Friday, December 30, 2011

Nailed It Again!!!

A few weeks ago...
As most of you honeeyz know, my manicures are one of my favorite accessories and also 1 of 25 "you look like a million bucks must haves."  I love to have fun with my nails and do something funky from time to time to keep things exciting!  Like many women, OPI brand is one of my favorite brands because it not only boasts great quality, but it has one of the most extensive lines in terms of color selection and designs.  But even still, I have to say I prefer Essie brand above all.  The only issue with Essie, which is actually made by OPI, is that it doesn't have as much of an extensive color selection but their quality far surpasses OPI.  They are a little more sophisticated and conservative with their colors but no one does a muted, or matte, or dark polish like Essie! I love it! And with age, I honestly prefer the more sophisticated colors that aren't as loud and ghetto fabulous as others.  What I absolutely can NOT do is the cheap corner store brands b/c as far as I'm concerned you can definitely tell the difference in the finish.  My manicurist tends to disagree with this theory and she sometimes tries to convince me to just grab any brand provided it has a color that I like. I never do. I can't. She says that it is more about the color than the brand of the polish that dictates the finish.  Again, I disagree.  At my hair salon, Bliss Elements, they carry CND's shellac polish in addition to OPI in their nail bar.  Shellac and other nail gel polishes (Axxium by OPI, Gelaxy, Nexium, Gelish, etc) are all the rage as of late.  Gel nail colors are intended to last longer, usually up to 2 weeks without chipping.  Many people love them but some complain that some brands don't last as long as they say and some people complain that it takes too much time and process and product to get the gel off.  I actually use a crystal acrylic overlay on my nails because I gnaw them down to nothingness when in their natural state.  The crystal overlay is followed by my polish choice and then a gel coat.  Crystal is less harsh and potent than straight acrylic.  It also looks way more natural on top of the nails, like a true overlay rather than artificial nails, which I really don't like.  The crystal overlay is a little more expensive but well worth it.  Anyways,  here are a few of my designs and color choices of  recent months.  I'll try to keep you honeeyz and guys updated with my nail fun and different designs and ideas I come across in my researching and perusing of sites, magazines, and other people's fingers (lol).   I hope you are willing to share your nail and manicure creativity with the rest of us honeeyz!!! We need ideas and collaboration!!!

Click below for more nail pictures!

I LUST many but....

I love fewer...
BTW: Bubblegum pink is like the new nude. 

This hands down has to be my favorite pedicure design
to date.  I had this done in the summer for my bday and
the color was perfect, bright but not too crazy.  The added
fruits were just too cute and they read "Good" "Life."

Glitter is all the rage these days.  I've enjoyed it the last
two manicures.  This one was definitely my favorite.  I
received many compliments.  This is an OPI color and an
OPI clear glitter mixed with smaller and bigger pieces. 

I'm wearing this now. It's not my favorite but I loved that milk
chocolate color so I had to have it.  I was sticking with the glitter
theme and initially I chose a green glitter which was pretty in
theory but didn't work for me b/c it was too loud.  So my manicurist
took it off and replaced it with this pink polish with glitter (different from
clear polish with glitter) from the OPI Muppets line. My daughter loves this.

Loyalty is all I ask.  This pedicure was a reminder of that.

and the other toe read "honest" b/c honesty is the next
best policy.  What more, aside from Loyalty and Honesty?

This is hard to read but I really loved this design.  The color
is actually one of my favs. It's a mint green and the nail reads "glam"
with added hearts.  The other nail red "fab" in another color with stars.

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