Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Accessory After the Fact

Some of my favorite pieces
An accessory is one who assists in the commission of a crime while not actually committing the crime.  Basically, one who lends support or generalized encouragement to the principal is an accessory. For example in the scenario where Ray Ray and dem pulled off a robbery of the corner store (again), Ray Ray would be the principal and dem would be the accessory if the extent of dem's participation was to help Ray Ray hide the stolen goods knowing full well the goods were stolen and the cops were looking for said goods and Ray Ray's said criminal @ss... while dem didn't go on the robbery spree, they offered some assistance after the crime was committed.  Make sense? LMBO!!! I'm a lawyer and goofy so I can't help it but that was so savvy right?

Ok, let's be for real though, you honeeyz know we ain't committing no crimes up over here bc there is nothing cute about a criminal but we are all about killing this style game right? Well, there is nothing like a true accessory to pull that crime off! I have many in my support system, but Jewelry is one of my ride or die accessories in this criminal enterprise otherwise known as styling.  Recently, I've kinda fell in love with metals all over again and unlike my younger days, I actually like to stick to my favorite pieces without feeling the need to constantly switch up for the sake of switching up.  One of my favorite things to do with my jewelry is to mix metals and styles... I've included pics so you can see for yourself, but first here's a tip to remember when rocking with your fav accessory, Jewels (and we ain't talking about the dip set rapper or Solange's son either):

"Please don't let nobody tell you that you have to stick with the same metal through and through b/c that's actually a M&H DON'T! And please don't let nobody tell you that you can't mix "casual" jewelry with formal jewelry.  You can do what you damn well please and the more funky the merrier.  Have fun blending, mixing and acting a fashionable fool!!"-M&H 

I'd have to say that despite owning several hawwt pair of earrings that these bornzy reddish hammered circle earrings get worn almost every day.  The metal matches my skin tone perfectly as well as just about anything you put on.  They stand out without being too complicated, flashy, trendy (um no BBW earrings jumping off on my watch) so I actually get away with wearing these to work too.  I feel naked without them. I got these from somewhere in Philly where all the best jewelry stores pop off!  

Silver and white gold is always so clean and classic no matter what's going on in the fashion industry.  Remember style before fashion; classic/timeless before trends; sophisticated before everything! With that being said, I love this watch.  It too has that modern, funky touch with the bangle band and the embossed signature Gucci g's but it's also very simple and classic all at the same time with the clean lines, clean detail and polished metal.  Kinda like understated flamboyance.  I told u guys (and honeeyz) that balance is THE key. :-)  The silver bracelet by BCBG compliments it perfectly. 

Close up
Close up.  I mean what else should be embossed on this bracelet besides "perfect???" 

There is something so funky and rich about rosegold.  I've been a huge fan for many, many years.  I think I first fell in love when I was dating my ex-husband b/c his family is from Trinidad and they would bring this gold back all the time, even before America go hip to it (where all my island honeeyz at?? you honeeyz no what is dis I speak of just now??) Not only was this gold more distinguished in terms of the value but also in style.  I still love it. 

This bracelet is beyond cute.  It has "I love you to the moon and back" engraved in the inside.  So cute. 

This is a newer necklace.  It shows you exactly what I've been trying to's not only ok to mix metals but it's preferred these days.  This necklace is a mix of silver, yellow gold, rose gold and gunmetal.  Best of all the metal worlds.  I also like it because I'm developing a slight infatuation for keys and locks and hearts?? Wonder why. 

There can be no post on Jewels or metals without my favoritest (is that even a word) piece that will be forever.  Lucky I didn't post my 14k gold bamboo earrings, b/c they too aren't ever, never, ever going anywhere!

 What are you honeezy wearing and putting together as your favorite accessory to help your outfit kill!?? What tips and pet peeves do you have when it comes to jewelry? Please do share!! We need you guys (and honeeyz) to keep the site fresh and fun!!! Looking forward to hearing from ya!


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    1. Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the post and welcome to Milk and Honeeyz! I hope to see you back. :-)

  2. i was never a big accessory person until recently. The right pieces can take any old outfit from boring to red carpet ei. Meagan Good, who I think wears sweats everywhere. You're also right about the not having to match metals!!! Great post!

    1. Thanks Tay! If you happen to run into any spots in the DMV with an awesome jewelry selection let me know!


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