Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fast Times In the Life of My Fingernails

I love fashion and creativity but I'm an attorney and I have to keep things toned down to a certain extent. No colored hood hair or sloppy flamboyant nonsense, which actually doesn't work for me at work or at home or at play because it's just wrong!!! But I say "a certain extent" because although I have to wear suits to court, I still try to wear a cute, funky, modern and young suit, and although I work in the office when I'm not in court, our Firm dress code is business casual so I take liberty with color, my accessories and shoes (but of course....and for the record, my liberty with my shoes is not to be played with)!! But one of my favorite accessories is my fingernails!! Not only is this a fun way to reflect my style and taste but what girl doesn't like pampering inexpensively and a quick, easy and simple way to break up a classic (yet sexy) black suit without going off the inappropriate and unprofessional deep end! So take a look at some of my favorite designs and how my nails make me special in an unexpected splash of fun, spunk and personality kind of way!!! NOTE: I highly recommend that you pay very close attention to Samantha Jones' nails in Sex and the City 2: The Movie b/c they were hotter than her outfits, which is pretty hard to do!

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