Thursday, December 8, 2011

Random Ranting About Real Life Things

The beginning of my packing efforts:
My absolute treasured DVF luggage
bag, gifted from my BFF for my bday
last year; my grey pointy toe wedges;
my sequins jacket blazer...just in case.
I don't have a particular message or theme tonight because I'm totally pooped and it takes some real energy, thought and words to go into what I post for you honeeyz!!! I don't want to take the milk out of the honeey so I won't wing it with a poorly written topic.  Unfortunately, I have to get up really early tomorrow so I can get off of work early and travel to 2hrs to DE to pick up my Princess (the Young Money son of mine isn't coming...he has better things to do with his popular life, like a school dance or something).  I need to get off this darn computer and turn off X-Factor (still hugely pissed that Drew got voted off but can't get enough of that cute little Rachel and blown away by Melanie every episode so still watching) so I can run up to the gym and get a decent workout in, come back and finish packing for the weekend before I shut it down!  I have a couple of fun things planned this weekend, including shopping for me, shopping for Christmas gifts, attending a Christmas party, and most importantly (of course, aside from movie time and love fest with my Princess) is seeing my BFF, Shan!!!! We just have wayyyyy too much fun together. I'm cracking up typing this just thinking about the fun we have.  All of that fun, working, shopping, and traveling is gonna require a lot of preparation!  I'll be gone for the weekend and for whatever reason my blogger account will not allow me to post and update from my iPhone (notice the specific distinction from a phone...umm Apple lover over here).  Isn't that like some sort of civil violation or something? If not, it should be.  In addition to that civil violation, my mother doesn't have internet service and that's where I'll be staying for the weekend.  I think her lack of internet service is surely a criminal violation. With all that being said, this is likely my last post for the week so I'm gonna leave you honeeyz with a list of things on my mind and a list of topics I plan to cover next week and beyond:

Things in my little brain:

1) What the heck am I gonna wear to the holiday get together?
2) Why did I throw away my Christmas decorations upon moving to DC? Why did I throw away half of my house and belongings in lieu of actually packing like normal people?? 
3) I love my shih tzu baby, Benjamin, but he is pissing me off beyond description with his poop places I know I shouldn't be pooping shenanigans. Therefore, he is really asking for a spot on craigslist!
4) I swear if Rachel or Melanie go home from X-Factor tonight I will likely stop watching!
5) Why can't I just be skinny and eat what I want?? Why do I gotta go upstairs and work out to try to get skinny before my birthday in April??
6) I'm hungry!
7) I gotta make some dieting and exercising changes b/c I'm still at the same place!

Topics I will be covering in the days to come:

1) "Malimony?"-women paying men alimony!! Uh yea, it's happening in record numbers these day!
2) The God ugly truth about divorce... SMH. Sweet Baby Jesus help us all. 
3) Hustling....homie!! I gets my hustle on!! :-) 
4) Heels, heels, heels... do I really need a pair of flats?  I certainly don't want none!
5) Style whose your icon? I know who mine is (for now). 
6) Financially hawwwtttt... How to get your credit score to match your shoe game

Well honeeyz, those are the things in my little brain right now and the topics I will have something to say about soon.  Feel free to send me suggestions of things on your mind, guest blog with me, send pics of your WORKing it outfit or whatever you got going on, comment on all the posts here, share the blog with others, etcsssssss.... But more importantly enjoy your weekend honeeyz! I will. MUAH! xoxox


  1. When is your bday?

    1. April 16th. I'm an Aries and from what I've been told, I'm not just an aries but I'm an Aries by every stretch of the imagination! LOL. Driven, Ambitious, Stubborn, Independent, Assertive, Independent, Leader! I really think I'm just a nice girl who works hard (and doesn't take no for an answer and requires a sensible explanation for all things)! :-) How about you? When's your bday?


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