/pinky pastel several years ago. Like many of my other fab Target pieces, I found this top on a clearance rack for $4 and some change! Yup....Isaac Mizrahi, silk, trendy, classic piece...$4!!!! Digest alllll of that!!! I originally bought it for the purpose of wearing under my conservative suits and spicing things up with a pop of color and it worked perfectly that way! But I really haven't worn it outside of that until being forced to examine all my Target pieces for this challenge and put together some outfits. It turns out this piece is so versatile, so pretty, and so on trend despite being about 5 years old. For this challenge, I paired the top with another trendy item of the season...polka dots and b/c I wore this to work (on a Saturday but work even still), I added a blazer to keep things a little more tailored and sophisticated.  What do you honeeyz think of this piece and look? 
Silk blend Blouse: Isaac Mizrahi for Target (old); Polka Dot Skinny Jeans: BDG; Patent Leather Platform Pumps: Kelsi Dagger; White Blazer: ASOS Black Collection; Black Leather Bag: Juicy Couture (circa 2004); Watch: Gucci; Bracelets: BCBGeneration; Earrings: Siglo Jewelry

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Monday, May 21, 2012

The Target Challenge Part I: Affordably Chic

I’m so excited to announce that Milk and Honeeyz has accepted a challenge to do a series of posts featuring affordable, yet awesome, fashion pieces from none other than my all time favorite, Target (prounced Tar’che, if you really want to get fly and fancy…which we do)!! This post is the first feature in what we are dubbing as "The Target Challenge!!!"
Let me be a little more accurate and take some of the drama out of it just for the sake of giving you guys some background.  I really wasn’t challenged or dared or given an ultimatum or anything remotely close (I'm just real extra).  What got my little brain to churning about this concept and pretending like I was being challenged to do something I welcomingly do on a day to day basis (rock fly pieces from Target), was a friendly (non-challenging) conversation with one of my fav coworkers, fellow fab bloggers, and consistent M&H fans, Jas of IAMMOMS (shameless plug for you to check out her awesome blog where real life issues effecting the ethnic community and minority cultures are discussed and dissected)! She was complimenting a certain post on M&H and mentioned she liked some of the fashions featured from Anthropologie but she didn’t like the prices (you got that right honeey!).  In addition to advising her to never buy anything full price from Anthro since everything goes on sale, I mentioned there are so many affordable alternatives with Target being one of my favorite options.  She then suggested I do a feature showing some of my fab Target finds (hence the thought of a challenge on my part) so that my readers/honeeyz can see how stylish affordable can look! I happily accepted! 
Skirt: Go International via Target; Sweater(see after the break): Merona via Target; Sheer Blouse: Forever 21: Oxford Cutout Heels: Marc Fisher; Watch: Gucci; Bracelets: Anthropologie, BCBG; Necklaces: BCBG, 14K white/yellow gold, my own; Bag: L.A.M.B..

Stay tuned for the rest of this 5-part challenge where I will post outfits built around a Target piece(s) as a way of proving to you honeeyz that fashion and style is not about designer brands and prices, but about confidence, creativity, and personality.  I can assure you of 2 things to prove up that point: 1) there are a lot of fools with designer and brand digs from head to toe that are running around looking like a darn controversy! 2) and there are a lot of pricey designer pieces that aren’t worth the paper tag put on them.  With that said, I hope you guys (and honeeyz) enjoy this series and get a little inspiration, knowing that being fashionable doesn’t require you to go hungry or in debt!  Happy reading and getting deep into this challenge honeeyz! Also, be sure to like us on FB, follow us on bloglovin, comment or check a comment box (too easy not to do) and tell your fellow honeeyz about us!  In the meantime what do you guys think of this affordable outfit, which features this fabulous statement skirt from Target??!!! I loves it and you'd never know I got it on sale for $5.50!! 

**Click below for the rest of the shoot with an additional key piece from Target!!!!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Art of Multitasking

The truth is I didn't really put a lot of thought into this outfit. I saw that mother nature's bipolar mood was on an even to manic swing and we were gonna get some good weather and I wanted to wear a fun dress.  That's wear everything started and evolved. Knowing mother nature and her mental impairment, I was fully aware that she was capable of having a depressed swing and ushering in a cold front so I knew I'd have to do some layering.  Not to mention that the dress I decided on had a vented back (surprise, this point I don't think I own any dresses or tops without missing fabric in the back in some way).  I had to make things office appropriate so I decided on this short sleeved blazer that I've only had the pleasure of wearing once this past fall and was dying to get another go at it.  I also have always loved the pairing of grey, especially tweed greys, with soft pinks so it came together perfectly... to me.  I added the wedges b/c like the blazer, I've missed them and haven't had a chance to wear them since last year.  By the time I was all dressed and ready to go (like 15 minutes tops b/c in my ordinary fashion, I woke up about 15 minutes before I had to head out for work to avoid being late) I realized this outfit was totally diverse and perfectly capable of multitasking to the fullest!!! I love it when things come together by accident! LOL

Not only is this dress a perfect take on the traditional shirt dress, but it is slightly upgraded and modernized with the addition of the pockets, the belt, and the cut out back!! So this worked perfectly for a casual relaxed look (think lunch with friends, museum with the kids, shopping for your self), but I could take the blazer off and head out to a happy hour and show a little skin without being overly provocative.  And although I wasn't conservatively dressed, I was appropriate enough for work (remember, relaxed government office that doesn't require suits and button ups all day) with the added jacket.  So this one outfit turned out to be great for work, nightlife, and relaxed socializing. In addition to multitasking in terms of settings, this outfit was also perfect for varying weather... I could take the jacket off when mother nature was on her best behavior giving me the sun and warmth I was begging for, and when her medication wore off (which of course it did), the jacket made the cooler and clearly less desirable weather more tolerable. All in all, this is what you would call multitasking!!  What items do you honeeyz gravitate towards to take you from A to Z without having to change a thing?? Do share!

Short sleeve, double breasted Blazer/Shirt Dress: BCBGeneration; Wedges: Dolce Vita; Bag: L.A.M.B.; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Bracelets: BCBG, White gold/yellow gold necklace worn as bracelet 

**Click below for more pics from the "shoot" :-)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mango, Sherbet, Neon, Lady Bug... Summer

Polish: Essie "Action"
Fun, sweet, happy, yummy things come to mind when I look down at my new manicure and I can't help but to beg for summer to come quicker! For now, I'll just imagine and live vicariously thru my summer nails ....

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Simply Not

I'll be the first to admit that as much as I love art and fashion I can be very much a classic girl with some spunk here and there....I'd say 70% Joan Clayton (Girlfriends) and 30% Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) would describe it! This outfit is a perfect example. It's really simple and uncomplicated but actually not! The classic white cotton button up, which is a Milk and Honeeyz staple piece (hint, hint), paired with a simple cut skirt seems so simple and easy except for the shirt has a trendy hi-low silhouette with huge cut outs in the back and the skirt is a leather flesh tone mini! Those little elements take it from being very classic and simple to modern, sexy, fun, trendy and unexpected chic.
If you are looking for ways to balance the conservative, simple or formal aspects of your life with the fun, youthful, exciting parts of your life, I say look for classic pieces but with the unexpected surprise whether that's in terms of color, patterns, texture, cuts, length, etc.  And remember the accessories (jewelry, shoes, bags), makeup, and hairstyles also are part of the styling process that can take an otherwise simple look to a fun look.  Layer on some confidence and comfort and you are good to go!!! :-)
Shirt: BCBG; Leather Mini Skirt: Gap; Sunglasses: Christian Dior; Bracelet/Earrings/Necklace: H&M; Watch: Gucci

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Monday, May 7, 2012

Independence Babe

Am I the only chick who sees red, white, blue and stripes and instantly thinks about Independence, as in Independence Day, but specific to one's status?  Probably so, and I guess that just has to be ok.  I've told you that I already know that I'm crazy so I'm totally ok with it.  Anywho...moving on from my admitted craziness... 

I like to think that I'm what you would call an independent babe and I'm sure you honeeyz have noticed that the independent woman movement has been at an all time high this past decade and I think it's great.  However, I think it's important to note that independence is not about being single and it's not about rejecting relationships, partnerships, collaborations, or making good use of available resources and opportunities.  I like to think of it as a state of mind whereby an individual is innovative, self-motivated, and self sufficient.  You can be all those things and simultaneously be in a committed and healthy relationship. In fact, I think when it's well balanced it makes for a more attractive and productive relationship! I just thought it was important to put out there because I think some honeeyz make the mistake of holding onto this ill conceived concept of independence and in turn sabotaging relationships or turning prospects off by screaming out I'm independent and refusing to compromise and learn how to be in a relationship while still being miss independent! It can definitely be done! Do you honeeyz agree? 

Anyways, this little number (the wrap dress) is a Banana Republic oldie but goodie and I love it every time I wear it. I love the simplicity and easiness of this dress.  I can throw it on and look totally pulled together without any effort.  And the contrasting stripe pattern and inverted colors on the underside of the collar and cuffs.  I almost always add a scarf to my outfits and wanted something contrasting to break up the monotony of the dress so I grabbed this scarf b/c it was the same striped pattern but in a different color.  I think it made the look a little more interesting and less uptight.  This day was particularly windy and it made for a sexy little photo shoot up at the work place...totally unintentional! There were a bunch of Marilyn Monroe moments where my dress was flying up all over the place, my leg was all out having it's own little Angelina Jolie type party going on, and my hair was flying all over the place.  See for ya self.... :-) 

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Color OUTSIDE of the Lines

I'm sure you've been told at some point in your life (usually with regards to education, career, relationships and plain old adulthood) that there was a certain road to travel, a certain way things had to be done, and a particular order to do it; but I've been bucking the norm for a long time now so I'm here to say that if you stick to the script with every single thing you need to get done in life, you are bound to get stuck! The "script" generally covers one perfectly made up scenario and since life isn't kind enough to be a perfectly made scenario, that won't work in 99% of the situations you encounter. It's important to create your own path and not to be intimidated or dismayed when the perfectly made script isn't working.  Getting from point A to point B almost always requires backing up, turning right, taking a U-turn and hanging a quick left.  Driving straight to get to the next destination is barely ever an option... and even when it is, it's usually not quite the scenic route. :-) 

The MILK: Learn how to color outside of the usually makes for quite the masterpiece and quite the testimony. 

This outfit is a perfect example of coloring outside of the lines, but in a fun kinda non-get ya life kinda way! This skirt a birthday gift from my BFF, Shan, and I loves it.  The floral print with the random polka dots and the color pattern just makes my little heart skip a beat and also distinguishes this skirt from the other floral skirt I featured here.  I immediately thought to pair the skirt with this horizontal striped shirt I picked up from Urban Outfitters.  Although the patterns are totally different and traditionally unexpected, the colors in both pieces go perfectly (well at least to me they do).  And because I actually wore this to work (told you I was rebellious), I figured the nude, simple pump kinda calmed it down and tricked some people into believing I was totally normal...sort of.  All in all, I had fun totally coloring outside of the conservative, monochromatic, business lines and wearing something eclectic (shout out to Fly Won...insider), yet totally appropriate for work!  :-)

How do you honeeyz shake up the work place with your attire so that your good to go for work but haven't compromised your personal style? And what are some of the ways you organically mix patterns and colors so you don't look like a clown or totally contrived?

I love the slit open back of this shirt. It's soooo much fun! I added a skin tone camisole to keep from being over exposed but when I wear this shirt for play I definitely wear it out and open... sexxxxy!! LOL
I got these cute little glasses for free from BCBG as purchase giveaway. They kinda have that Ray Ban relaxed Cali feel.  I was going to give them to my daughter because they are not my usual sunglasses style, but in the course of coloring outside of the lines, I decided to rock them.  
Striped shirt: Urban Outfitters; Floral Pencil Skirt: Anthropologie; Nude Pumps: Christian Louboutin; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Necklace worn as bracelet: My own (14K white gold mesh with yellow gold screw details); Earrings: H&M; Sunglasses: BCBGeneration; Wallet as Clutch: Mac and Jac
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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Hello Honeeyz! I am happy to announce that after a certain someone (Benjamin Fitzgerald Hamilton) decided to snack on a certain favorite pair of shoes (see pics included herein)  and do a certain amount of damage (I talked about it at length here), I was able to have my shoes repaired to almost as good as new!! And to think, I was a little discouraged after a few people told me they didn't think there was much of anything that could be done to fix them and I was considering just giving up and letting it go.  However, my favorite shoe repair shop, Fast Feet Shoes, in the Concord Mall in Wilmington, DE welcomed the challenge and looked at the shoe for a second and said, "yea, we can fix it but it won't be ready til next week" without even blinking.  With that said, I paid the bill (which was super duper cheap by the way) and walked off expecting nothing particularly special in return.  I basically would've been happy if they could just even up the chew mark so that I could maybe wear them with long pants and not feel self conscious. Obviously, the shoe isn't perfect but its darn near close, considering the damage that crazy dog did and I'm more than happy!  I can wear them and unless you are some psycho weirdo all up in my business around my ankles (or a Honeey who knows this story b/c they follow my blog) you'd never know the history of this shoe.

The moral MILK of the story is: don't ever give up on something or someone that has a little damage without at least trying to repair it; and don't ever underestimate the potential for redemption! :-)

While we can clearly see where the repair was made (mostly b/c we just know), who the heck cares! Anything looks better than the prior damaged state (see below for a revisit of the trauma)! 
BEFORE- The Tragedy

AFTER- Redemption
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