Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Leather and Cashmere - Baby It's Cold Outside

The weather in the Northeast is definitely trying it's damnedest to make looking cute a non-factor and warm a priority above all else.  But I think with the right pieces you can marry the two and come up with a warm AND cute look.  Cashmere is a sure bet for warm and comfy and this sweater design helps keep it cute.  You certainly don't have to look like your grandma for the sake of cashmere, provided you look for one with some design potential. I previously featured this sweater and all the detail behind it HERE.  These leggings are warm but fun, edgy and sexy.  They are described as "leatherette" (meaning faux leather) and they boast some cute details from the pockets, elastic stretch waistband, and the rock and roll piping in the front thigh and knee areas. I've worn them a few times in a few different ways and they always bring the right amount of edge and chicness. This was the first (and possibly the last before another long hiatus) purchase I've made at bebe in probably about 7 years or more. I saw these in the window and despite my hesitancy, I had to go in and check them out.  I'm glad I did b/c they turned out to be a great find and addition to my wardrobe.
Cashmere Sweater, Aqua; Leatherette Leggings, bebe; Bag, Marc Jacobs; Sunglasses, Balenciaga, Scalloped Black Pumps, Prada

Benji has turned out to be quite the little regular here at Milk and Honeeyz! :-) 


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    1. Hey Melissa! Welcome to Milk and Honeeyz! Girl, I love this sweater too! I just got it not too long ago and I've worn it three times already! It's so stinking comfortable and warm!! :-) I hope you will continue to come over and check us out! -Lee


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