Tuesday, November 22, 2011

You Better WORK It Honeey!

Me at work: festive, bright and chic!
Check out the guy checking me out
in the background.....lol!!!!!

"You Better WORK It Honeey" is a section of M & H that will be dedicated to showcasing work style and fashion.  As my honeeyz know or now know (I've said it a trillion times and will say it a trillion more times on this blog), I love the art of fashion and using individual style as a way of expression and just living (what the heck is life without shoes, bags and dresses?? I don't even want to know!)! Obviously, day to day style usually differs from that of work or professional style and since I'm a grown up now (can ya believe I got the nerve to be 33???) and I'm a "professional" (allegedly...lol) and spend the majority of my waking hours at work, I thought it would be a great idea to see how I (and the rest of you honeeyz) put it down in the professional realm! Although I'm an attorney and that can be one of the most uptight professions (stuffy suits, black, grey and navy only attire, with measly 3inch pumps....I threw up a little in my mouth writing that out), I lucked up and secured an attorney position with the Federal Government.  Rumor proved true that the Feds is one of the most relaxed working environment, well some agencies are and the agency I work for happens to be one.  Yaaay me! Anyway, there is obviously a time and place for everything and you do need to dress according to the environment, occasions and company but you don't have to be boring and sacrifice all sense of style and expression; especially, when you work somewhere that affords you the luxury of a flexible dress code.  My goal with this section is to get you guys to share with M&H your work style so we can post it here and exchange ideas of how to shake up the corporate world!
.... more pic and commentary after the break >>>

Dresses for work are my favorite! They are easy to hang (no ironing), put on and accessorize. Provided your dress selection isn't too tight and/or too short, you can never go wrong in terms of being professional and presentable for work.  You can individualize and customize your dress by adding a blazer or cardigan (key wardrobe pieces for work and play); skinny or thick belt; jewelry and hair, slit or whatever else you feel like adding to your dress.  My favorite thing about this outfit is it is made up of a bunch of inexpensive pieces that I've had for years.  That's what you call STYLE... you can't buy it and there is no brand name or price tag that can create it... ENJOY!

Lucky me that this outfit happened to be fitting for the impending Thanksgiving holiday and fall season considering I literally just woke up and grabbed some of my favorite easy pieces and threw them on! This outfit is simple and consists of classic cuts and lines (sheath dress; tailored blazer) but the colors, mix of textures and boots instead of a traditional, expected work shoe makes it fun and chic.  The blazer is about 7 years old from Banana Republic.  It's a corduroy burnt orange and fabulously tailored.  I had pants to match but I'm not sure what happened to them (God, I hate misplacing clothes that could work today).  I remember the retail price was a little pricey at over $200 but I ended up getting it on sale for around $100!  The dress is a deep eggplant purple, which is really a hot color this season and comes from none other than my favorite place to be,  Target (Tar-che') and cost no more than $30! I purchased it last year and I just Love it!! I've worn it many different ways and it looks a little different every time. :-)  

The belt is a faux suede in bright orange.  I picked it up for $2.50 from Forever21!! Yes two dollars and fifty cent! Peep my manicure and how nicely it goes with my color palette and overall look! LOL. Told you my nails are the best!

My earrings just add a little fun and youthfulness to the outfit.  I pulled my hair back this morning into a rough bun (misty rain is an enemy of my hair).   I find big earrings are always good when you're hair is simple and off your face. 

These boots are about 6-7 years old as well! Classic and timeless! They are one of my a favorites.  I love the ruggedness and distress of the leather.  The stud detail and the cognac color is perfect to wear with a variety of things.  I like to wear them over jeans, with cargo pants, and with dresses.  They are actually by Steve Madden and cost me only $150.00 ! I honestly am not the biggest fan of Steve Madden and don't usually wear/buy his shoes but when I saw these I really didn't care who made them because I just loved them on sight.  They were well made, had the perfect details with the slouching and studs.   I've made good use of them for as long as I've owned them.  :-)

I hope you guys enjoyed this edition of "You Better WORK It Honeey!"  Please share with the rest of Milk and Honeeyz community your work attire and useful tips to help us honeeyz keep it stylish and fun at work.  Feel free to submit pics with a summary of your work style, profession, working environment, outfit description, and useful tips to featured in a future "You Better WORK Honeey!" post.


  1. Hey Doll!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THE BLOG!! Please keep the fashion topics coming as it is one of my favorite things to talk about and I have so few people fashionista's to discuss the topic with in depth. I love trends of all periods and genres so I become extraordinarily excited when I spot a trend BEFORE its trendy. I will be sure to share some of my latest finds as well. Thanks!

  2. Thanks Jen!!! You're the best! You know the fashion topics are the ones that I'd like to do all day everyday so I definitely have much more to come! And please share you style with us! As a young, hawwt, attorney with her own practice, us Honeeyz would love nothing more than to see you all decked out on the job and after hours so we can see how it's really really done! :-)


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