Monday, August 20, 2012

Who Wears the Pants? Honeeyz Do!

Can you believe there was once a world where women were not allowed to wear pants or frowned upon if they tried? Praise God we are above and beyond those days because I'd probably be in a whole bunch of trouble had I lived back in that day. Lord Knows!!!! Ironically though, my profession still frowns upon women wearing pants, particularly in certain  enviromnents (i.e. COURT...If you don't wear a skirt suit in black, navy, or dark grey while before the court then you are totally out of place and inappropriate... sighhhh... starting to think I'm in the wrong field).   Anyways, because I know better and in knowing better, I know that a woman (or should I say, honeey) suited in a fine fitting pair of strong, tailored, yet sexy pants, is almost EVERYthing! In short, that whole women in pants not being feminine enough rule/standard does not apply in Lee's world.  Case and point, these fitted, peach brocade cropped pants I'm wearing and loving! They are super sexy and femine but strong too because of the tailoring and definitive creases. 

I broke my boycott of ASOS and bought these a few weeks ago.  But to my credit it was kinda accidental (here comes the drama and extra...). I got an email from another source (Refinery29 to be exact) with a perfect pair of cropped pants and when I hit the link of where I could buy them, it took me to ASOS and while the featured cropped pants weren't available these little mommas came up as an alternative and let's just say they were purchased in record time. :-)  Anyways, to keep up with the strong menswear type theme I paired the sexy hawwttt pants (yessssss) with a simple, over sized boyfriend like blue oxford (there is some subtle blue in the print in the pants, which is hard to see in the pics but so cute) not completely buttoned up with my collar popped.  I added gold accesories, including my old school bamboo earrings (boy do I miss the 90's) and the classic nude pumps to keep things strong, sexy, feminine, professional and fun all at the same d@mn time!!!

Now for the Milk: For a strong and powerful look, add some element of menswear to your wardrobe, whether it's a pair of tailored pants, a strong blazer, boyfriend jeans, a classic button up, cuff links, a big face men's watch or even a super masculine hat, with something feminine, and you are bound to exude the ultimate of sexxxxxyyyy! Guaranteed!

Click below for more pics from this shoot! :0) And Be sure to Comment Honeeyz!!!

Until next time.....


  1. Your outfit is too cute!! Love those patterned pants :)


    1. Hey Ashley! Thanks for the compliment and always good to hear from you! :-)


  2. I am soooo loving this look, you look fabulous!! Love the print of those pants!!!

    Carsedra of:

  3. Fab look the pattern pants!

  4. Love the outfit. The pants scream chic. But I must admit that I love the hair even more. Great look!!


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