I don’t know many Honeeyz that wouldn’t bleed for a great pair of shoes.  Well actually, I’m probably being melodramatic but I can guarantee you that I will bleed all the way out for a great pair of shoes!! And I’ll be the first to admit that my little shoe shopping habit, well my entire shopping habit in general, hasn’t always been the most beneficial thing for me. My feet looked good and I was cute and what not but my savings account was essentially nonexistent.  And after I got divorced and wound up with the majority of the marital debt in my name with a single income,  a new house on my own and two hungry pre-teens, my credit was looking real beat too!  I spent the next few years trying to stay afloat and figuring out how to get back to where I was and belonged!

Once I sort of stabilized somewhat from all the trauma and adjusting, I spent the next couple of years trying my darndest to reign in the bad habits (aka shoes and all that) and devise a plan to reduce my debt, increase my savings and credit score, but do it without totally compromising my love of all the other pretty stuff out there (aka shoes).  Remember, I just want to reign it in and not completely eliminate.  Anywho, this past year, in particular, I’ve made even deeper strides to just do betta and I’ve been on a roll! I’m beginning to really see the fruits of my labor! I've been grinding hard, making some welcoming sacrifices and learning a great deal about how to maximize my income and many other financial resources and tools to better my financial profile.  At the end of the day I had to come to a place and admit that it’s really quite ridiculous when your shoe accumulation totally out values your savings account and college fund for the kids…siggghhh.  But things are looking very nicely balanced these days and I'm loving it.  

Now I know that it’s easier to want better and dream better than it is to actually do better.  I totally appreciate the difficulty in trying to balance out the need to save and maintain your bills with the desire to purchase the things you want, especially when you get up and go to work everyday and stay on your grind (I kinda feel like if I’m gonna be working 70 hours, 7 days per week, and melting my little brain down on a week to week, a sista can get a pair of shoes…I mean darn!).  I can honestly say that I do fairly well career and income wise but even still it can be difficult for me as a single woman with 2 teenage kids (who will milk you dry if you let them) so I can only imagine how difficult it may be for someone who has more children, less income, or an overwhelming amount of expenses. It’s not easy, no matter your status. But it's not impossible either.   

In this day and age and in our current economy, most people live pay check to pay check, no matter what they are bringing home, and they find it difficult to take care of their expenses, household and family needs to the extent that there is extra money to save and invest at the end of the day.  But it can be done if you really take an honest look at your circumstances, devise a reasonable plan, and commit to it.  Below, I’ve listed a few useful tips that have been helpful to me and I’ve shared a few tools that I’ve used and information that I’ve received that has helped me meet my financial goals...and keep the shoes!  

Check out the tips, resources and more pics after the break!! 
And remember, if your shoes are fly and cost you more than you have in your savings account, it’s time to step your game up. I’m not judging, I’ve been in that same boat, but I’m saying it’s time to do something better.  At least give it a real shot because material things are great for now but they wear, tear, go in and out of style, and the electric company and university financial aid office will not take shoes, bags and jewelry for payment!  Let's get it together boys and girl! How about that full glass of Milk with your honeey! 

There's nothing like a fly bootie and money green color shirt to drive home the point!
Shirt: Forever21; Salt and Pepper Skirt: NineWest; Pony Hair Platform Bootie: L.A.M.B; Bag: Louis Vuitton; Jewelry: H&M, Siglo, BCBGeneration, Marc Jacobs