Monday, January 16, 2012

I Still Have a Dream

Martin-Luther-King-Jr.-Trivia-300x212.jpgI'm wishing a Happy Birthday to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. today!!! Grateful that because of his dream and all he stood for I'm employed, I'm a home owner, I'm educated, my president is black, and my children's future is secured, among many other things!!! In his time, we couldn't vote; we barely could work and when we could it wasn't for equal pay; we had limited education and certainly were disadvantaged regarding higher education; we didn't own property; we couldn't hold political office and we barely could go out and patronize without being harassed or discriminated against.  Although we still have some ways to go, a lot has completely changed around thanks to Dr. King, his dream, his influence, his sacrifice and the entire civil rights movement.  I'm eternally grateful and I'm still dreaming.  I'm not done yet.

"I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality.  That is why right, temporary defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant." 
- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Thanks to this day of observance, I'm home doing my favorite three things... Resting, Relaxing and Reflecting (R to the 3rd power, is what I like to call it).  I'm in the bed with all my gadgets, magazines and remote controls and I'm loving every bit of it!  Luckily, I was smart enough to take advantage of all the crazy sales held in celebration of Dr. King's birthday (so they said) and I completely lucked up at Tyson's Corner Mall, Bloomingdales to be exact!!! As you honeeyz know, my BFF and I are shopping fanatics!!  We were on the phone with each other all weekend giving updates on various sales in our two areas (me in the DMV and her in NJ).  She bought me two items I had been eyeing for some time (I'll show them when I collect them from her next weekend) that were crazy discounted in her mall (with no taxes might I not paying taxes) and in exchange, I picked her up a few things, along with some of my own purchases, that were crazy discounted down here!  It makes my little heart just melt.  See for yourself! I even tried to style some of the looks to my liking so that you could get an idea of how I'd WORK it honeey! Keep in mind I'm still happily unmarried and therefore, home alone (and ducking calls for company from him, him, and him) and as such, can't take pics of myself in the new purchases so the pics are a little limited but use your imagination!  I snapped pics of  the clothes on a hanger (the best I can do, soon I'll commit to someone for at least the benefit of being my personal photographer) with some slight manipulating! Keep in mind I saved about 60-70% on each of these purchases, which made them a no brainer!  Happy looking honeeyz!!!

Olive green pea coat by BCBG.  I love the color and the detail of this coat.  Looks great with browns and blacks. The pleating detail in the front and the back is beautiful.  You can rock this casually or dressed up. A perfect investment piece.  See below for my variation on this jacket by adding a pretty and colorful scarf. 

Light pink/peachy dress with a layered top and black print. Simple and pretty, easy to thrown on without compromising style.  You can add black tights and a black cardigan for fall wear with a great pair of booties. Or you can just be easily sexy in the summer without trying so hard.  

What looks like a simple black dress is a simply sexy and versatile black dress! First of all it has pockets and I'm telling you, a dress with pockets is almost always a must have of mine! OMG!.  It also has a cute gold button detail in the back with a simple key hole that makes it even sexier without being overt. It's short but not tight so you can avoid looking like a hoe or an inappropriately dressed mom at the museum (I'd wear that look with flat sandals).  This can also be work as a sexy top (it's short enough) with leggings.  Add a jacket or cardigan or jewelry and look goes from day, to night, from casual, to dressy in a heart beat!

The color of this top and the shape were the deal makers.  The color is so soft and pretty but sophisticated and neutral enough to go with just about anything and makes outfits so exciting.  You can wear this with jeans and a sexy heel or with a pair of trouser pants at work and stay professional but stylish.  A simple necklace and some bracelets are all that are needed, if at all. 

With a great pair of dark blue skinny jeans... my favorite Rock and Republics to be exact! 
And with the favorite cut out oxfords in cream and choco brown.
And with my favorite blazer (H&M)...
Or my favorite 3/4 sleeve cardigan (H&M) rather than the blazer

And with my favorite grey pin striped linen bootcut trouser pants from Banana Republic
This shirt is so fabulous by itself no additions needed.  A dark or pitch black skinny jean with a pump or cute sandal and that's all this needs.  Loves it!! Lace, ruffles, cut outs, v-cut... LOOOVVEEE. 

AND THE GRAND FINALE SCENE STEALER GOES TO THIS LITTLE (BIG) BABY RIGHT HERE! I'm seriously in love. No, seriously!  This is an investment piece that will keep giving and giving and giving! I can't wait to wear this thing.  It is awesome!!! No one does coats as well as Andrew Marc and he certainly outdid himself with this wool and fur blend with the military detail and  wrap belt. The fur is by Saga Fur and is a fox and luxury raccoon blend. The coat retailed for $1000 but once I got done piling on the sales and discounts lets just say I made off like a bandit... a fabulously stylish bandit at that!!! I had to have it! All I have to do now is hide it from Princess Cierra. :-/



  1. I tell you what, there are gonna be some hot honeeyz out there (the ones wearing the clothes and the ones inspired by the looks!)


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