Tuesday, April 3, 2012

PSA: Refocusing Milk and Honeeyz and Giving You a Little More Milk with the Honeey!!

When I initially launched Milk and Honeeyz, and even in my blog description, it was always clear to me that Milk and Honeeyz would be a platform for my love of fashion, clothes, beauty, hair and just good old fun...but not exclusively.  It was equally important to me that M&H not serve as just a fashion blog but more so as a lifestyle blog where we did the fashion thing but also brought more substance to the table, because there is so much more to me and what I have to offer, share and learn than fashion alone. The truth is that I’m a progressive, ambitious, responsible and determined young woman who just happens to do it all in a pair of 5-inch heels.  The heels and the fashion are the supplement and happenstance but the core of who I am is way more than an accessory or piece of clothing.  Fashion is a form of artistic expression that I've always been genuinely in love with and that has always been an outlet and a resource for many things, but let’s face it, peplums, heels, and designer bags are not a cure for cancer or a way to end racism or a resolution on how to balance multiple responsibilities or address many other social issues and real dilemmas that we deal with on a day to day! And they certainly don't help me raise my kids or maintain a successful career!

With that said, the past few months here at Milk and Honeeyz has been hugely devoted to my love of fashion and artistic expression, which is fine and good and pretty consistent with a major part of my Milk and Honeeyz mantra.  I’ve even done fairly well with making sure to add messages and addressing more substantive topics within my fashion posts and giving you a little milk here and there. I totally get that the blogosphere, particularly the younger fashinonista crowd, is way more visual than anything so posting pics goes a long way in building and maintaining an audience and loyal following and obviously, building a following is a huge priority for anyone who sets out to create a successful blog.  But now that I’ve been giving in to all of that, it's important for me to get back to the roots and foundation of what I set out to do with Milk and Honeeyz and that’s to create an interactive lifestyle blog where we share and discuss everything, including but not limited to fashion, that is going on in our world, pop culture, society, and communities…good, bad, fun and serious. Going forward, my goal and objective is to make sure that I give you boys, girls and Honeeyz the milk with the honeey! Being fly and fabulous is only a reality if you are as experienced, educated, aware, involved, and concerned about what's going on around you as you are about how many shoes and bags you've acquired.  I'm hoping you Honeeyz will continue to follow us as we transition into a well balanced, sophisticated, fun and fabulous virtual magazine that gives you what you WANT and a little of what you NEED... the Milk AND the Honeey! 


  1. Great idea to include some milk with your honey. I'm looking forward to following the new direction of the blog!

  2. I love fashion blogs as much as the next person, but I love even more a blog that can give me more than just pictures to look at. There is nothing wrong with an interesting, funny, insightful read along with great photos!! :-)

    Carsedra of:



  3. Ever evolving and changing--true to form of most women--Loves!

  4. Awweeee thanks Honeeyz for being so supportive and encouraging! You ladies have been consistent motivators and followers of Milk and Honeeyz and we truly appreciate you! And just so you know, we aren't changing per se but more so improving. You will continue to get all the fabulosity and visual to go along with it but we just want to make sure you are getting the substance too!! :-)

  5. As a guy, I'm a fan of your blog and your style. Looking forward to more.

    1. Hey love! Thanks so much for following Milk and Honeeyz! I love to hear from the guys! I definitely try to write for the fellas as well as the honeeyz so it makes me happy to know you guys are out there and checking us out! :-) Please keep checking in and be sure to tell your homies! The more Milk the better! :-)


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