Saturday, February 18, 2012

Featured Bombshell of the Day on FashionBombDaily.Com!!

Well Honeeyz, I was pleasantly surprised today to find that we landed our first major feature! And I mean truly surprised b/c I had no idea until I finally came up for air and checked my email and found a comment from a new follower (yaaayyyyy) congratulating and complimenting me on the feature! At this point I was in the car rushing down the highway from work in VA to get to DE in time enough to make my bi-weekly hair appointment (Lord knows I can't miss my appointment) and pick up my bday girl. So even after getting the good news there wasn't much I could do about it b/c I was only a quarter of the way through a 2.5 hour drive!! I had to drive in suspense waiting for an opportunity to see what photos were posted and the gist of the comments coming in (I think we all know that Fashionbomb's audience can be a little brutal at times).  In any event, we faired pretty well, not that we were looking for some form of approval b/c as I've said before, style is subjective and identical to each person.  I'm confident, secure, and authentic enough to be ok with how I chose to present myself in my style/outfit choices not to be dismayed, disappointed, or dis anything bc someone else thought otherwise.  But of significant importance, Milk and Honeeyz is out there and we've gained some valuable new friends inside and outside of the blog community withhe exposure and I couldn't have asked for anything more! Thank you honeeyz and thank you FashionBomb (Claire)!!

I would ask you guys and honeeyz to please support and Claire (blog owner, style maven and power chick)!  Claire has done an excellent job with her site (an urban fashion site) and her brand. With it, she has created an extremely useful platform for fashionistas, bloggers around the world and set the model not only for black blogs/sites but for blogs and sites in general!! Also, if you have not already, please vote and comment on my feature at:

Thanks again for everyone's support, welcome to all of our new followers and honeeyz! Now I'm gonna go to sleep after driving to and from for a total of 5 hours today, operating on as little as 5 hours of sleep, working a half day at full day speed, and having just a few hours left to catch some sleep before I have to report back to work on a Saturday for a 10-hour workday, only to race out of there by 430 and start the weekend of bday events for the Princess...yes all this is about to happen to me...siggghhh).  




  1. ok, just found your blog while visiting fashion bomb daily. Love it so far!! I came back to say this much and I loved your description of it. As a mom of three, I'm desperately trying to get my style..whether I'm finding it or awakening it or...who knows. Ok...back to reading your blog. You have a new follower! Love it!

    1. Hey Mrs. Lynch!! Welcome to Milk and Honeeyz and thanks so much for the compliment and support. I'm so excited that you became a member and an official fellow Honeey!!! I'm even more excited to hear you are working on getting your groove back! Get it girl!

  2. Congratulations on the feature! You go girl!!!


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