Monday, July 12, 2010

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Age?

I always provide the cliche response that most women use post the age of 21 when asked my age. I respond, "I'm 21," with a smile and bat of the lash. But the truth is, my age really isn't that big of a deal to me....yet. Black woman are incredibly gorgeous and age knows no limits concerning us. Lucky me. Also, my mother, who will be 54 this month, is absolutely gorgeous and she could easily pass for 10 to 15 years younger, so I know my fate. Double lucky me! As I've aged, like fine wine, as us honeeyz are known to do, I have begun to notice a new form of "hate," and let me first say that I really think the term "hate," in that regard, or the term "hater" is so played out and overused. Therefore, I use it really with much pun intended! To think that someone actually hates you because you are annoying as heck or they think something you are doing is stupid or corny makes them a hater is rather juvenile and quite presumptive? Grow up already! Has it ever occurred that it could be as simple as they actually just think that what you are doing is stupid or corny and not that they are spawns of satan and just hate you for no viable reason?? Anyway, back to the subject at hand. I've recently came across a new form of hate or a means in which some haters (lol) have used to take an unsuccessful shot at me on occasion. This would be the topic of my age. I'm out of my 20s and sailing into my 30s with class and swag for days (for the record, the term "swag" should really not be used by anyone over 14 years of age so much more pun intended with the use of that term)!! Some people are not so happy about my graceful aging so I get the occasional reminder that I'm older or not quite as young as the suspected hater, which to me is such an obvious and desperate, yet misplaced, attempt to attack me and hopefully make me feel inferior. NOT. First of all, 32 is young so I can't be old, accordingly, such attack is factually incorrect! Second of all, I look fabulous and very frequently pass for 22 so who the heck cares what the stupid birth certificate says anyway??? I'd much rather be 32 but easily pass for 22 than look 32 and I'm actually only 22. And third of all, this is such an obvious fishing expedition because if you could say something else about a person, such as they are stupid, ugly, unsuccessful, fat, dirty, classless, broke or had a poor sense of style (the worst allegation of them all) you'd probably say any of those things first (which would be discriminatory, childish and classless in and of itself but that's another topic to be posted and discussed at another time) rather than scream out the "that's why you are old" insult. In short, throwing meaningless digs at my being "older" is an utter and sincere waste of time. I have no hangups and if noting my age is a last resort effort against the older me that looks flyer and younger than you, I'd recommend just forgetting about it! I mean look at Halle. The fact that she is that gorgeous and her body is doing those kind of tricks at the age of 42, makes her that much more rather than anything less. Calling her older or pointing out she is in her 40s is a joke! And FYI, once you hit 26 you're really no spring chicken yourself so watch it! Just a tip. Now, for the sake of closing my personal rant on a more positive note, comment on this post and share with me one of your favorite beauty secrets that keeps you feeling (most importantly) and looking young and hot! My mom always showed me that less is so much more and that I should always have Dove soap and a good moisturizer handy at all times...which I do. Check out the pictures attached of my mother last summer at the age of 53. I'll do whatever she recommends!


  1. You're so right! I'm 29 and already I've experienced the "that's why you are older" taunts. Um, ya, I am older. Tell me something I don't know LOL. I like this post.

    1. Yea girl and take that as a compliment b/c that just means that they have nothing else to say or critique! So say thanks... I am older, sexier, wiser, healthier, wealthier, and happier! You are so right! And then bat your lashes, smile and do some type of switch off! That's what I'd do! :-)


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