Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Single Honeeyz Guide to Surviving and Loving Valentine's Day!

It's Valentine's Day and love is on the brain!! I love any holiday (true or made up) or tradition that promotes love, family and fun!!  February is one of my favorite months thanks to Valentine's, not to mention my Princess' bday is the following day on February 15th.  I get knee deep in the holiday b/c LOVE is the best feeling to have. My nails, my mood, my attitude and activities all reflect the feelings of love! I'm a happily single woman and it disappoints me when I see or hear women who aren't in a relationship deciding that Valentine's day is not for them simply b/c they don't have a man or when they start pretending they aren't interested in the occasion or that it's sooooo overrated (only b/c they don't have a Valentine to share it with bc we all know if someone offered them something they would be screaming off the nearest mountain top).   I personally don't need a significant other to be in love.  I love everything about God and everything he created about me and I jump for an opportunity to celebrate it and get in the spirit of love.  In addition to my love of God and the me he created,  as long as I live I will always have the loves of my life, Brycen and Cierra!  I say to those honeeyz that have given up on LOVE,  you don't need a man to celebrate love of yourself, love of God and love of those around you.  You have to know if you can't find love in yourself, appreciate the unconditional love of God, and learn to love your family and friends that blessing you with a man is the last thing on God's to do list so you gotta pull it together and starts where it matters the most!

Although I have 4 different dudes asking to be my Valentine and trying to line things up for the evening, I made sure to take care of myself first  so that I don't have to be dependent on some dude to make anything happen for me or piss me off and take me off of my LOVE square.  Here are a few things I've accomplished or plan to do in the interest of LOVE and any of you that fit in the above category should try one or all of the below:

1) Vday themed nails - you honeeyz should know by now that my nails are my personal art canvas and I figured love should be on display. Together they ready Love Lee as in "Love, Lee"or "lovely!" Loves it!! You can do the same with your attire or accessories. It does the trick. I look at my nails and have to think love! I don't even have a choice.  

2) Vday gifts purchased by Moi for Moi!- I picked out 2 super cute gifts from Marc Jacobs. They won't be in my possession until Thursday but I'm happy. I treated myself to exactly what I want so if nothing else comes I'm good! 

More ways to spoil yourself and get into the Vday mood with or without a significant other:

3) Vday dinner and wine- I can take myself out or treat myself and I don't have to worry about what the other person likes or doesn't like. It's all me! My choice, shrimp scampi. The red tomatoes scream LOVE!! Lol. 
My world famous shrimp scampi with wheat pasta and a LARGE glass of Moscato! Feet up and relaxed watching my favorite movies with my p retty little gifts right by my side. Perfection!!!
The ingredients....
Sautee the shrimp in olive oil until done

Add scallions and sautee in same pan

Add petite diced tomatoes 

Add lemon, white wine, cheese and basil
The original recipe calls for Parmesan cheese
but I prefer goat cheese! 

4) Romantic Movies -my choice always starts with Love Jones. Any excuse to watch this movie is good enough. I can't tell u how many times I've seen it or how much I love it but it puts me in such a mood. For me, it represents love so authentic. When u can't keep your hands off each other, when you can't stand the sight of each other and when you realize you can't even function without each other. That kinda love. 
All time favorite romances that stay in heavy rotation, especially in February: Love Jones, Boomerang, Love & Basketball, and Mo' Better Blues (Mo better makes it mo better!!). Your guaranteed to laugh, love hard and maybe cry a little with this line up! 

**So there you have it! With a whole lot of love I've fell in love with myself all over again! I treated my self to gifts, an awesome manicure, dinner and movies! What a catch I am!! :-) 

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