Yesterday my oldest baby and only son, Brycen Koran, turned 15!! Yea this little dude is trynna make momma look like she’s getting old but it ain’t gonna happen.  Anyways, its only right that he gets his own post and special little shout out like I did for his sister, my Princess Cierra (read about it here).  So here goes….
The long and short of it is that Brycen has been driving me absolutely insane for the past 15 years.  Unlike his sister, he is a royal pain in my butt b/c he is way too opinionated, independent, expensive (please somebody hire this little embezzler) and smart for his own darn good.  To give you some background, his name means “well spoken gift” and I can promise you that he lives up to every aspect of that definition. I want so bad for him to be an attorney (make some money off that mouth of his). He will argue, propose, defend, and justify you into oblivion…and his perspective is usually dead on! He is probably the best prospective criminal defense attorney out there (Johnnie Cochran has nothing on this man-child) but he thinks that is the most boring profession ever and would rather be an engineer (that’ll work too).   He’s been doing this whole thing that makes him who he is since forever.  His first words were "stop," "no," "mine," "give me," "leave me alone,"and "get off"…in that order.  As you can imagine, this is where the perpetual headache originated.  The funny thing though, is he is essentially just the boy version of me but with all the added testosterone, male pride and ego.  Sweet Baby Jesus!!  

Despite of it all, this boy is my favorite guy in the whole world!!!  I love him to no end, and he knows that and that’s probably why he continues to push all my buttons and jump up and down on the nerves I have left.  What I love the most about him (besides the fact that he's mine) and in spite of his smart mouth, hard head and ego for days, is that he is such a great kid.  I’m extremely proud of him and consistently impressed by his day to day nonsense.  LOL. But honestly, he is an extremely well balanced, hardworking, independent and ambitious little thing.  He is a distinguished honors student (4.0 this marking period) in the honors program in his 1st year of high school, a star athlete, an artistic talent and an absolute cutie pie (the one dimple gets me all the time just like his sisters lashes do).  His personality and confidence is off the chain and his swagg is on a hundred (this is something ridiculous he would say)!!!  LOL.  I love the little monster and I'm grateful that he has kept me on my toes over the past 15 years. Happy Birthday to my Pumpkin, Brycen Koran, aka Mr. Fresh aka Rough Top aka Chunk aka Bryce aka B aka Young Money aka Man-child (LOL)!!!!