Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1 Honeey, 1 T-shirt, 3 ways

Every now and again I have a lapse of judgement and lose my good old common sense for the love of fashion and design.  Well actually, it probably happens more frequently than every now and again but who's really counting?? Besides, there are those times when I luck up on an extraordinary deal that helps to balance out those moments of irresponsibility... right honeeyz?? I mean I'm thinking it should work that way!!  Anyways, I clearly bumped my head in the summer of 2010 and paid over $200 for this Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche logo T-shirt.  Yes, I know.  Shameful.  But I did try to find it for slightly less on Ebay but I lost all my bids b/c they were so popular, half the time going for even more than the in-store retail price, and it became increasingly clear to me that the only option I had was to fork over the money and secure my shirt!!  Right?? Right!!  What's done is done so I have decided to move on and actually wear the darn thing and that brings us to the whole point of this post... How to rock a cotton tee, particularly one who's cost is the equivalent of a small car payment, in different ways so that it's more than just your basic casual T-shirt.  Check out how I went from funky/fly, to casual chic, to tailored sophisticated with the same darn T-shirt...I think I may have got my money's worth! What do you honeeyz think?? 
Please excuse the fact that I look totally beat in the face but I took this picture (well Cierra took the picture and I just posed) 2 Saturdays ago after I drove 5 hours from MD to DE and back the day before, then got up at 5 am that Saturday morning, worked 10 hours straight, rushed home after that to take my 2 brats to the mall so I was beyond tired when she took this, but cute even still (so I think).  LOL!  This look is traditional casual but with the cardigan, bag, wedges and skinny jeans its not a sloppy, just rolled out the bed, worked 10hours casual look  but instead,  it's a nicely pulled together and cute casual look.  I even got a few prospects (this would be men showing interest) with this look (too bad my kids scared them all off.. they hate when guys try to kick it to their momma).   
Wearing w/YSL T-Shirt: Jeans, Joe's Jeans; Sweater, BCBGeneration; Bag, Marc Jacobs; Suede grey wedges, Sam Edleman.
This pic is from Summer 2010 and  is the first time I actually wore the T-shirt.  This day, I wanted to be comfortable but also cute/funky bc I was going to a family event or something of the sort and therefore, would be seen and had to be seen looking ca-ute! LOL.
Wearing w/YSL T-ShirtCamouflage cargo pants, Abercrombie & Fitch; Sandals, BCBG Max Azria

Click Below for The Rest of Today's "Shoot" :-)))

I thought the contrast of wearing a dressy skirt and a tailored blazer with a freaking T-shirt would be unexpected and ab-so-freaking-lutely ca-ute!  I've told you honeeyz before that I lucked up and secured an attorney position with the government which has the most liberal dress code, not to mention I'm a slave to my computer so I'm sort of out of sight, and I was smart enough to wear a long scarf to conceal and professionalize (is that a word??) if I needed to for in face meetings and what not. So clever!!  Ha Ha Ha! Anywho, I think this came together perfectly!  
Wearing w/YSL T-Shirt:  Skirt, BCBGeneration; Design tights, F21; Blazer, H&M; Platform Booties, L.A.M.B.
The fact that this skirt has pockets makes me love it that much more! You would think the wide stripes, girly pleats, and pretty soft pink shade made the skirt cute enough, but nope, they just had to add the pockets and make it that much more perfect!! :-) 
Love the detail in these tights.  The cost me $5 and they are my favorite.

**BONUS: The best way to wear any shirt is while hanging with the ones you love! :-) 


  1. Remember that Friends episode where Monica bought those really expensive boots? And Chandler was mad, and she convinced him that she would be able to wear them with EVERYTHING?

    This post kind of reminded me of that :o) I would have never thought to pair the tee with the pleated skirt, but it works! Really cute!

    1. Hey honeey!!! I don't remember seeing that particular episode but I'm cracking up laughing just thinking about how it played out!!! LOL. I'll have to search YouTube or ask my BFF, who is an absolute Friends Fanatic, for the details! LOL. And thanks for the compliment and support!

  2. Love that shirt! I almost did the exact same thing and bought it a while ago...kind of hating the fact that I didn't. I'm looking for a fitted blazer and I love the t-shirt with it.

    1. Hey Sabrina! Thanks for the compliment. Honeey, I say get it and I promise I won't judge!! LOL. For a great quality, yet affordable (unlike the T-shirt) blazer, I would say try Banana Republic, J. Crew, Ann Taylor, Zara or H&M (the suit collection which is usually a little pricer than the general pieces but the quality is better). It will last a lifetime.

  3. I love that shirt and you styled it well with the pants and skirt! Check out my blog


    1. Hey Ashley! Thanks! I have been on your blog every day since you first commented! Love it. I'll be sure to leave a comment next time :-) I love the 30 day photo challenge thingy you're doing! Keep it up!


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