Friday, February 10, 2012

All Black Everything and the Ballet

I'm very excited about this weekend because I will be attending the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater  show at the Kennedy Center! The Alvin Ailey Dance Theater was established in 1958 for the purposes of bringing African American cultural expression and American modern dance form to the forefront. The show encompasses a mix of ballet, jazz and a few other forms of modern dance.  This will be my first time attending a dance show of this magnitude.  I expect to be totally wowed for so many reasons.  I love the arts, I love new experiences and I love to be educated while entertained and I believe that it is extremely important to support African American initiatives to keep them coming and going.  From what I understand, every one and their mother and anybody who is somebody will be out for the show... including all the big wig politicians and the creams of the crop...possibly even my Black President.  Heyyyyy Barack!! :-)   
The Milk and Honeey Of It:
While  it's absolutely cool to kick it  and do the usual at times, it's equally as important to participate in things with substance and value and to expand your experiences.  Learn to operate outside of your comfort zone and expose yourself and children to new things. 
Bringing Sexy All the Way Back, literally. :-) 
Obviously, the question of what to wear to such an event was immediately on my brain after securing the tickets.  I decided that I wanted to wear something a little more sophisticated and dressed up than usual considering the occasion; however, I didn't want to compromise my sexy, comfort, and edge.  The first decision I made is that I would wear black b/c black makes it so hard to NOT be sexy, classy and sophisticated.  I ultimately decided on this BCBG black, jersey maxi-like dress.  The length makes it a little more formal than the usual dresses but the jersey keeps it fun and comfortable and adds more sexy (ask Donna Karan...jersey is the most forgiving and sexy material out there).  The added surprise in the back, the asymmetry of the cut at the bottom (shorter in the front and longer in the back) with the added slit in the front and back sealed the deal.  And to keep the edge, I paired it with a pair of rockin' booties as opposed to a classic pump or boot.  I think I got it! What do you honeeyz think of this look? 

Dress, BCBGeneration; Pony Hair Booties, L.A.M.B.; Bracelets, H&M; Glass Necklace, Siglo's Accessories; Stud CZ Princess Cut Earrings, stole them from my mom's jewelry box! :-) 

I love this necklace. It's all glass blown pieces hanging on a raw rope.  It was a $100 piece that I bought onsale for only $15 at Siglo's Accessories in Philly (South Street).  I wear it all the time to bring the right amount of pop and creativity. 


  1. Love, Love, Love the outfit....I may have wanted to see a knee high boot as opposed to the ankle boot, but that's my flow! I'm a knee high kinda gal! Lol...another note, I love the back of the dress but always struggle with the type of under garments to wear ....any suggestions? Keep in mind I'm a DDD and bra-less is simply NOT an option:-)

    1. Hey Jen!! We missed ya over here!! Thanks for the compliment. I agree with you 100% that a great knee boot would compliment the dress as well (high heel, pointy toe to be exact!). I was going for an unexpected rock and roll twist so that's why I went with the booties this go around but next go around I'll probably do the knee boot.

      As far as keeping the "cousins" under wrap when trying to bring sexy back (backless attire)... I have 2 options I use but will be trying a 3rd, which would probably be a great option for you and your "cousins." The convertible 5-7 way VS bra (I'm sure other brands have similar styles) with the plastic clear straps is what I have in mind and on my list of things to buy. This bra allows for you to wear it in a halter style with an extremely low back strap which could work depedning on how the back vent is cut out in your attire. Also, bc the straps are all clear they are essentially invisible without losing the support of the bra so even if they "showed" through the vent you wouldn't really be able to see them. For this occasion, I used a backless adhesive bra that I got from Target for $17 and it was an excellent option. It looks just like a strapless bra, except for it only covers your breast. It kept those cousins down and they didn't move all night. It's allegedly good for 25 wears too, which makes it a great buy. In the past, I've used the adhesive breast tape from VS and they generally run for less than $10 and you get a pack of 3-4. I love those. They are easy to apply and work surprisingly well for just a strip of adhesive. You can manipulate them and get a little lift, hide your n*pples, and add support all at the same time! :-) Hope that helps!

  2. You look amazing! And I just went to the opening night of the Alvin Ailey show here in Atlanta! and wore a fitted ruched newport news black maxi dress. Great minds

    1. Hey Fly Won (love this name)!! Thanks for all of your support today! I really appreciate it! You were holding me down on Fashionbomb and then connected with me on FB, twitter and commented here on Milk and Honeeyz! Loveeee it!! I followed you back on twitter (I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing or how to do it on there so forgive me if I haven't responded or what have you...I'm begging my 15 year old for a tutorial)! And yes, great minds clearly think a like!! ;-) I hope you continue to check in with me over here and share the link. I'll support you as well!

    2. I most certainly will. I happen to be a former bombshell, so I'm always up on the newest additions to the league! Great work, great style! and please checkout my vintage online beautyque and fb page. and I look forward to your posts!


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