Tuesday, December 6, 2011

You Better WORK It Honeey!

Yesterday was a typical Monday....running late for work, not wanting to go at all, feeling sluggish and unmotivated from the top of the morning to the end of the night! Typical.  My dress attire sort of complimented that whole typical Monday mood...casual, not too elaborate or thought out (remember I'm running late for work so there is no time for thought).  But being casual or easy breezy doesn't mean you have to go to work looking a hot mess or without any good sense (and yes, when I see good sense I'm talking fashion sense). For yesterday's Monday I grabbed a simple pair of navy blue boot cut trouser pants and a asymmetric cut floral printed cardigan that I wore as a blouse rather than an overlay cardigan.  The floral print is not typical me...I really don't do sweet, lovely, innocent ... that is the absolute opposite of who I am! LOL.  But I'm definitely into prints this season and I loved the colors and the cut of the sweater.  I added a thicker more rustic belt to pare down the pretty, little flowers and make it more me (mean, little thorns)! I think I WORKed it Honeeyzzzzzzz!

Tip: Patterns and colors can be your accessory or as I would say, "the honey in your tea," so when shopping for basics don't really grab just a plain old basic but a basic with a twist... button up in a bright color, sweater with a bias cut or some asymmetry, a class pencil skirt with a pattern, etc...  You'll be pleasantly surprised with how a simple twist can turn your typical sluggish, unmotivated Monday mood into a stylish, fun, spunky Monday without even trying and despite the desire to want to crawl back into the weekend past. What types of things do you Honeeyz gravitate towards to get through a typical Monday and put you in a WORKing it mood, despite of!!!??

more pics after the break>>>>>>

Sweater from Anthropologie; Belt from Urban Outfitters

Side view. You can see the cut of the sweater
Back view... the sweater is basic cut from the back.

This shoe is old as crap and I literally grabbed
it by accident in my haste to get out the door.
I love the contrast in the textures and materials.
The heel is suede, the shoe is worn chocolate
brown leather and the sides are patent leather.
The chunky heel and round toe is always easy too.


  1. I like this look! The belt really sets it all off. I dont have ANY wide belts in my wardrobe - so I def gotta pick some up

  2. Thanks Eboni! This was literally a last minute throw together but it worked. I've had this belt for maybe 6 years or more now and it is so necessary! I wear it with jeans, pants, dresses, and as you can see, I've added cardigans to the mix! :-)


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