Wednesday, March 7, 2012

"Mommy Luxe" Version of Kim K.'s Fab Look

I spent much of this past fall and winter, probably like many of you honeeyz, hunting for a fabulous fur vest.  A fur vest is always a great piece to have, and this past season they were in high demand (see my Style Crush HERE rocking various fur vests in the flyest ways possible).  I searched high and low for the perfect vest for weeks at a time and I thought I'd never find one.  For some reason every vest that I saw and sort of liked just wasn't fitting me right or working the way I envisioned.  But then a few weeks ago I finally came across a long faux fur vest by French Connection that I instantly was loving but was a little unsure about it because of the length (and partly bc I really wanted real fur... I know, shameful).  

Kim Kardashian - Kim Kardashian Leaves the Trump Tower 2
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While I was contemplating the purchase (I actually left the vest and came back for it a few days later), I recalled a picture of Kim Kardashian rocking a similar style vest and looking hawwt as usual.  I know she's a short little cutie like me so I figured if she could pull it off I could pull it off (yea, I just concluded without much reasoning at all that whatever Kim K. can do I can do just as well...yup)! Not only did Kim convince me, unbeknownst to her, that I should get the vest I also decided that I'd pair the vest similarly to how Kim rocked it.  The only difference is I happen to be a very busy woman, mom to two demanding brats (and I have a slightly more restrictive bank account than Kim and therefore, can't be screaming out fabulosity and high end fashion all day every day (although I wouldn't mind being about that life at some  So I decided to rock the look this weekend while running around with my Princess and I put a comfy, chic, mommy spin on it and came up with what I dubbed, "The Mommy Luxe" version of this Kim K inspired look. What do you honeeyz think of my toned down, kid friendly version of Kim's look? How do you busy honeeyz or mommy honeeyz stay chic and fabulous while maintaining all your many roles and responsibilities? 
Faux Fur Vest, French Connection; Long sleeve white tee (staple item), BCBGeneration; Suede Pointy Toe Wedges, Sam Edleman; Pouch/handbag, Gucci; Sunglasses, Balenciaga; Gold Ball Charm Necklace, H&M
Photo Courtesy: *How Fab does she look??!! Did it on em!

Fun Fact: I am one of those crazy people that believes in order for a pair of jeans to fit right they have to cost $200 or more (I voluntarily admit that this is part of my psychosis); however, I had a moment of sanity two years ago and purchased these jeans for only $19 from Old Navy and they happen to fit wonderfully (proof of psychosis)...a perfect pair of high waisted skinnys with a zipper detail on the side ankle for less than $20!!!  B/c they were so inexpensive, I didn't mind cutting the knee area for that destroyed look and I plan to make the whole a little bigger and wider,  similar to Kim's look.  
Another Fun Fact: I, like most girls, strongly believe that Carrie Bradshaw is one of my BFFs...this Gucci pouch was purchased years ago after witnessing my BFF, Carrie, rock it on SATC...I pull it out every now and again, wear it randomly and reflect on my long standing relationship with Carrie! :0)


  1. You are too fly!!! Love the vest :-)

    1. Yamikins!!! :-) Thanks miss lady! I miss you dearly...can't wait for you to move to atlanta so I can come visit! :-)))

  2. Nice look I like it!! When im on mommy duty I make sure I have on a pair of comfy jeans!! lol

    1. Hey Honeey! Thanks. I couldn't agree with you more that a comfy pair of jeans is a must....but they got to be cute too! :-)


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