Monday, April 9, 2012


Hello my loves!!! Today is Easter Sunday or Resurrection Sunday, depending on whom you're talking to but the point of the matter is, this is the day the Lord has truly made!! I hope all you honeeyz and guys had a wonderful holiday and a great weekend! We surely did over here (birthday celebration has officially begun and Friday night was super awesome)! Anyways, what I love about holidays and days of significance is it gives me an opportunity to really get deep into reflection.  Not that I don't reflect, brainstorm and evaluate on a day to day, because I do, but it's days like this when you really take your thoughts further.  Today the message at church got me to thinking long and hard about how, through God's grace and the Lord's sacrifice, I too have been resurrected in many different ways and at many different times, particularly over the past few years.  I thought back to where I was just this time last year and how the Lord has truly blessed me and once again, elevated me to the next level. I honestly feel like the enemy and certain people were gunning for me this time last year and to think of how I not only survived all of that but came out better than I could've ever thought, it's so awesome and can't be blamed on anybody but God (don't you just love when He does it like that!!).  I'm not perfect in Christ, and I know that I have a lot of work to do, but Lord knows that I love Him and I'm better than I could be.  I'm grateful for everything He has brought me out of and everything He has blessed me with, despite the efforts of the enemy and his little helper. I hope you honeeyz and guys took advantage of the significance of today, putting the Easter Bunny, Easter clothes, and extra to the side, to really reflect on how Christ's sacrifice and God's love has been a blessing in your life and what you can do to better serve Him and elevate yourself.  :-)  

The MILK of it is, self reflection and evaluation is necessary for growth and success. Be sure to take some time out on a regular basis to evaluate where you are, what you came out of, where you want to be and where God expects for you to be! 

Now, to the honeey...this little outfit.  I actually didn't wear this on Easter Sunday but it could've easily worked with the pastel peachy  chiffon top and lighter colors.  I got this top last year for my birthday from ASOS (I've told you guys before that I don't shop there anymore b/c their customer service sucks and I just can't give people my money when they can't give me service in return...I don't care how awesome their selection is or prices are).  Even still, you can't deny the fact that it's so nicely made and has a lot of great details (click after the break to see it all). These cargo pants were purchased about 8 years ago from H&M before people were even really rocking cargo (ahead of the trend?? yupp!) and they have been a staple in my closet.  I love to wear more feminine girly pieces with them to soften them up a little and I love that they are still one of he hottest and most versatile items in my closet 8 years later.  This gold cuff has to be the best $8 I spent in a while! And I swear it really gives me Wonder Woman superhero powers...or at least that's what I believe. LOL.
Pants: H&M (old...from 2004ish); Top: ASOS; Camisole: L.K. Bennett London; Shoes: BCBG Max Azria; Earrings and gold chain and ball necklacce; H&M; 14K Gold nameplate necklace: My own; Cuff Bracelet: Forever21; Wallet: Mac & Jac (TJ Maxx find); Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Red Gold Bracelet; BCBGeneration
 More pics after the break!!!! Click below to see all the details!!!

Absolutely beautiful day surrounded by lovely flowers...loved it! Shout out to my photographer and attorney extraordinaire, Mrs. Holston, for scouting this scenery and taking awesome pics (with an iPhone at that)! 
The detail in the blouse, I really just love the extra!
More detail in the top (the back pleat); I also love the big pockets in the back of the pants, it tones down my dunk a little, don't cha think?? :-) 


  1. I think that's my problem I do a lil' bit too much self and I'm sure it has everything to do with me never being complacent which I've learned may come off as being ungrateful which isn't the case at all. I'm blessed to be where I am and to have achieved everything I have, let's just say I'm not satisfied because I know I'm capable of more anywho enough of my rambling;) great post once again and I'm loving the blouse and you already know I'm swoonin' over the shoes;)

    1. I know what you mean Jeeda...the over analyzing and over thinking a bit. This is where my favorite term and way of life comes in to play...BALANCE! I think women like us can be too hard on ourselves at times b/c we are so driven and multifaceted that at times we over do it b/c we have these huge expectations of ourselves...which is good in most regards but at times can be overwhelming. I say reflect but don't consume yourself with all the details, at one time, all the time. When you get to that place and feel like you are not feeling good about your thoughts, you have to step back and think about how far you come and how well you are doing either way! :-)


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