Monday, January 23, 2012

Selfish 101 - All about me!

The blogosphere is on 100 these days (Translation: it's the hottest thing out)! Everyone and their mommas are blogging about every topic under the sun.  I'm not only a blogger myself (yaaayyy) but I'm also a blog lover and check up on various blogs on a day to day.  One thing I love to do, particularly on a blog I'm fond of or developing an interest in, is to see what the blogger is all about.  I mean you would think that someone who has an interesting enough blog with a decent following has some quite interesting things to share about themselves.  Most of the times, the bios and "about me" sections on a blog pulls me that much further in and makes the visits more personal but there are a few times where I'm kinda like okkkk?????? and develop no type of connection, understanding or relationship with the blog's author.  Well, to make sure that doesn't happen with my site and my honeeyz (followers) I've put together a nice "About Me and Mine" page giving a little more insight into who I am and why I'm working on Milk and Honeeyz.  I also included random pics of me over the past few years so you can put a scene with the commentary (picture with a face type deal) to get the fullest understanding of who I am, what I'm doing and why you should follow and tell a friend to tell a friend honeeyyyyy!!

As I've shared in my personal bio, I hold a number of different titles all at the same time. I'm a mother, an attorney, a BFF (yes, this is a title that has a detailed job description), an entrepreneur, and a single woman.  I'm extremely ambitious, relentless, hardworking and fun!! I love the arts, fashion, music, movies and my family. I like to think I know a little about a lot and have experienced a great deal of things...good, bad and indifferent. I've been described as funny, creative, smart, stylish, and an enigma (a few guys have actually used this word to describe me...not sure if that's an insult or a compliment but whatever).  I'm looking forward to growing and accomplishing many more things in life and sharing that with others.  In everything I do and pursue I keep in mind that I want that much more for my children so I have to lead by example.  Everything bad I've experienced I want to help them avoid and everything good I've experienced I want them to experience in ways I never could!  I'm very much an out of the box thinker and a true Aries.  I can be an absolute smart @ss but I'm an extremely loving individual deep, deep, deep, way deep down inside .  I'm a free spirit and always looking to be better and do better. This is why I chose the name Milk and Honeeyz bc it encompasses all things from beginning to end and it's really cute too. 

I decided to start Milk and Honeeyz to capture the many things going on in my life as I juggle those roles.  My girlfriends and I always sit around and have these elaborate, fulfilling, funny and inspiring conversations that I figured I can capture in writing and acquire some more girlfriends, or honeeyz to be exact.  What I really do not want to happen with Milk and Honeeyz is for it to just turn into a site of just personal snapshots but i want to tell a full story.  I want to inspire and motivate my followers and myself.  I also have no interest in following all things celebrity b/c that's not my twist! These people don't know me, care about me or pay me any portion of their riches so I'm not interested in celebrity jocking.  Besides, there are a number of successful major blogs that have that arena on lock (see my blog lovin' list but;;; and many more for all things celeb).  I'd like Milk and Honeeyz to read more like a fabulous interactive virtual magazine with a mix of articles, pictures, topics of interest, information, world news, dialogue exchange, etc.  I also want my honeeyz to know that I don't yet have the luxury of a sophisticated camera, nor do I have a background in photography or fashion (besides my own amateur experience and genuine love for arts), and I also don't have an on hand camera man like many other bloggers.  Well at least not yet. :-)  However, I do sort of love the idea of the authenticity and candidacy of the iPhone pics and how one day I can compare them to more polished shots (when i get an on hand photog and specialty camera). For now, I like where I'm at with Milk and Honeeyz and maybe down the line I'll refine a few things or reduce the blog to a more specific topic but I like the balance of things now.  I'm looking forward to you honeeyz chiming in and giving me advice and suggestions as we grow.  But more importantly, I just appreciate the outlet to express myself and memorialize things in my life.  :-)
 I put together a picture collage below to tell a little bit of the story of me and Milk and Honeeyz...

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