Thursday, February 9, 2012

Not Ya Momma's Jeans!

There is no question that Denim is probably the number ONE wardrobe staple.  I don't think it's even possible to have anything remotely close to a wardrobe without a perfect pair of jeans.  And that statement right there is what begs the ever pressing question, 'what is and how do you find the "perfect" jean?' My personal philosophy is the perfect pair of jeans come in so many shapes, colors, textures, and cuts that there is not  just only one perfect pair.  I own so many styles, brands and colors and find them all useful for different purposes and events.  I personally believe that every honeey should own at least one pair of versatile jeans that she can wear to work or after work or at your kid(s) school with a cute heel or boot and a fancy top or blazer and that fits her perfectly.  If you have to pick from one particular cut/style of jean that would suit you for work, parent friendly events, happy hour and lounging, I would suggest a perfect trouser cut jean or a boot cut.  These styles are professional, modern, and sexy all at the same time. What I will tell you is an absolute DON'T is the trauma we all know as "mom jeans!"  I do not care how old you are, how many kids you have, what type of activities you are involved in, there's no excuse for a frumpy, ill fitting, ridiculously sloppy pair of discolored jeans from 1984! Just take some time to visit a department store or Target where they carry several styles and colors of jeans at multiple price points and invest the effort and money into a perfect pair of jeans.  Even if you can only find or afford one pair of jeans in your pursuit, then please get just one great pair and wear them 5,000 different ways (including with a printed vibrant blouse like I did here).
Silk Shirt, Anthropologie; Jeans, Citizen of Humanity; Belt, F21; Sunglasses, Christian Dior; Bag, Louis Vuitton; Heels, Kelsi Dagger; 14K Bamboo Earrings and Nameplate Necklace; my own
I love the detail of this shirt, particularly the fact that it buttons down the back of the shirt as opposed to the front! Anthropologie has wonderful clothes that are beautifully made with great fabrics and details. They can be extremely pricey at times but they also have great sales! This top was originally close to $200 but I got it on sale for about 60% off.  I'd suggest if you see something you like but can't afford just wait it out and check back later to see if it's been marked down but definitely don't sleep on Anthropologie for great pieces! 

It's important to tailor the length of your jeans, if necessary.  This helps keep the look neat, prevents damage to the jeans and creates the perfect fit.  I  haven't had an opportunity to have these jeans tailored as of yet bc I literally took them out the bag and put them on (the tags are actually in tucked in the pockets) for these pictures.  But generally, I like to wear my jeans really long bc they make my feel (and hopefully, look) taller.  Here, I just cuffed them for the pics b/c these are insanely too long but I generally never cuff my jeans so these will be at the tailor this weekend.  :-)    



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    1. Thanks Melissa! I had this entire outfit on again today! LOL. Favorite new pair of jeans. And actually, Citizens of Humanity are my favorite designer jean. They have the best fit and quality jeans!


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