Thursday, May 3, 2012

Color OUTSIDE of the Lines

I'm sure you've been told at some point in your life (usually with regards to education, career, relationships and plain old adulthood) that there was a certain road to travel, a certain way things had to be done, and a particular order to do it; but I've been bucking the norm for a long time now so I'm here to say that if you stick to the script with every single thing you need to get done in life, you are bound to get stuck! The "script" generally covers one perfectly made up scenario and since life isn't kind enough to be a perfectly made scenario, that won't work in 99% of the situations you encounter. It's important to create your own path and not to be intimidated or dismayed when the perfectly made script isn't working.  Getting from point A to point B almost always requires backing up, turning right, taking a U-turn and hanging a quick left.  Driving straight to get to the next destination is barely ever an option... and even when it is, it's usually not quite the scenic route. :-) 

The MILK: Learn how to color outside of the usually makes for quite the masterpiece and quite the testimony. 

This outfit is a perfect example of coloring outside of the lines, but in a fun kinda non-get ya life kinda way! This skirt a birthday gift from my BFF, Shan, and I loves it.  The floral print with the random polka dots and the color pattern just makes my little heart skip a beat and also distinguishes this skirt from the other floral skirt I featured here.  I immediately thought to pair the skirt with this horizontal striped shirt I picked up from Urban Outfitters.  Although the patterns are totally different and traditionally unexpected, the colors in both pieces go perfectly (well at least to me they do).  And because I actually wore this to work (told you I was rebellious), I figured the nude, simple pump kinda calmed it down and tricked some people into believing I was totally normal...sort of.  All in all, I had fun totally coloring outside of the conservative, monochromatic, business lines and wearing something eclectic (shout out to Fly Won...insider), yet totally appropriate for work!  :-)

How do you honeeyz shake up the work place with your attire so that your good to go for work but haven't compromised your personal style? And what are some of the ways you organically mix patterns and colors so you don't look like a clown or totally contrived?

I love the slit open back of this shirt. It's soooo much fun! I added a skin tone camisole to keep from being over exposed but when I wear this shirt for play I definitely wear it out and open... sexxxxy!! LOL
I got these cute little glasses for free from BCBG as purchase giveaway. They kinda have that Ray Ban relaxed Cali feel.  I was going to give them to my daughter because they are not my usual sunglasses style, but in the course of coloring outside of the lines, I decided to rock them.  
Striped shirt: Urban Outfitters; Floral Pencil Skirt: Anthropologie; Nude Pumps: Christian Louboutin; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Necklace worn as bracelet: My own (14K white gold mesh with yellow gold screw details); Earrings: H&M; Sunglasses: BCBGeneration; Wallet as Clutch: Mac and Jac
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It was pretty sunny and humid this day (too bad it didn't stay) so I braided my hair around to keep from having to fuss with it but this quick do turned out to be cute and easy. I ended up keeping it this way for the rest of the week.  And if you haven't noticed, my stylist hooked me up with some highlights the week before and I loved it. 


  1. First off love the message in this post. Secondly, diggin' the stripes and florals...too cute Lee.

    1. I ran across your blog from another blogger. So happy I did I luv your insight & humor & your fashion game is tight! AIRES ROCK!

    2. Hey honeey! Thanks for the compliments...the only way I can get thru life is with humor! LOL. And of course Aries rock!!! :-)

  2. So true that the path to success isn't a straight one, and sometimes coloring outside the lines is the best way to get ahead. I love the graphic that shows that we expect the path to success to be a straight line, but it's really a squiggly one.

    Also love that you combine the outfit with a life lesson. Truly milk + honeey!


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