Monday, January 23, 2012

I've Totally Flipped Out...Help!

One of my table center pieces! :-) 
My name is Lee and I'm a magazine junkie.  Now all you honeeyz say, "hi, Lee welcome to magazines anonymous."  I've always been a publication nutcase but things are getting way out of hand.  To date, I'm subscribed to 11 different magazines which include: Essence, Elle, Bazaar, Lucky, Self, Redbook, Marie Claire, US Weekly (weekly subscription...good Lord), Glamour, In Style, People StyleWatch and a trial run of the new HGTV magazine.  Surprisingly, I don't have enough time in a month to read these magazines!! I never would've thought it.  With Groupon, Living Social and airline miles used to purchase magazine subscriptions at discounted rates or no cost its making this little habit that much more difficult to control.  I've always relied on magazines for entertainment, inspiration, motivation and information about the fashion world, celebrity life (sort of), financial and professional advice (Essence is a perfect resource) and real life issues (Marie Claire and Glamour are excellent for that).  My BFF and I go through magazines and instead of folding pages to mark something of interest we tear out the pages and create a portfolio which in turn is developing into our own personal magazine! Kinda like a vision board but in the form of magazine pages collected together.  I also use my magazine spread as a centerpiece and conversation piece on my living room coffee table and bedroom side table (I know, way out of control but super cute for a bachelorette pad). But I have to admit I'm way out of control lately and running out of space and time for my beloved jewels.  Any advice as to how I can keep up with my favorite pass time and manage the influx of magazines? I can't give them up quite yet so I gotta figure the rest of it out! What magazines are you honeeyz in love with and why?  See below for why I love the mags I have:

These were in the mail today!

**Why I love Redbook and Self Magazine- These two magazines are more mature than many of the others but not old lady like.  They offer great suggestions for affordable modern fashions, healthy eating and living tips.  It's not all play and dressing up but about looking and feeling good underneath of the clothes!
**Why I love Marie Claire and Glamour- These two are honestly my favs.  They have a great mix of high end and affordable fashion but more importantly they are women friendly and have all things motivation and inspiration throughout! They both do an excellent job discussing women issues around the world and how we can get involved and stay informed.  Glamour has the funniest reoccurring columns and features that keep me laughing for days.
**Why I love Bazaar and Elle- High end fashion all the way.  Every now and again you need a little extra! Nothing like all the high end designers within reach without having to spend a dime.  I also love the editorials in these magazines! You get all the super models and all the designer labels so you can dream and stay focused! I also love "Ask E.Jean" advice column in Elle. Way too entertaining.
**Why I love Lucky; People Stylewatch; InStyle Magazine- The Fashion detail! You get the price, the brand/label, and where to find it as well as suggestions for alternative finds.  These magazines are mostly all fun with a hint of celebrity pics and news, which I like b/c I can't do celeb overload.
**Why I love Essence: Essence has come an enormously long way since the Essence of years ago. No longer is it boring and poorly organized. It's hip and modern with great information for an on the go black woman (or any ethnic woman to be honest, but it doesn't hurt to see our women looking beautiful).  It's very career oriented with great advice for financial independence as well as news that affects the black community.  Loves it! All empowering from cover to cover!
**Why I like US Weekly: Solely for the pictures! I don't read a single article b/c I don't believe one line of the gossip they print but I do like to see what they are wearing in Hollywood and who's looking hot and who is not.  This is a strictly pictorial experience for me.  No brain activity required!
**Why I like HGTV- I love the channel so the magazine is a no brainer.  Great ideas, do-it-yourself advice, and information to keep your home as fly as you look.  I'm all about the balance so if you are looking like a million bucks and your house is disheveled, disorganized, unkempt and cheapened than you are absolutely not a million bucks! Get it together!
In the corner of my bedroom. Already went through these ones. Time to rotate them to the hair salon. 

On my bedroom night stand. I try to keep these exclusive to home decor. I think it looks more sophisticated that way??

Why these 3 magazines are sitting on a stool are beyond me, but just more proof of overload.

I even get the magazines on my darn ipad! They are everywhere! Attack of the  mags! 


  1. Love the idea of your own magazine made from torn out pages of other magazines! Like an inspiration board in book form.

    1. I've been doing it since at least 2004 and it's an amazing collection. I'm really picky about what makes it to the portfolio so to keep from over doing it (like I am with the magazine collection When I go back through it from page to page there are so many things that I actually purchased or style inspirations I actually mirrored. That always totally blows my mind b/c it proves how useful and timeless it is! By the way, I'm adding your blog to blogs I'm lovin! :-)

  2. Okay you and I have A LOT in common, starting with these magazine subscriptions. Found your blog through fashionbombdaily and I'm loving it!!!! Now I'm goin to continue reading your old posts lol :-)

    1. Let's exchange tips so we can figure out how to help me with this magazine problem I have!!!


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