Monday, January 30, 2012

Staple Piece- The Blazer

A fabulous wardrobe requires many staple pieces, whether that's a particular style of shoe, a specific piece of jewelry, a must have bag, or as we feature here, a great blazer.  The power of a blazer is not to be underestimated or taken lightly! I've been a lover of blazers for years. I have this thing where I always need a cushion piece that makes me feel secure and the blazer does that for me.  At one point, that cushion was for me was to always have something in my hand, which of course is usually a fabulous bag (duh). At other times, that security blanket came in the disguise of a huge pair of designer sunglasses on my face at all time.  Anyway, the thing about a great blazer is that you don't have to buy them in excess b/c once you have a really good one there's no need to buy another, unless you just want to keep the love going or add a little more variety to your closet.  For me, there are about 7-8 jackets that I have that I wear in rotation with anything from a t-shirt or tank down to a dress or silk blouse.  In this post, I featured some of my favorite jackets that I wear all the time or that I think make a great statement when I do wear them. I'm also on the prowl for a great bright or printed structured blazer and a textured blazer, preferably in lace.  So look for the next feature of those items once I snag them!  What do you honeeyz think of this feature? What colors, patterns, designs, structure and textures do you honeeyz crave for in a great blazer?  What are your pet peeves, if any concerning a great blazer?

From L to R:  Denim Blazer, Abercrombie; Pale Pink Blazer, Lux for Urban Outfitter; Sequins Blazer; French Connection; Wheat Linen Blazer, H&M; Burnt Orange Corduroy Blazer, Banana Republic; Black suit Blazer, H&M; Grey Tweed Blazer, BCBGeneration

I have had this blazer since law school and I graduated in 2004 so that tells you that this piece is at least 8 years old.  I love the pleats and the fact that it is a shorter length blazer.  It's very modern and casual and the color matches just about anything.  

This blazer is freaking awesome! I've only worn it once and I actually wore it more as a low plunging shirt (basically nothing underneath).  It's beautifully made and it was pretty pricey but it makes sense b/c of the detail. I'm looking forward to wearing it with jeans and wearing with a pair of tailored shorts (super shorter or bermuda cut) too. 

I love the worn antique look of this jacket.  I actually swiped it from my BFF, Shan. I think we made an exchange but I can't remember what I gave her in exchange for it, but I know that I love this thing! LOL.  A great denim piece last forever. 
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This is my favorite jacket of them all.  I wear it all the time with just about everything.  It's linen with a marble, single button.  I actually bought the matching linen pants which were equally awesome but they wore out terribly and I had to throw them away.  :-(

I actually wear this so much that I've somehow managed to wear a freaking hole in the elbow (yes, I'm being entirely to0 candid with you guys but that's what happens when you set out to create a virtual diary..smh).  Thankfully, my favorite cleaners/tailor said she can easily add a suede chocolate brown elbow patch to cover the hole and totally upgrade the jacket! I can't wait. How fabulous and chic is that! Now all I have to do is buy the fabric.  Rest assured though, I'm not wearing this thing with the hole exposed.  I'm a little too fly for that! 

You guys have already seen this twice! I love this jacket.  The color, texture and cut are perfect.  

You honeeyz have seen this too.  I wore this kinda like a top (no shirt underneath...I'm guilty of going sans a shirt all the drives my daughter crazy) with maroon jeans and featured right here on M&H.  This is a new purchase but I think it's so chic. It's hard to pull off a oversize anything when your petite and trying to be cute (LOL) so I like the idea that you can do that with this jacket.  There is a huge pleat in the back of the jacket that makes for a great added detail. 

I forgot to include this jacket in the group shot but I don't know how I managed to do that b/c this is another amazingly cut jacket. I got this from  It's from their pricier "ASOS Black Label" collection.  The cut is amazing b/c the back of the jacket hangs longer than the rest of the jacket so it kinda has a very clean cut tuxedo tail like design.  The side view is very asymmetrical and dramatic and I love it.  I've only worn this one once but I put it on all the time when I'm trying on new jeans and bottoms.  I wore this to the Watch the Throne concert with a pair of leatherette leggings.  It was a great look... the black with the white and the clean cuts was great.

This isn't the best picture but this is the black blazer in the group of photo above.  It's a wool 2 button black blazer.  It's sort of taken in at the waist and is particularly flattering and shows of a great shape.  I got this from H&M with the matching wool flare leg pants and the pleated wool black skirt.  Winning! I wear this with jeans, the pants and the skirt.  

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