Tuesday, December 13, 2011

You Better WORK It Honeey!! Casual Fridays

This past "Casual Friday." I incorporated a few of
some of the essential pieces I've previously discussed.
More importantly I was looking cute & professional!
Most employers have gotten with the program and implemented a Dress Down Friday, Casual Friday, Denim Friday or similar policy in the work force. I’m guessing this was done as an added incentive to get us to drag our butts into work on a Friday knowing full well we'd rather just call out sick. Well that’s what I’m assuming is the purpose of the policy, why else are you allowing me to come into work with my street clothes on?? Anyways, I actually enjoy dressing professional for work or the challenge of being presentable in a more formal environment while maintaining some of my style. First of all, I think it’s so much easier to throw on a dress or a pair of slacks with a button up shirt than it is to put together an entire outfit (I puts work into what I'm wearing!).  Second of all and most importantly, I went to school for 7 years; spent $100k on the cost of my higher education; and exhausted countless hours studying, while entertaining a crying baby (usually that was Cierra, as Brycen didn’t cry, he terrorized instead) and holding down my household so that I can finally get into the position where I had a respectable career that paid the bills (namely paid the student loan bill that paid for the cost of higher education..very circular situation that plagues the best of us) and would give me license to wear a professional little outfit.  After all that torture, expense and time, I often want to wear something that’s different than what I wear in my everyday life, if not for anything else but to distinguish the environment that I slaved away to get to versus the more relaxed social life that required little to nothing to play around in! But even still, a dress down day doesn't hurt nobody!! 

But there are a couple of rules to this.  Too often, you see people totally forgetting that while they have the green light to dress a little more relaxed for the day, totally blowing it and forgetting that they are still at work and there is a certain expectation.  It blows my mind when I see people prancing around at work looking like who done it and why? It is down right embarrassing so for the love of Christ, I've decided to put a list of DON'TS together so some people can stop making the same mistakes at work and thinking it's ok because it's Friday...um no boo boo; it's not ok!!!

1) Ripped jeans, bleached jeans, stained jeans, camel toe jeans, and the likes... I hope and pray no one is expecting me to explain why!!! Just don't do it. Please. When in doubt, women should try a dark washed trouser cut jean, any style including even a ankle/skinny black jean.  Men can go with any style jean provided they aren't the pair they wear when doing construction or painting around the house.  Add a blazer and a shoe and you are likely just as professional than someone with a pair of slacks on.  
2) Sweats.  Honestly, sweats outside of the gym is almost always a DON'T so to think it's ok to wear them to work is really outside of my comprehension.
3) Sneakers.  Again, it's work... not the park, not the gym, not the basketball court!!  You may want to be casual and relaxed and this can be done with a shoe.  For women there are great alternative shoes that give you comfort but style and professionalism, such as the cute little flats that everyone is wearing (not me, as my feet are allergic to flats and can only function in heels), wedges, riding boots (these, I will indulge even though they are generally flat...for some reason my feet has accepted these, I believe bc they are in trend now...yes, that's why), or wedges. I honestly pair the same shoes I wear with my business work attire with jeans.  The only shoe exception to dress down Friday is that  I can often wear a funkier shoe that I wouldn't normally wear with my business casual attire.  For men, also take a classic shoe you wear with slacks and suits and just pair them with your jeans.  There are also a lot of brands that make versatile shoes that can go from professional to casual usually with a rubber sole.  Some of my favorite labels for men that are notorious for a versatile shoe include Cole Haan, Prada, Gucci, Ralph Lauren and Puma Black Label.
4) Spandex.  Sighhhhhh.  I honestly see women in these way too regularly and unless you are really careful this is generally a recipe for disaster. You have to be very cautious of what you put on top to totally pull this off.  I would say err on the side of caution and just save it for another day.  There are some similar slim fitting pants that can work but it should be more of a pant than simply a pair of leggings.  Zara, Ralph Lauren, and a few other labels have some super cute riding pants that I have to have!!  You still get the whole legging effect but the material is usually thicker, there is usually added details of buttons, suede patches, piping, pockets, and/or stitching that help to separate this pant from the usual spandex legging.  
5) Baseball caps. Yes, people are literally showing up to work with baseball caps on and keeping them there as part of their outfit.  It's just inappropriate from beginning to end.  And when women do this (black women do this a lot in my building, unfortunately) it is beyond ridiculous b/c the natural conclusion is this fool has translated Casual Friday to mean Don't Do My Hair Friday and I can't even begin to tell you how absurd that is.  Do your darn hair everyday! Care about your appearance and the energy you are putting out there! Good Lord! 


6) Uggs. They are called Ugg for a reason b/c they are gross.  And unless you are 18 years old in college surviving off a diet of Ramen Noodles you need to let it go! For the sake of all professional mankind. Thanks. 

Bottom Line: Relax, loosen up, take advantage of casual Friday's but don't lose all of your basic common sense or style sense. And also remember to dress for the job you want and the reputation you prefer! What are my honeeyz wearing to work on Casual Fridays? Please share pics with commentary or feel free to add to this list of DON'Ts! 

Wearing: Joe's Jeans; Luxury Rebel pony hair booties;
 Gifted Old Navy scarf (thanks Shan and Mia); Forever 21 top.
Great mix of designer pieces, affordable pieces, and gifts!! Balance.

These booties are a favorite of mine.  They are giraffe print, which makes a little
more distinguishable from the lusted after leopard print, and I like that.  They are
pony hair and have a high skinny heel with a rounded/squared type toe.  You'll see
these featured time and time again b/c I love them and they easily change a plain
outfit into something rather exciting! Tip: Add something crazy to a simple outfit!

My jewelry choices for this casual day.  I have not parted with my 14k gold name
plate necklace since I invested in it during the beginning of my Sex and the City
obsession era (this era continues to persist).  Again, this just adds a little fun and a
pop of personality.  I love this green shirt. It cost me about $25.  I love the simplicity
but with the color it makes it more distinctive.  I also like the shape. There's a little
asymmetry and billowing towards the back of the shirt.  Great inexpensive addition. 


  1. Great list! Here's a don't. Don't expect me to wear a team jersey or a college tee shirt on my casual Friday (or any other time). I don't have none of demz!

  2. Lol!!! I don't have none of dem either!!! I also don't have any ugly christmas sweaters for the funny ugly christmas sweater parties going on around the offices in America!!! In fact, I really don't have ANY ugly clothes to be honest!

  3. 'all my clothes are fly!'. Lmbo!


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