Monday, January 30, 2012

Dinner is Served, Again!

So I had the nerve to cook again!! Can ya believe it?  This time I made salmon with kale greens. As you guys and honeeyz know, I'm trying to eat healthier and I still got 5lbs to lose (this is the most annoying and stubborn 5lbs on the face of the planet)!! I've been trying to keep the carbs to non-existent, have lean meat/seafood, and make sure that I include at least one healthy green in all meals. With that, I've been working on expanding my menu to include all the "good" greens that I had previously exed off my menu (asparagus and kale included).  I've recently developed a love for collard greens (my older sister's to be exact...and yes, I didn't eat collard greens not too long ago...blasphemy! I know) but in my research, I've learned that kale is actually healthier and provides more nutrients than collards.  Also, this past Christmas holiday my oldest sister made the best greens in the whole wide world and then she revealed that she actually mixed the collards with kale greens and so I was officially looking to give a batch of kale a go.  To be honest, I really don't think they taste much different so if they are healthier and more nutritious for me then I'm cool with keeping them on my new extra healthy menu.  The meal featured here, I prepared by using the same directions Shan gave for the steak and asparagus I previously featured on "Dinner is Served."  Everything turned out pretty scrumptious!!

Tell me honeeyz, what menu changes have you  made since the new year? What type of processes and ingredients have you guys implemented to stick a more healthier but exciting lifestyle? Any cooking suggestions for a ridiculously amateur "cook" such as myself??

The preparation the evening before.  Seasoned with lemon, white wine, basil, salt and pepper, and marinated in balsamic vinargrette.  

Olive oil added to a pan and heated before salmon added. 

Click below for the rest of the meal and cooking process...

I flipped the salmon over although I'm certain I could covered the pan and let it cook and it would've done the job, but I like my salmon a little brown and crispy on top (not too be confused with dry b/c that won't work). 

Ingredients! Well some. 

Turkey neck for the kale. I basically just did to the kale the same that I would do to collard greens. 

I like my greens with vinegar.  That's how my mom and sisters make it.  I'm not sure if they use apple cider or red wine vinegar but I was out of the latter so this had to do the job.  Worked out fine. :-) 

They are cooking! I added some crushed pepper, black pepper and seasoning salt. 

The salmon came out perfectly. 

And together it was a hit (well I was the only customer so kinda biased but whatever)!

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