Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Bad Chick

Why is being bad always more attractive? LOL.  I can't tell you why but I think the more riskier it is the more difficult it is for us to just walk away right?  I'm generally a good, little, wholesome, Christian girl (hahahaha) but every now and again I just have to act a good fool and totally show out.  And when I saw this dress, I thought 'this is a good way to act up without getting into too much trouble!'  Nevertheless, there's always trouble when a woman puts on a hot number and goes out in public.  I definitely had a little issue with one particular stalker (he really liked the dress, so he said 1785 times...sighhh) but otherwise I sure did have a lot of fun! My girls and I ended up having a great night eating good food, chatting, laughing and posing for flicks.  There's nothing like good friends to share your bad chick day with and to create memorable moments, almost more memorable than the dress.  Almost...

So I was a little reluctant to purchase this dress at first because I thought the style was a little too young for me with all the cutouts and carrying on, but I figured 1) I didn't look half bad in it, 2) it was my birthday, therefore, I could do whatever I wanted and 3) the cut outs were strategically placed to keep me from looking totally skank (and yes, there is a difference from a skank and a bad chick...not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good, as Run D.M.C. would say). Additionally, black always helps to keep things sophisticated and the longer hemline in the back kept the class.  By the way, this cut is very trend right now with the whole "hi-lo" concept which, is really not a new phenomenon as far as I'm concerned bc I've always loved it and rocked it but just referred to it by a different term... asymmetric cut from front to back. But I get it, fashion is about reinventing and remixing everything over and over.  :-)  These shoes are liked 3 years old and I swear I wore them 2 times total and then forgot about them but funny how they instantly came to mind when I was at the register buying the dress. Overall, I think the look worked! And you'd never know that I was turning 21 (for the 14th time) and I'm mom to 2 teenage brats...right?? Right (everyone say it!  Stay tuned for the good girl look and the final verdict as to whether or not good girls finish first or if bad girls have all the fun.... 

Dress: Reverse; Shoe: Aldo; Jewelry: H&M, Mom's jewelry box; Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Click below for more photos from the "shoot" with my photographer/son, Brycen and the evening out with my honeeyz after the break!!! It's pretty photo heavy but whatever... we just having a little fun!

"Next time I'm in church, please no photos!" LOL
My BFF, co-Power Chick, My ace, and all that good stuff. 
My new Aries buddy...who said you stop making friends after college??
Good girl or Bad girl dress, Aries always have allllll the fun! LOL
My other favorite cutie pie! 
Til next time....


  1. Love it Lee! And you were questioning my're doing just fine great dress and you're wearing the hell out of it! Looks like you and your girls had a blast and that's definitely what's up *singing a party aint a party till it's ran all through...* (had to bust some Old Queen Pen)

  2. Thank you for posting where to get the dress from! I'm so hurt that I can't find this print though, so I'm trying to see if I wanna get it in another color/print :0( I wanted this dress so bad to wear to a friends 30th bday

  3. This dress is amazing on you!!! I absolutely adore the cut-outs! Wishing you lots of love and happiness in this 21st year of yours :).


  4. Hey Honeeyz!! Thanks for the compliments! We had a little too much fun in this dress for our 14th 21st birthday!!! :-)

  5. You. are. too. fuckin. beautiful. Right size, right shape, beautiful skin tone, honey glazed eyes, and a smart blogger. Baby, won't you come my wayyyyyyyy


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