Thursday, December 1, 2011

My New Get it Right & Tight Tool

I love, love, love getting new items in the mail and today is no different!  I recently ordered a digital, glass, weight scale from and it arrived today!!  Please don't sleep on overstock honeeyz!! I've ordered quite a few things from them for the home over the past few years and they are some of my favorite items to date. They have great prices, quick delivery, little to no shipping costs, and a variety of items to choose from. Ok, enough of the free advertisement ...  I know I recently mentioned in a prior post on healthy lifestyle habits that one of the things to avoid is becoming a slave to the scale, meaning not weighing yourself every 5 seconds or relying exclusively on the scale during your weight loss and healthy living journey.  However, it is important to be aware of your general weight and even check your progress during your journey.  With that said, a good scale is definitely useful.  Self control and discipline with it is even more useful (remember no relying and obsessing over weight)!

I haven't had a scale in years because I haven't been lucky enough to find one that is not only reliable but cute enough to be out on display in the bathroom. I certainly can't be having no ugly looking scale wrecking my bathroom decor!!  Unfortunately, the fancy, cute ones I did come across cost way too much money.  However, I could no longer endure the occasional, yet persistent, traumatization of my mother's scale that is so inaccurate it should be criminal!  Thankfully, one of my coworkers who has been doing an excellent job getting in shape and developing a healthier lifestyle let me know about this scale she ordered from overstock.  I immediately went online, checked out the reviews, admired the look and made the purchase! It was only $29.95, free shipping, and was delivered in 2 days! Doesn't get much better!

more ranting and raving after the break.....

Not only is this thing super pretty with the glass and chrome detail it is also incredibly accurate! It captures weight down to a 1/10th of a pound. I tested it with a 5 lb dumbbell and it was right on the money. Anyways, I set it all up so it's nice and pretty in my bathroom and then I weighed myself.  Of course, I hated what the number read (hence the reason for not being a slave to it) but I won't check again until mid-February, which is a little more than 2 months from today and it's also 2 months before my goal date (April 16th--my bday).  That helps to space out my weigh-ins so I don't get obsessive and discouraged and it also gives me enough time to make any modifications to my routine to make sure I meet my goal in April.

Tip: If you are going to buy a scale or use a scale make sure you exercise discipline and balance and make sure it's an accurate scale and most importantly, make sure it is a pretty one!!!!

P.S. Remember I told you honeeyz to take advantage of every opportunity you have to exercise and move about, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator and walking up the escalator instead of just standing? Well here is a picture of the escalator at the Dupont Circle metro stop that I have to climb when I go to yoga classes!!! I swear I burn about 50 calories just walking up these escalators...they are the steepest and longest in the world!  My butt and hamstrings are usually burning up before I ever make it to yoga class!  What are you favorite get right get tight tools honeeyz?

view from the bottom before my climb
View when descending down

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