Saturday, December 31, 2011

Styling: On the CrazySexyCool Tip!

Not only is CrazySexyCool one of my absolute favorite albums of all time (Ummm who can get enough of "Red Light Special," "Creep" or "Diggin' on You"???) but it's sort of one of my reoccurring dress styles too.  I can go from real extra and over the top which often includes fur, pony hair, animal prints, designer everything, loud colors, multiple textures in one single piece, mixed patterns, unusual cuts and all the drama I can find.  Then in the blink of an eye, I'm sophisticated chic with clean, straight lines; black, grey, navy and muted tones and traditional, basic pieces.  And then there's the CrazySexyCool, which is really kinda my personal substitute for what some people call casual or thrown together looks.  I can't do complete casual (I already told you before that my feet are allergic to flats, that no one should own sweats of any kind for any reason, parenting is not an excuse for lack of style or effort and so forth) but the fact of the matter is that I have a busy life, I do a lot of traveling up and down the road, and I have two demanding children who are involved in a number of activities that require more running around so I can't be over the top crazy ALL the time.  Very unfortunate, yes I know.  So in order to marry those two worlds (an inability to do boring casual and a necessity to be comfortable and flexible at times) I often defer to a casual chic type styles.  This generally consists of blazers with skinny jeans, cargo pants with sweaters, over the knee boots,  leggings and oversized tops with a belt, wedges, booties, and the likes.  Relaxed and easy but pulled together and stylish.

Here is what I wore this past Friday hanging out with my kiddies, going to the movie theaters, running the streets in preparation for Christmas... kinda CrazySexyCool! What are you honeeyz go to favorites for relaxed, chic, casual-like, CrazySexyCool gear?? Please share!! I have:

Sorry for the picture quality.  I'm going to have to swipe my son's digital camera b/c
the good old trusty iPhone camera isn't cutting it lately. Anyways, this outfit consists
of an oversized charcoal grey, tweed short sleeved double breasted BCBG blazer.  
The pants are a maroon distressed skinny jean also by BCBG.  

 More Pics and a little TLC after the break! Click below for the additions>>>>

These wedges are so cute and fun but easy.  Wedges are always just easy because they give
you the height but effortlessly b/c it's not a single heel you're trying to balance but the 
whole shoe is somewhat elevated... no balancing required.  These pair are a suede grey
with a pointy toe tip, both of which I love the most about them.  These little darlings are 
made by Sam Edleman.  They retail for only $140 and I got them for 1/2 price! :-) 

My curls were tight as ever! I had just left the hair salon and I've been asking my stylist to
curl me up nice and tight so that the curls would last and eventually fall into a sexy, bouncy do.
They always fall so nicely and last from biweekly appointment to biweekly appointment. But 
they tend to start out with me looking like a little grandma. :-) 

The jacket has a huge pleat in the middle back.  Another nice added detail.  I also carried a long
grey scarf with me for the changing of the weather. 

Muaaahhh!!!! Below I posted one of my favorite songs/video from one of my favorite groups!
Perfectly fitting for the matter at hand!! Enjoy! Ohhhh on the TLC tip! 


  1. Cute outfit and a GREAT example of how a mom need not wear mom jeans. Comfy and stylish for a Friday night with your sweet kid. I am sure their friends think of you as the "cool mom."

    1. Thanks Jas! I try to keep it all together when I can. LOL. Oh and yes, the other kids think I'm kinda cool... so I hear. :-)

  2. I'm the biggest TLC fan EVER, I just listened to that album the other day when I was taking a break from drake lol

    1. You and me both. I even had the TBoz hair cut with the long points in the blonde color during high school!


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