Sunday, February 5, 2012

You've Got Mail!

One of my absolute favorite things is to open my mailbox and find something super duper dope inside! This is usually followed by a big smile and a few shallow screams.  These days, since relocating, I usually get an email that I have a package awaiting me at the concierge and that makes it even more exciting! It sounds so sophisticated and upscale! Oh, the little things that make a girl happy.  Anyways back to the matter at hand...this weekend resulted in more than a shallow scream.  When I opened the package and found these darlings inside I just grabbed them and hugged them nice and tight! Yes, I ordered them and already saw what they looked like and yes, I was expecting them so there was no real surprise but who cares??!!!    These babies were just EVERYthing! You will certainly see them again on M&H in a post to follow b/c I can't wait to wear them over and over again!  Do they make you honeeyz scream too?? What cha think? How would you rock them? 

Black pony hair booties with suede obvious platform by L.A.M.B.  - I'll have to hide these from my animal activist daughter. Good Lord. 
Although these booties boast a 4.5" inch heel with an added platform they are super comfortable! 


  1. Suede doesn't REALLY count as animal's not like its fur! LOL!!!!!

    1. It's actually the pony hair that completely sets her off. She hasn't quite realized that suede and leather (including that which makes up her sneakers and Uggs) are made from animals. LOL


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