Thursday, January 5, 2012

7 Down; 5 To Go - Slim Down Check

Me and my target body, Circa 2005. Just 8lbs to go, well 
sort of!! And yea, I did a test photo shoot before.  Shut up! 

I've been on my healthy living/weight loss kick for a good 3 months or so now and I figured I check in and let you honeeyz know how I'm doing.  I'm proud to announce that I'm totally kicking major @sssss!!! That's how I'm doing! But I also have a some ways to go, but I'm up for it!!

As of today, I've lost a total of 7lbs!!! Yaaayyy me! There are several pair of jeans that actually opened their zipper and spoke to me.  I know, it's crazy right?  Some of them said to me, "we have missed you tremendously and are so thankful you can get in without the song and dance!"  Yes, of course I'm being dramatic but you get it.  Not only am I looking much better and getting into pants and zipping them up without the pliers, I'm also feeling a lot better! 

However, with all the progress there is still work to be done.  I noticed that with the weight loss my skin is a little flabby in some areas and can definitely use some toning and tightening, which means more working out and being committed to it. With the holidays and my busy, demanding slave work schedule, I have dropped back on my workout program but I plan to get right back in gear next week.  I have to just be a little more disciplined and make it a priority like I have many other things, even if it's just 20-30 mins at a time versus the targeted hour to hour and 15 minutes.  Also, you honeeyz should know by now or now know that strength training and varied circuit training exercises can not only tone, but can also assist in rapid weight loss, more so than cardio!!! Yuppers.  And because I still have  5 more pounds to gorgeous and 8 more pounds to perfection, there is nothing left to do but get on the ball! Yoga is already scheduled for next week and I've diverted $150 from my shopping budget (what in the!!!!) towards a new month of kickboxing.  On my way!

Another area that I HAVE to get together is my sleeping habit, patterns, time and all of the above.  I have insomnia and it sucks. I commit to too many things at a time.  I hate mornings so I get my day started late and stay up even later.  I have to do better.  There are studies that have been tested and repeated time and time again that indicate that lack of sleep not only is just unhealthy all the way around both mentally and physically, but is directly tied to two important things: 1) weight gain and 2) an inability to lose weight!! Oh heck NO!! I gots to get my sleep together. In the past, I've used sleep aids but I'm always straight up cracked out while on them and find myself completely dependent in order to get any sleep.  I really don't need to be a crackhead anymore.  I need more out of life so ummm no.  I have enough information and insight to know what I need to do to better my sleeping life so I just have to implement them.  

Lastly, I'm doing really well with my eating habits. Lots of veggies, fruits, water and lean meats.  Little sugar, fats, and no processed foods!  Unfortunately, carbs are still something I have to keep in check.  I'm definitely better and when it's an option, I opt for brown/wheat/grain carbs instead of the bad whites.  However, there are times that I'm white rice and bread crazy!  I gotta continue to watch this and work on more tactics to keep this from becoming more of a problem. I'll keep you posted.

Well there you have it...I'm progressing, seeing awesome results, and planning to make ways for bringing it all the way home! Have a great weekend Honeeyz! I'm going out of town this weekend to see my Princess (my son, Brycen has some track things to attend to so he won't be joining us... ), get my hair done, celebrate my BFF's birthday and check my momma and family out!! Ya know, the usual bi-weekly fun.  Unfortunately, I won't be posting again until Sunday night or early next week.  In the interim, you honeeyz should enjoy some older posts, share the blog with others, and comment on what you see!! 

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