Monday, June 4, 2012

The Target Challenge Part IV: Relaxed Wear, Relaxed Budget, Good Food & Good Company

Trust me, nobody loves to be all extra with their outfit more than me but there are times that you gotta just throw it on and keep it moving. But that doesn't mean you have to look like a whole mess! There are great alternatives to sweats, tights and dowdy tee shirts, all of which are absolute M&H No Nos!  And more importantly, and relevant to this particular post, you can do the stylish relaxed look for a great price too!  I copped this maxi dress on the target clearance rack guessed it, $5!  Again, this was an accidental find that turned out to be one of the best additions to my warddrobes.  As usual, I was at Target for household goods and walked past the clearance rack and glanced through it an discovered this beauty.  It's actually an old piece, I'd say about 5- years-old and right before the maxi dress trend started to take completely off.  
The thing that I love most about this piece is it's so comfy (like a jersey material) but very current, a little sexy and extremely versatile.  Here, I really kept it very minimum and relaxed, but i have worn it a little more dressed up with a great Fedora, jewelry, hair, etc.  You can also add a belt, add a blazer, and do a bunch of little things to get a totally different look each time you wear it.  On this day, I was simply trying to rush out the house with my favorite guy BFF for an impromptu dinner date in DC.  You know guys can be mad impatient with us and at the same time, have the expectation that we look decent (gosh that is such a task).  Anyways, this dress was perfect for all that... I threw it on in 2 minutes but still looked half decent.  I added the oversized cardigan, b/c as you guys should know by now, I always need a layering piece, and the weather was going from scorching hot to breezy off and on all day.  We ended up at a great DC restaurant, Circa Foggy Bottom, and the food was divine, the weather was great and the scenery was interesting!! It was perfect and so was my relaxed gear. I had a good time and didn't have to fuss with my clothes so that made it that much more perfect!! What do u guys usually grab as an easy, relaxed piece to get things done without looking undone??
Maxi Dress: Mossimo via Target; Cardigan: BCBGeneration; Bag: L.A.M.B.; Sunglasses: Balenciaga; Shoes: Not  Too Coy; Watch: Gucci; Bracelet: Anthropologie; Earrings: H&M
**Click below for more pics including food pics from Circa and my Restaurant Review!!
Now on to the most important part of that day...the food!! I'm so greedy it's not even funny.  All my friends and family will tell you that I love me some food. Heaven knows! So you have to know that Circa is a new favorite to add to my list of favorite restaurants.  DC is well known (much like Philly) for having some of the best food and Circa is a DC classic that everyone tends to brag about and love.  I took a stab at Circa and they did NOT disappoint! I'd absolutely recommend them and look forward to going back and trying a few more things on the menu! Check out my pics (they are a little blurry but I think it's clear enough to get your taste buds watering)!! :-)
Shrimp appetizer with some kind of tangy and sweet sauce. Yummy!!!
Hot wings are a no brainer and these were delicious.  The glaze was a mild apricot blend. 
This was my dinner dish and it was so good I really wanted to lick the darn plate!! Bone-in chicken in a lemon sauce with asparagus and cut roasted potatoes.  OHMYGOD!!
Boneless beef short ribs with mashed potatoes and carrots... this was my friend's dinner and he was in love.  I tasted a little and it was yummy, even for me and I'm not a rib or beef lover. 
A pineapple mojito.  Can't eat out without one of these...It was so necessary to my well being! 


  1. You need to take me to Target with you so I can find these $5 gems! When I hit the clearance racks, I can only find granny-looking crocheted monstrosities.

    Agree that the best thing for looking put together is a dress + accessories. No waistband to dig into your waist when you're sitting down and no matching a top and a bottom. Love that dress on you!

    1. LOL. You have to use your imagination! I bet those granny fines were hidden gems themselves!!!

  2. Cute, comfy look Lee! Like how you threw the cardigan in the mix...

  3. Yes love Target, I can usually find some really cute stuff on clearance!! Love the dress with the cardigan!!

    The food looks yummy, I don't need to be seeing this so close to lunch, LOL!!

    Carsedra of:

    1. That food was so yummy. OMG. I was taking all types of pics of it, just ridiculous! LOL.


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