Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tween Spirit

You honeeyz should all be pretty familiar with my Princess, Cierra Brianna. And if you're not, you will be now b/c this post is all about her and her style! I love her like no other.  She is my sweet pea, my mini-me, my love.  She has her own little style thing going on that I thought was worthy of her own individual post.  She is 12-years-old and her style is ever evolving.  I think it's so cute to watch her grow into her own, although it's starting to cost me b/c she's way off the chain as of late.  I think it's extremely important to allow your kids an outlet to express themselves and become creative, independent individuals.  I love collaborating with her on what to wear, what NOT to wear and using some of these moments as teaching opportunities and ways to build her confidence and correct some short comings that I may notice.

She absolutely loves jewelry and sneakers.  Her hair is also one of her favorite accessories.  She's not too much into brands and labels, but more so certain styles and colors, which I love b/c she's not caught up in the materialistic aspect of things.  In addition to being a young fly girl (yea we start wayyy early), she is a distinguished honor student, animal rights activist (can you imagine the arguments I have with this child about all my fur and pony hair... sigghh), sports star and the sweetest most loving and caring little thing I know.

Anyways, take a look at her style from this's all her own and super diverse (dressy, punk rock, colorful, sophisticated, young, fun, mature, trendy and everything in between).  Oh, and don't forget, especially you Power Chick mommies and Super Hero daddies, to share your parenting approach when it comes to your kids' style and fashion! What's a go and what's an absolute NOT when it comes to your kids and what they want to wear?

Colored skinny jeans: Mossimo for Target; Sweater: H&M; Moccasins: UGG

Click below for more pics and commentary>>>> 

Charm Bracelet: Juicy Couture (one of her favorite Christmas gifts from Dad)
Watch: Adidas (one of her favorite athletic brands)

Pea coat, military boots, chiffon scarf- She put this together herself. I love he mix of soft and hard. 

Her ring was too cute but I didn't get the best pic. It was in the shape of a mustache. 

Check out her smoke gray Shellac nails.  She's too much. 

Trying on an outfit at Target.  I believe this was all Mossimo as well.  Another soft and hard mix.  Dressy with combat boots.  Very Vanessa Simmons like.  We didn't get this one though.  Wasn't sure about this mini skirt! 

We can't have a Ce Ce post without a Benji picture. He is the love of her life, and her muse. LOL.  


  1. Love it!!!!!! (JustSHAN)

  2. Thanks Shan!! If only I had got a pic of Cori and her Cynthia Rowley's!! But next time I'm gonna have to get her in all her fabulous. And in case you didn't notice, your front yard was a great back drop to some of these pics!

  3. Hey Lee!

    What brand is her combat boots? They're gorgeous!


    1. Hey Honeey!! I honestly don't know what brand those boots are. Her dad bought those for her. I'll ask her when I pick her up this weekend. I don't think they are anything expensive either but they are nicely made and she styles them so cute and unexpected. :-)

    2. thanks! They are so cute. Loooove. And, thanks for showing us future lawyers that we can be stylish and not always such a drag in suits. lol. :)


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