Friday, December 30, 2011

Back to the Regularly Scheduled Program...but Better!

Hello honeeyz!!!!

I miss you guys tremondously.  It's been 2 whole weeks since we last chatted and I so apologize for the delay.  This thing called life grabbed a hold of me and shook me nearly half to death over these past two weeks.  My goodness! I'll try my best to not allow that to happen again, or at least fight back and try to get a post or two in during the beating.  The reality is that I, like most Power Chicks, but unlike many successful celebrity bloggers, don't have the luxury of time to blog full-time without managing a "real" job that pays me so that I can pay all the bills, but Lord knows I'd love for that opportunity to grace me in the very near future.  Anyways, I've been balancing the Christmas holiday coming and going over the past few weeks, but I also have been working like a straight up crazy person....15hour days and nearly 70hours per week has been pretty typical for me. While it's looking like this grueling schedule will persist, I promise to do a better job of making sure you honeeyz and guys get your nutrients here at Milk and Honeeyz.  But there's some good news yet... although I haven't had the luxury to rant and rave on a daily basis, it has definitely been on my mind and in my head and I have several drafted posts, memos on my iPhone, notes scribbled on my notepad, points jotted in my iPad, and drafts via email in my inbox so I have enough material to get us back on track and keep us going! 

First up, it's only fitting to address the next impending event....New Years!  There are two things that come to mind immediately when I think of this holiday, Goals and Celebrating! However, It seems that some are trying to create a new trend (or at least I've seen it on Facebook quite often and it makes me smh and laugh every time), which is to denounce resolutions and say they are doing something better than that.  I'd love to know exactly what that is b/c any fool should know that walking around without goals, desires, plans, dreams, particularly unwritten, is why they are a fool instead of an accomplished and motivated individual.  I'm no fool so I happily set resolutions every year, most of which I keep and make a good faith effort in accomplishing.  Some fall by the wayside or get reworked in time but I always have a plan and I always go down my list checking things off and I always evaluate my progress before the end of the year.  There is nothing like starting a brand new year off with a brand new mind frame, regardless of how well or how poorly the preceeding year was.  If you put 20 progressive and beneficial things on your list but only half stick, you are 50% better off than you were last year rather than not b/c you were too busy pretending like you are above setting resolutions.  

More ranting and raving, a list of my goals for 2012 and pics from Christmas after the break>>>

I can't help but to think that those individuals denouncing resolutions and making an overt effort to tell the word (or all their FB friends) that they are not going to waste time with resolutions are really just saying that they are afraid to be committed to anything so they refuse to say it  aloud or write it down. They aren't secure enough to trust themselves to commit to doing better and commit to trying to stick to what they set out to do.  Well not I, says the Power Chick Aries! I writes it all down, I dreams bigger than my little head can imagine, and I get a lot of it right and what I can't or didn't accomplish, it will go on the list next year and I'll keep at it!  I don't know if its the word "resolution" that gets these objectioners going or what, but call it what you want but just do it... commit to making changes in your life and doing things differently or better.  I guarantee you Oprah has goals and resolutions every New Year and many many times throughout the year.  It's the way of progress and success. I'm not saying that you should only wait until January 1 of each year to make a commitment to change and progress because you should be working on making yourself better, learning from mistakes, and setting reasonable goals on a day to day basis; but to take a long look at your life and situation and take the time to set long term and hardcore goals based on where you are and where you want to be.  Ok, enough of schooling you honeeyz on how to take advantage of the New Year and life in general, here is my list of resolutions for  2012 and some of my significant accomplishments over this past year:


**Reinforce, strengthen and advance my relationship with God- with moving and becoming busy, I can honestly admit that I'm not where I should be in my relationship with God and I miss it tremendously.  He is the reason why I am who I am and I know that I can't be or do anything without Him.  I plan to make a real effort to find a church where I can fellowship with like people and feed my spirit on a weekly basis; I plan to work on my prayer life and stay in prayer on a daily basis like I used to and I plan to increase my study habit and open my Bible on a daily basis and receive the Word and apply it.  I look forward to seeing where my relationship with God takes me in terms of my mental, physical, spiritual, and financial self in 2012. My ultimate goal is to have spiritual peace and bless others through my relationship with God.   

**Savings- my 401k is on and popping and I'm so proud of myself for staying committed.  The federal gov't offers a very generous match program and I've taken advantage and maximized it since my first day of working. Unfortunately, my real life everyday savings is really kinda weak.  The amount I have spent on shoes, handbags, and designer jeans could have easily secured a hefty savings but I've been naughty.  I admit.  However, in 2012 I plan to increase my savings and stop touching it!  I plan to do better this year and set the stage for forever after. Balance and persistence is key.  My kids are going to college bc it's not an option, and while I expect them to secure scholarships through their grades and hard work, they will  need me to be there for them financially and I intend to be; my mother is purchasing a house this year and I intend on blessing her as best as I can and as much as she needs; and my financial security and independence is important so I intend to secure it and become even more independent. 

**Improve my credit score- I still have a few things that need to be taken care of and I have a few bad habits that have negatively impacted my score and I'm over it! Before my divorce I had A+ credit and after it was totally destroyed but I've worked on it over the years and now I need to bring it all the way home.  The truth is that no matter how much money you make and have, your credit score is what opens the doors. I intend on continuing to open doors without delay or obstacle. 

**Lose an additional 7lbs and continue on my pursuit to healthier living- I'm well on my way and happy about my progress but the challenge isn't starting but finishing and completely transitioning so that working out, be it the gym, yoga, kickboxing, running, etc., and healthy eating, are a part of my life and who I am, rather than something I try to do.    

**New position in my career- I have been very blessed in my career and my current position.  However, I'm rarely content. The goal is Oprah status so I have to keep it moving upwards to get there. It doesn't matter how much money I make and how respectable my position is, I will continue to better myself and keep it moving because there is no such thing as too much success.  I'm looking forward to advancing and securing into an even more challenging and diverse role with the government that serves as the next stepping stool to Oprah. :-) Litigating, the courts, criminal law, and all that would be nice but I'm open for anything progressive.  

So there you have it.  My bigger more consuming goals for 2012.  I have lots more that I intend to accomplish that aren't as significant like traveling more, maybe falling in love (lol), purchasing a new car, buying a property in DC area, growing my hair completely out beyond this pain in the butt grow out phase, stop cursing all together (I rarely do but there was a time when I never did and I want to get back to that place, b/c God commands it and I deserve it), and so forth.  What goals have you honeeyz set for 2012?? What significant things have you accomplished in 2011 that you'd like to share? What are your thoughts on resolutions in general? Please share!

I had a happy Christmas holiday with family. This is me and
my big sister, Venise.  I love her.  She is one of the sweetest!

The loves of my life. The reasons I set resolutions and keep going hard.

Princess Cierra Brianna and I. **BTW: This cute little pleated skirt is from BCBG and a Christmas favorite. 

Young Money Brycen Koran and I.  He looks crazy in this pic with his eyes and what not but I still love him!

My mother, sister, and I having fun.  Why my sister insists on that stupid peace sign all the time is beyond me!

Benjamin Fitzgerald and I.  I love him too even though he's a pain.  Why does he only have 1 eye here?? LOL


  1. Lovin the blog, LeeEsq! Resolutions are an awesome way to self-improve...and we don't have to succeed as long as we keep trying. :) jnd

  2. Love love love it! You've inspired me to actually make a list this year and attempt to stick to it :) LBT

  3. Hello my favorite two anonymous girls!! I miss you guys terribly!! I'm glad you guys enjoyed this post and feel somewhat inspired! I'm still developing and refining my list myself b/c I just want to do better all the time! And I couldn't agree with you more Joanie, we just have to keep trying! Love you girls and hope to see you soon!


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